BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? There is hard evidence in a report, “Masters In Their Own House”, published by the Judicial Council of Canada, that our Provincial Political leaders and their Officials use blackmail of the Queens and Appeal Court Judges to achieve their corrupt goals, that is one form of Judicial Corruption in Canada, and explains the ability of Provincial Government Officials, such as RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, to exercise the venal and vicious control of rural zoning she (Strudwick) did in the RM of Edenwold.

Beyond the fact of the blackmail of the Judiciary by Government Officials there can be no doubt whatsoever but that there is plenty of hard evidence that the NDP Leaders and their Officials in Saskatchewan also use forgery and bribery, (along with the blackmail of Judges), to accomplish their venal and vicious ends.

All web readers are asked to google “morin ndp meadow lake membership forgery scandal” and note that Senior NDP organizer Ernest Morin has been charged under Section 366 (1) of the Criminal Code with the forgery of 1000 (one thousand) Memberships during the 2009 NDP leadership Convention, Morin’s preliminary hearing is set for November 24th, 2010.

All Web readers are asked to google the word “venal” and note the Wikipedia definition of venal is “being bribeable or selling your services or power”, which definition fits Senior Government Official, RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick perfectly; I (Lee) ask all Web readers to note the Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement for Case 31940 where the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled that the only option that I had to obtain development zoning for the Earle Argue family was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume,” ( a bribe) to RM of Edenwold Administrator Strudwick, a Saskatchewan official who reports to the Premier, google “ lady justice janet mcmurtry ruled strudwick reports to premier”.

This Web site has been running for four years, has been advertised three times a hour, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week on Access TV and has do far received household Web visits of 10,000 (ten thousand) which means about 25,000 (twenty five thousand) honest voting taxpayers have seen this Web site but I have accomplished nothing because the Politicians know that their political power to blackmail the Judges means the honest tax paying voters can do nothing about the venal and vicious acts of their Officials.

I (Lee) ask all Web readers to again google “ public corruption stirring in the sewage lagoon” and note that Allyson Newell, a United States published author, has set out that taxpayer knowledge of Government Corruption has no effect whatsoever on Government Corruption, which has become all-pervasive; Government Corruption in North American is similar to that of Afghanistan, note Web segment SASKATCHEWAN/AFGHANISTAN CORRUPTION and note that the Gulf oil blowout horror resulted from BP (British Petroleum) bribing a entire United States Government department, called Mineral Management Services, google “ bp bribed mms officials”.

Here in Saskatchewan, the Argues, like most taxpayers, are honest and will not pay bribes to Senior Government Official, RM Administrator Strudwick, to be granted zoning, so on the face of it the Argues will never be granted development zoning for their 160 (one hundred and sixty) lot development but I have been told by people that I trust, there may be hope and this Web site should be maintained.

I (Lee) have been advised by the same people that told me that I did not need to worry about Lane ( the Hon. J. Gary), when Regina Architect Joe Pettick warned me that Lane was bragging about being named as Saskatchewan’s Chief Judge after Bayda’s retirement, I (Lee) became worried and put a booklet in circulation to the then NDP Premier, Cabinet and Caucus and other prominent political figures, note Web segment FLOWERS, CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME, which publication worked because within a week Lane (the Hon. J. Gary) had withdrawn his name from consideration for the position of Chief Judge of Saskatchewan.

The same people who assured me, following the publication of my booklet, that Lane would never in a million years be made Chief Judge for Saskatchewan, now tell me that because of this Web site, Senior Government official, RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, has no chance whatsoever of being in a position to expropriate the Argues development quarter and its 350 gpm (gallon per minute) spring water flow for her own use to irrigate and grow hay to feed her dairy herd.

The only possible way that Strudwick could have expropriated the Argues development quarter and 350 gpm spring for her personal use is through a corrupt Court, and because Lane (the Hon J. Gary) was not named Chief Judge and now because of the attention paid this Web site I (Lee) have been told that the chance of the Court ordering that Strudwick be granted the right to expropriate the Argue development quarter for her personal use OR the chance of her (Strudwick) being named a Deputy Minister in the Wall Administration to give her (Strudwick) the power, as a Deputy Minister, to affect direct expropriation of the Argue Development quarter, and its 350 gpm spring water flow, are zip.

