“Web readers, when googling this segment, may encounter a search result showing a Web site regarding a United States citizen named Dr. Jim Williams F.I.A.C., a recognized expert on US tax avoidance and Web readers are asked to note there is no connection between the US tax avoidance expert, Dr. Jim Williams, and Saskatchewan’s Dr. Jim Melenchuk, former Saskatchewan Liberal Leader, the subject of this segment.”

Web readers and taxpayers who are appalled at the loss of $400,000.00 (four hundred thousand dollars) annually in tax revenue when Developer Earle Argue refused to bow to Len Taylor, the NDP Minister Responsible, Ministerial ruling that his (Argue)s only option to obtain approval for his $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribe)s to RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, are asked to review segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 70. to 73. for reference to the actions of a Liberal/NDP appointed Queens Bench Judges in protecting this evil of public corruption.

Web readers are also asked to review segment EDENWOLD EVIL/PMO E-MAIL and note the reference to the historical Liberal corruption, and the Liberal Elites belief in their entitlement to practice that corruption, google “adscam sponsorship scandal” and also note a Regina Leader Post column by Murray Mandryk, where he lists all the reasons to not trust the Liberals, google “ trust issue could backfire for the harper campaign mandryk”.

As Murray (Mandryk) sets out the honest voters have plenty of reason to not trust the Liberals and a Web reader was intrigued with a comparison between the Conservatives, google, “in and out election finance scheme” where a criminal investigation has been launched, and the “in and out tax avoidance scheme” by Liberal leader Dr. Jim Melenchuk with no criminal investigation.

The tax avoidance scheme structured by Liberal Leader Dr. Jim Melenchuk to finalize his civil action against the Liberal Party is as questionable as the fact that a Liberal appointed Queens Bench Judge ruled that I (Lee) libeled RM Administrator Donna Strudwick when I (Lee) complained to the NDP Premier Lorne Calvert that one of his NDP Crown Ministers, Len Taylor, ruled that the only option that Regina Developer Earle Argue had to obtain development approval was to carry “ flowers, chocolates and perfume” (a bribe) to RM Administrator Strudwick, his (Taylor)s official responsible for approving developments.

The countdown to this “evil of public corruption”, the evil, ugly, horror suffered by Developer Earle Argue of Regina started long ago with the Queens and Appeal Bench Court Judges bowing to the Elite official Government scum, such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, to create a google, “cancer of corruption”, in Saskatchewan, note segments TURING OVER ROCKS and BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?

The Official Government Elite scum, such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, and the Liberal appointed Queens Bench Judges, have created a climate of corruption and entitlement to that corruption where the Saskatchewan business community has been forced to make a Christian virtue out of servitude and a sycophantic attitude to official Government scum such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, and her handmaidens in the Courts.

Unfortunately Earle (Argue), being a honest man, knew nothing of the horror and corruption of the Government official scum and Judges when he decided to try to go ahead with his $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) residential development. Earle (Argue) had no knowledge of rural zoning corruption in Saskatchewan because Saskatchewan’s main stream media refuse to touch Saskatchewan rural zoning corruption with a ten foot pole.

Web readers are asked to review segment LADY LORI AND A UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE and note the fact that the Federal Liberals appointed Lady Justice Lori Douglas to the Queens Bench Court in Manitoba and named her (Lady Lori) to the power full position of Associate Chief Judge, which position is administrative and her (Lady Lori)s job is sitting on panels setting ethical standards for Queens Bench Judges from one end of Canada to the other.

For a perfect example of the level of corruption Earle (Argue) faced, Web readers are asked to note LADY LORI AND A UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE and the fact that the Liberal appointed Queens Bench Associate Chief Judge, the Honorable Lady Justice Lori Douglas, uses her power as a Associate Chief Judge of the Queens Bench Court, to further her obsession with “fuddle-duddling” (google) Black men, in bondage, giving oral sex, with porno-bondage pictures of her in these acts posted on line by her Lawyer husband Jack King.

