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October 6, 2010

Web readers are asked to google “libel charges over man’s website massinon” and note that one of my (Lee)s confidants expressed concern that I might, along with John Kelley of Calgary, be charged with libel under the Criminal Code of Canada for establishing this Website.

There is no doubt whatsoever but that, I (Lee) could be charged under the Criminal Code. Google “blasphemous libel”, note this particular Criminal Code charge was designed many years ago as a political tool to incarcerate Newspaper Editors who attacked Politicians in Editorials, and there is another Criminal Code charge , google “scandalizing the court”, a form of contempt of Court to destroy anyone who annoyed a Judge, and if any Politician or Judge was worried about this Website interfering with his/her bribes I (Lee) would been charged under the Criminal Code with one or both charges when I established this Website three and a half years ago; I have been half expecting to be charged for the last three and a half years. (more…)