Notwithstanding the assurances of high level individuals who have always been right in the past, the danger of blackmail or bribery of the Judges of the Saskatchewan Courts is always a worry, and it is not the Corruption of the Judiciary that is the problem, it is corrupt Senior Politicians who allow their venal and vicious Officials to control Judicial rulings through either blackmail or bribery.

Many years ago the Hon. John Crosbie provided me with the report prepared by the Judicial Council of Canada, on Judicial Corruption in Canada, note Web segment TURNING OVER ROCKS, and one of my long time confidants has been adamant that I (Lee) must set out in one of these Web segments a copy of the relevant chapter of that Judicial Council of Canada report, “Masters In Their Own House”, which is Chapter III, “Concerns of the Canadian Judiciary,” which sets out the details of how the Provincial Government officials control judicial decisions though blackmail of the Judges.

The Judicial Council of Canada holds copyright to the report but there are a few copies available to the public. One such copy is in the Alberta Legislative Library, google search “alberta legislative library on line”, click onto “online catalogue access” and then when it comes up asking what you want, type in the search line “masters in their own house” and there it is, the Alberta Legislative Library has one copy.

Here in Saskatchewan the Frances Morrison branch of the Saskatoon Public Library has a copy available, the call number is 347.71012 D446 and I (Lee) have provided the Regina Public Library, Main Branch, with a copy and a request to put it on their Federal Government reference shelves, the call number at the Regina Public Library is Gov Doc 347.71012 DESCH.

There is at least one copy of the Judicial Council of Canada Report, “Masters in Their Own House”, is available to the public in Eastern Canada, that copy is in the Main branch of the Toronto Public Library, in the TRL Stacks with call number 347.71013D261, but I (Lee) have been advised the Toronto copy is in French. It is ironic but there is no copy available in the Ottawa Library, but maybe if a taxpaying voter went to the Supreme Court of Canada Building they could get a copy.

There should also be 50 or 60, (fifty or sixty) copies of the Judicial Council report stored somewhere in the basement of the Legislative Building because I (Lee) filed a appeal with every Legislative Member regarding the Western Earth Moving situation, which appeal included a copy of the Judicial Council of Canada report, only to have Lane ( the Hon J. Gary) then serving as the Devine Gang Attorney General, confiscate my appeal and the Judicial Council report, from every Legislative Member (MLA).

There was plenty of press on it at the time, including a copy of the original memo ordering the confiscation, and I (Lee) kept all the print press regarding Lane (the Hon. J. Gary)s confiscation of my MLA appeal from the MLA’s, but it was long ago, before google, so I can not easily refer the Web readers to that press and it would take a entire Web segment to reprint all the press at the time.

The Judicial Council report is 224 (two hundred and twenty four pages) to the signature page, plus over 100 (one hundred) pages of Appendices. Appendix A is 26 (twenty six) pages and is a list of about 250 (two hundred fifty) Canadian Judges and Provincial Attorney’s General who discussed the report verbally with the Hon. Jules Deschenes and Appendix B is a list of another couple hundred Judges who expressed their views in writing.

I (Lee) include in this Web segment only a few pages of the list of Judges and Provincial Attorney’s General interviewed during the preparation of the report, which deals in the main with the way Justice is administered throughout the British Commonwealth and the United States and compares it to Canada, where Canada is deemed to be the most corrupt, but what I have done in this segment is include a copy of a chapter of the report titled “ Concerns of the Canadian Judiciary” and a few pages of the Appendices setting out the names of the Judges (and Provincial Attorneys General) interviewed by the author of the Report, the Hon. Jules Deschenes, which may interest Web readers because every sitting Judge in Canada had input into the report.