Web readers are asked to note that to add to the corruption of the Liberal appointed Judges, Lady Lori’s lawyer husband, Jack King, used the porno-bondage internet pictures of his Lady Wife as bait to pander to Blacks to use his legal services and to obtain interracial sex for his Lady Wife without her ( Lady Lori) needing to become a google; “cougar prowling the singles bars”, to find Black men to google “fuddle-duddle” which Manitoba’s Chief Judge may consider unseemly for a “Lady” and a Associate Chief Judge. I (Lee) repeat and emphasize, the heinous horror of the Liberal appointed Lady Justice Lori Douglas’s Judicial morals and ethics is that she is a Associate Chief Judge of the Manitoba Queens Bench Court and in that position sits on panels to set Queens Bench moral and ethical guide lines for Queens Bench Judges, which ethical guidelines have ramifications for the Administration of Justice from one end of Canada to the other.

One example of the ramification of that Judicial horror is that the Federal Liberals appointed the Honorable Lady Justice Janet McMurtry a Queens Bench Judge here in Saskatchewan and it followed, as night follows day, that she (Lady Janet), would use Associate Chief Judge, Lady Justice Lori Douglas’s ethics and morals as a standard when she (Lady Janet) found me (Lee), serving as the Argue Representative, guilty of libel of RM Administrator Donna Strudwick for my written complaint to then NDP Premier Lorne Calvert that his NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, had ruled that Developer Earle Argue of Regina had to bribe RM Administrator Strudwick to be granted development approval, note segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 41., 42. and 43.

I (Lee) have used this Web site to high light the media articles detailing Lady Lori’s sexual adventures with a Black man, and Lady Lori’s control of standards for Queens Bench Judicial moral’s and ethics, in a effort to create enough public revulsion of these three Elite women, ie: the two Lady Queens Bench Judges and RM Administrator Strudwick, to try to create public demand for approval of Earle Argue’s $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) residential development without bribing RM Administrator Strudwick.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Earle (Argue)s problem is rooted in the fact that RM Administrator Strudwick is as arrogant as Eve in the Garden of Eden who believed that she was smart enough to manipulate both God and the Devil, and Lady Justice Lori Douglas in Manitoba who believed that she was smart enough to get away with google “fuddle -duddling” Black men and like any mafia controlled call-girl posting video’s of her sexual adventures on line to attract more Black men to her bed, and Lady Justice Janet McMurtry who believed that she was smart enough to get away with paving the way for her father, Ontario legal/political legend Roy McMurtry and his Elite Ilk to get $77,000,000.00 (seventy seven million dollars) of taxpayer money in Ethanol subsidies.

Web readers are asked to google “what’s done is done and cannot be undone”, note that famous quote from Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth, one of histories fictional evil women, but also note that right here, right now, in real life Saskatchewan, there are three real life evil women who have “done something that cannot be undone” but are as shyster smart as Lady Macbeth, ie: Strudwick has blocked Earle Argue from being granted approval for his $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development until her bribes are paid, Lady Lori has satisfied her obsession with google “fuddle-duddling” a Black man and had her lawyer husband post her sexual adventures on the internet to attract more Black men to her bed, and Lady Janet’s Father Roy McMurtry and his Elite Senatorial Ilk, have gained their $77,000,000.00 (seventy seven million dollars) of tax payer money Ethanol subsidy.

But notwithstanding the historical Elite Liberal corruption, some ground is being gained and all is not copasetic in Corruptville. Lady Lori Douglas is being investigated by the Judicial Council of Canada, segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 69., and now that the Conservatives have won the May 2nd 2011 General election they will bundle their crime Bills, including the white collar crime Bill, into one omnibus Bill and Lady Janet McMurtry may yet have to answer for her corruption, note segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 81.

Regarding Strudwick, it is true that the Elite Rural Leadership scum, the NDP, SARM and RMAA have been laughing at me (Lee) for years, claiming that I am the stupidest man in Canada if I believe that I can get development approval for Earle Argue without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick but with Lane gone from the Court of Appeal Strudwick will not be able to expropriate Earle (Argue)s development quarter and 350 gpm spring, note segment “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan”, and she (Strudwick) does not have bribes from Earle to approve his development and no way to get those bribes.

Conversely, Earle (Argue) does not have approval for his $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) residential development, review segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, but it is my (Lee)s intent to go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to obtain Earle his development approval without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, and as Yogi Berra famously stated, google, “it ain’t over till its over” so I may yet prevail for Earle Argue.

