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January 1, 2011

Web readers are asked to review Web segment WHY IS CANADA SO CORRUPT? and note that when I (Lee) established this Web site in 2007, Dr. Michael Atkinson, a Professor from the University of Saskatchewan, who instructs a class on corruption in Government, was using polls showing that 66% (sixty six percent) of voters believed that all Politicians are corrupt and that 39% (thirty nine percent) of voters believe all Judges are corrupt.

Dr. Atkinson must be a excellent instructor because, google “most think corruption on the rise survey finds associated press”, now in 2011, four years later, 79% (seventy nine percent) of voters believe the Politicians are corrupt, a increase of 13% (thirteen percent) in four years; in four more years it will be at 92% (ninety two percent) and two and a half years after that, 100% (one hundred percent) of voters will believe that all Politicians are corrupt. …. (more…)