As example, Web readers may be interested to note that one of our Saskatchewan Leaders interviewed for the preparation of the Judicial Council of Canada report was Roy Romanow, our political leader, then serving as Attorney General in the Blakeney Administrations, who later served as the Premier of Saskatchewan, the man who saved the Province from bankruptcy after the Devine Gang stole the ten Billion dollars from the Saskatchewan tax payer.

Premier Roy also had the courage to try to remove the RMs and their venal and vicious Administrators from the face of Saskatchewan, and just because the effort was a failure does not detract from the courage Premier Roy demonstrated in trying to get it done, note Web segment SASKATCHEWAN’S CURSE.

Following is Chapter III of the Judicial Council Report, “Masters in Their Own House”; Concerns of the Canadian Judiciary.

Chapter III Master in Their Own House Judicial Council Report

Web readers will be interested to note that the Judicial Council report sets out that the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges are literally blackmailed by the Provincial Officials into writing Judgments demanded by those Provincial Officials. The language of the report, originally written in French by the Hon. Jules Deschenes, then translated to English, is gentle, but very explicit.

The Judges are blackmailed, as example, by the Provincial Officials tracking their activities, threatening funding and/or to transfer them to a remote region, note; “ g) indirect or covert amassing of statistics on judges, and; h) budgetary subordination of various judicial councils, and; i) fear on the part of certain judges that the administration will transfer them to a remote region”. Note that one Chief Judge is quoted as stating; “There is no longer even a semblance of independence”.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the relentless realism of the venal and vicious actions of Provincial Officials blackmailing the Judges of the Queens and Appeal Bench Courts into submission is “sickening unto death” (google) but no matter what the basis for that level of corrupt horror it seems to me (Lee), there is a difference between the level of fear and loathing that honest taxpaying voters must feel for their Judges depending on the circumstance of the judicial corruption, to wit: whether the judicial corruption is as a result of blackmail by Government officials or the bribery of the Judges.

Polling shows that 39% (thirty nine percent) of the honest, tax paying, voting, public, believe that our Judges are corrupt, note Web segment WHY IS CANADA SO CORRUPT?, and this fact has not stopped or even slowed down the corruption of the venal and vicious Officials who run our Government, and why would anything worry them, they (the Senior Government Officials) control the Judges. The situation is as corrupt as in Afghanistan, note Web segment SASKATCHEWAN/ AFGHANISTAN CORRUPTION, except that in Afghanistan the Judges are only bribed, not bullied or blackmailed.

But it is possible that Saskatchewan’s new Chief Judge, the Honorable John Klebec, who I (Lee) am told is a Honorable man, might have concern about the blackmail, bullying or bribery of his Judges and it is possible that Premier Brad Walls Mennonite soul may be bothered by the level of official corruption in rural zoning in Saskatchewan, so I (Lee) ask all Web readers to note yet again for the upteenth time the Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement for Case 31940 where it is established the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled that my (Lee)s only option to obtain development zoning for the Argues was to carry flowers, chocolates and perfume, (bribes) to Senior Government Official, RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick.

Since the first appearance of this Web site in July of 2007 I (Lee) have been advised by knowledgeable Web readers, often with a sly smirk, that there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Queens Bench Judge, the Honorable Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, made a “judicial error”, when she found me (Lee) the Argues Representative, guilty of libel for my complaint to NDP Premier Calvert about Strudwicks requiring bribes to provide zoning to the Argues.

The fact is that there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Lady Janet made no errors, she did exactly what she was told, or bribed, to do by the Calvert NDP Administration. Lady Janet has a reputation as being a very bright, able, hard working Lawyer and Judge, she is the daughter of Roy McMurtry, Ontario’s legal/political/Judicial legend, and Lady Janet would have learned the facts of political/Judicial corruption at her fathers knee and as a teenager at the supper table.

Lady Janet articled at Saskatchewan’s original CCF’s,/Taylor Law firm in Saskatoon, which is probably the most intensely political law firm in Canada and she (Lady Janet) was married to Chris Axworthy, a Saskatchewan NDP Provincial Attorney General and Leadership contender so the woman would have made no political mistakes.