I (Lee) have so far failed to obtain development approval for Earle (Argue) without bribing RM Administrator Strudwick as instructed by the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor was my only option, but after nearly four years of this Web site being advertised on Access TV three times a hour, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and after the CBC and Globe broke the story of Lady Lori’s sexual perversions, and the placing of segments FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL and EDENWOLD EVIL/PMO E-MAIL Web visits are going up exponentially so I hope for eventual success for Earle (Argue), but in the meanwhile it is business as usual for the Elite official scum, google, “white collar thugs”, as follows.

An example of the endless corrupt horror of the Liberal/NDP Political Elites and their Administration of Justice, costing honest, taxpaying, voters large sums of money, a civil dispute between Dr. Jim Melenchuk and the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan, was settled by Dr. Jim as follows;

A Web reader, struck by the fact that a Criminal investigation resulted from the google “ conservative in and out election funding scheme” has wondered why former Liberal Leader Dr. Jim Melenchuk was not investigated under the Criminal Code for a similar “ in and out” tax avoidance scheme.

The Web reader noted that former Provincial Liberal Leader, Dr. Jim Melenchuk, and the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan, are running a cheque swap program, a “in and out tax scheme” which, at the end of the day, results in the honest working man/woman paying more income tax than they should. As usual the “evil of public corruption” results in the ordinary honest taxpayer suffers a economic loss so as to benefit a member of the Elite Saskatchewan “white collar thugs”, such as former Liberal Leader, Doctor Jim Melenchuk.

The members of the Elite Liberal Leadership are shyster smart; the question for even a honest Crown Prosecutor is; is the cheque swap between one of the Provinces Elites, Dr. Jim Melenchuk, and the Liberal Party, smart tax avoidance?, is it tax evasion?, is it good old fashioned Elite fraud? The facts, as related to me (Lee) by knowledgeable insiders, are as follows;

Dr. Jim Melenchuk, a wealthy Doctor, while serving as the Provincial Liberal Leader, loaned the Liberals money, not a donation, a loan, but Dr. Jim and the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan went their separate ways when the Liberal MLA’s left the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan to form the Sask Party with the hand full of Devine Gang PC MLA’s who escaped incarceration when Devine fell to Roy Romanow, the Saskatchewan Liberal Party was broke and unable to repay Dr. Jim his loan so he sued the Liberal Party.

The Liberal Party debt to Dr. Jim was a legitimate debt and the paper trail was solid, so the Liberal Party had no defense, and Dr Jim could have easily gotten judgment, but it would have been the usual “blood out of a stone” situation and Dr. Jim Melenchuk is not a stupid man. Dr Jim knows perfectly well that the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan has no chance whatsoever of ever having any money as long as Ralph Goodale remains Saskatchewan’s only Liberal Member of Parliament (MP); the Goodale forces destroyed Lynda Haverstock because she had warned, if she (Lynda) ever became Premier, she would end the “cozy crony” contracts with Government.

As a result of Lynda’s warning that she would end the “evil of public corruption” the Goodale forces destroyed Lynda’s political career, and the Liberals have had no chance to form a Government in Saskatchewan since Lynda Haverstock was destroyed politically, and Dr. Jim Melenchuk, who is a very smart man, knows that as well as all the rest of us political junkies do.

So to settle the civil action the good Doctor cooked up a cheque swap deal with the Provincial Liberals, he, (Dr. Melenchuk) gives the Liberals a annual donation of $1200.00 (twelve hundred dollars) and the Liberal party give him (Dr. Jim) back a cheque for $1200.00 (twelve hundred dollars), on the face of it a break even cheque swap to no purpose, except that Dr. Melenchuk now pays less tax because he has a annual tax deduction for a donation to a political party and the ordinary honest working man/woman has to pay more tax because of Dr. Jim’s cheque swap deal with the Provincial Liberals.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Dr. Jims annual donation to the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan is not a honest donation because he gets the money back from the Liberals and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the ordinary honest working taxpayer pays more tax because of that Melenchuk/Liberal cheque swap, (in and out donation deal), and the question remains, to wit: is the Melenchuk/Liberal cheque swap good old fashioned Elite fraud against the taxpayer?, but it is difficult to prove that google “cheque swap” deals are always fraud.

There is a problem with establishing the fact of fraud. The Provinces Doctors are high level official Government scum, exactly the same as RM Administrator Strudwick, google “strudwick reports to premier”, and the Doctors, are just more of the same Elite “white collar thugs” as the rest of the Senior Government Officials who are immune from criminal code sanction, the same as RM Administrator Strudwick or any other Elite Government “white collar thug” because the RCMP destroy the evidence, note Web segment “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan.”

There are other problems with the Doctors. Note a Murray Mandryk political column, google, “ndp gets unlikely political first aid as physicians confront sask party mandryk” and note that notwithstanding the fact the Provincial Health department is taking nearly half of the Provincial Budget, the Doctors, whenever they decide they want a bigger house or a new Mercede’s or their wives or children want more or better Beemers, in fact any time they (the Doctors) want more money for any reason, they simply betray their google, “hippocratic oath” and go on strike to force the Wall Sask Party Provincial Administration to its knees.

Note a Globe and Mail article, google “medical bribes an open secret sisters say charlie fidelman” and note that it is common practice for the Doctors to demand bribes from their patient and/or his/her family to perform operations, and note as well a second Globe and Mail article, google “ insurer alleges toronto area medical clinc bilking system pekins and robertson” and note that a clinic of Doctors is defrauding the Insurance companies by billing them for Doctoring not done.

This is the usual “endemic venality” (google) of the Government Elite “white collar thugs” ie: the official scum demanding bribes to do their jobs, just exactly like RM Administrator Donna Strudwick requiring bribes from Earle Argue to approve his (Argue)s $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development and the Doctors, as a member of the same white collar Elite official thugs, accepting bribes and running regular insurance scams are as immune from criminal code sanction as the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor ruling that bribes must be paid to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick to obtain development approval, which ruling was approved by a Judge appointed by the Liberals.

Web readers are asked to review Web segment TWO LADYS AND THE BOUNDARY BOARD RULING and note that I (Lee) can provide hard evidence to a public inquiry that some Doctors receive regular bribes from Drug Companies to use that particular Drug Company brand while writing prescriptions, this is a bribe pure and simple, exactly like the Doctors demanding bribes for performing operations and RM Administrator Donna Strudwick demanding bribes from Earle Argue for providing development approval and the Provinces Doctors, as a member of the Provincial white collar Elite thugs, are as immune from criminal investigation and Criminal Code sanction as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick.

Web readers are again asked to review Web segment “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan” and note that when Outlook Community leader Lloyd Smith filed a affidavit with the RCMP regarding the reason for Strudwick’s lies blocking the Argue development, a RCMP Staff Sergeant named Brent Lewis, destroyed the evidence after receiving a phone call from Strudwicks two-bit shyster Glen Dowling , note segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 58., 59., 60. and 61. and any honest, taxpaying, voter who thinks that any RCMP officer would do any different regarding investigation of criminal code contravention by Dr. Jim or any Provincial Government Elite “white collar thug”, is living in a dream world.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that collection of tax money is a zero sum function of any Government, and Canada, the same as any other Country, requires a set amount of tax revenue to function, ie: provide services to its taxpaying citizens, and if some entity or person pays less tax, then some other entity or person must pay more tax, or else the Government of the day has to print up money to cover the difference, which leads to inflation and total disaster for a Country, so no Government wants to do that.

The Government of Canada does not want to print money to offset the cost of the acts of the Elite “white collar thugs”, as example in the Melenchuk/ Liberal cheque swap, as result Dr. Melenchuk, a member of the Provinces white collar Elite thugs, is paying less tax so that means the ordinary, normal, non-Government official, non- Elite, honest tax payer, has got to pay more tax to make the system work without Government printing more money.

Notwithstanding the self evident truth of the facts set out in the preceding paragraph, Dr. Jim Melenchuk, a former Liberal Leader, a member of the Leadership Elite, operating under the heinous Judicial guidelines set by a Liberal appointed Associate Chief Judge Lady Lori, note Web segment LADY LORI AND A UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE, used the cheque swap deal to finalize his Court action against the Political Party he formerly lead, to wit: Dr. Jim Melenchuk, a Liberal Elite, a former Leader of the Liberal Party, resolved his civil action against the Liberal Party by giving himself, a member of the Elite Government white color thugs, a tax write off.

Whether that tax write off is shyster smart tax avoidance, or good old fashioned Elite fraud, the average working man/woman taxpayer ends up paying more tax, which fact Dr. Jim either, google “knew or ought to have known”, yet Dr. Jim’s tax benefit to himself, at best a ethically challenged, but possibly fraudulent deal, to benefit himself, and Doctor Jim Melenchuk is just another of the Provinces white collar Elite Government thugs.

As a note of interest for honest Web readers I (Lee) am told that the Dr. Jim/Liberal Party/cheque swap deal to give Dr. Jim a tax avoidance?/tax evasion?/tax fraud?/ benefit is common practice among the Elite who often are praised for their so called “good work”, note below;

All Web readers are familiar with the fact that it is common knowledge that all of the Charities use at least two thirds and some up to 80% (eighty percent) of their donations for administration of their operation. Most honest taxpayers and donors thought that the reason that only about 20% (twenty percent) of money originally donated ended up going to the cause was the Charity Administrators corner offices with thick carpets, a basement full of Beemers, and a bevy of high priced big breasted beauties as front office staff, but I (Lee) have been told that is only a small part of the reason that 80% (eighty percent) of the donations are used for Administration.

I (Lee) have been told that while the basement full of Beemers and high wages for the front office staff to keep their mouths shut, is part of the reason that only 20% (twenty percent) of donations are doing any good, a far bigger reason is the fact that the Elites are pulling the same cheque swap deal with the Charity Administrators to give them, the Elites, a unearned tax write off, as the Liberals are pulling to give Dr. Melenchuk a unearned tax write off and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the tax avoidance scheme’s of the official Government Elite scum is google “sickening unto death” and costing honest taxpayers a lot of money.

Review Web segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 16. and note that Revenue Canada allows the Business Community to deduct bribes paid to the Elite Government official scum such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, as a cost of doing business and note that under Revenue Canada regulations the business Community does not have to name the Government Elite official scum, such as RM Administrator Strudwick. that the bribe was paid too, with the end result the corrupt bit of Government Official scum, such as RM Administrator Strudwick, does not have to pay tax on the bribes they receive from the businesscommunity, note Web segment MUNICIPAL BOUNDARY BOARD APPLICATION, page 11, Globe and Mail April 19th 1989, note script beside picture of Lorne Nystrom, also google “canadian income act facilitation payments subsection 3 (3) b, 3 (4) and 3(5)”.

Web readers are asked to google “corruption on steroids” and note that the situation here in Saskatchewan is as corrupt as in Bell California, US and the reason for that “corruption on steroids”, here in Saskatchewan is because the RCMP destroy evidence of corruption by the white collar Elite Government Thugs, note Web segment “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan” and the Queens Bench Court Judgments are dictated by Government officials, note BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED.

Another example of Liberal elite corruption and sense of entitlement to that corruption, google “ex-senator racked up $32,000 in expenses raj” note that a Liberal Senator is so google “fuddle-duddle” arrogant that he kept spending tax payer money on his expenses as a Senator even while out on bail waiting sentencing after being found guilty of fraud.

Web readers are asked to google “something for your troubles the economist” and note Corruption/Country comparison’s. Unless the honest Canadian taxpayers want to see their standard of living sink to the same level as the Countries run by Dictators and their thugs the honest taxpaying voters have got to start electing Political Leaders who are prepared to deal with the corruption of the Government Officials and Judges, to wit; the white collar Elite thugs (and thuggees) who Administer Canada and Saskatchewan.

Prime Minister Harper has promised to end the “evil of public corruption” and Web readers are reminded of Edmund Burke, the British statesman from the 1700’s, who stated google “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” and Web readers are asked to review segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph, 48., 49., 50. and 51. and note two problems with Canadian Judges;

1) Susan McGrath, the Canadian Bar Association spokesperson, states that the Federal Judges take bribes and;

2) the Judicial Council of Canada report “Masters In Their Own House” sets out that the Senior Provincial Official Government scum, such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, and her Elite Ilk, are using their control of the Federal Judges working lives to dictate Judgments to those Judges.

Web readers are asked to contact their Member of Parliament (MP) asking that a inquiry be conducted into rural zoning corruption and the harm suffered by Regina Developer Earle Argue and myself, (Lee) serving as the Argue Representative, and because of the corruption of the Canadian Judges, ask that inquiry be conducted by a honest United States Judge with Saskatoon lawyer Jack Hillson serving as inquiry Counsel.

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