Strudwick’s libel action against me (Lee) was the first case Lady Janet heard after being promoted to the Queens Bench from the Provincial Court, so she had no back log of Judgments to write, yet it took Lady Janet 9 (nine) months to write Summary Judgment on a cut and dried issue that should have taken her 9 (nine) minutes to decide and 9 (nine) hours to write.

The only possible explanation for the long delay is that NDP Premier Calvert and his people were making up their minds whether or not to run the political risk of defying RM Administrator Donna Strudwick and the RMAA, note Web segment SASKATCHEWAN’S CURSE and in effect give the Argues zoning without Strudwick getting her bribes, or to order the personal destruction of my (Lee), serving as the Argue Representative, and in effect, by my destruction, send the message that the bribes had to be paid to Strudwick and in effect deny the Argues development zoning until Strudwicks bribes were paid.

The NDP Administration of Lorne Calvert finally decided that it was in their best political interest to destroy me (Lee) by ordering, (or bribing), Lady Janet to find me guilty of libel for complaining about the need to pay RM Administrator Strudwick bribes to obtain development zoning which ruling denied the Earle Argue family of Regina a chance to make $10,000,000.00 (ten million dollars) on their residential development, a development that they ( the Argues) had already spent $175,000.00 (one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars) successfully gaining Provincial Government approvals for.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that if Lady Janet made the so called “judicial error” because she feared that the Calvert NDP would set up a branch of the Court in Lac La Loche and transfer her to Lac La Loche to administer Justice, or to leave her here in Regina with a windowless office, lit by one 60 (sixty watt) light bulb, with a grouchy lesbian for a secretary, if she ( Lady Janet) did not make the judicial ruling that Premier Calvert’s NDP Administration ordered she make, then that is a level of judicial corruption as a result of blackmail.

That is blackmail and some honest taxpayers may have sympathy for her (Lady Janet) but it is something else if she (Lady Janet) demanded bribes to make that ruling and I (Lee) ask all Web readers to do a google search “charest knew party was dodging fundraising laws, former minister says seguin” and note that a former Minister of Justice states that Premier Charest was selling Lawyers Judicial appointments for cash donations to his political party.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that no sane lawyer is going to pay cash to a Political party for a Judicial appointment unless that Lawyer believes that he/she can make more money selling Judgments to litigants than he/she would make practicing law or with a MacDonalds franchise. I (Lee) am well aware that these facts are “sickening onto death” (google), nevertheless, honest Web readers who are taxpaying voters, must be made aware of these facts.

This venal and vicious approach to the Administration of Justice is exactly and precisely the same as the situation in Afghanistan, note Web segment SASKATCHEWAN/AFGHANISTAN CORRUPTION, and sets out a countdown to Saskatchewan’s economic destruction, all Web readers are asked to note that senior Economists all state that “corruption economies are doomed” (google)

I (Lee) ask all Web readers to do a google search “ Canadian judges take bribes – Susan Mcgrath” and note that the Canadian Bar Association spokesperson, Susan McGrath,
set out in a public statement that unless the Queens and Appeal Judges are paid the salary level they demand Judges will make up the difference by demanding bribes from litigants.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that bribery of Judges is a different level of judicial corruption from blackmail of Judges, at least in the minds of the honest taxpayers. A situation where the Judges are blackmailed into submission by their Corrupt Political Masters to serve the ends demanded by those Corrupt Political Masters, as is set out in the Judicial Council of Canada Report, is bad enough.

But there can be no doubt whatsoever but that a level of venal and vicious Judicial Corruption where Lady Janet may have made a Judicial ruling that allows her father, Ontario’s legal/political/ judicial legend, Roy McMurtry and his elite Toronto cohorts and the company they control to obtain many millions of tax payer dollars in the Ethanol subsidies scam, note Web segment, IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH and SEA OF CORRUPTION that is a true Afghan level and/or a world class level of Judicial Corruption and is worse than blackmail.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the question is whether Lady Janet, in effect, ruled that the Developers are required to pay bribes to obtain Rural development zoning because she was blackmailed by Officials in the NDP Administration of Lorne Calvert, as set out in the Judicial Council of Canada report, Masters In Their Own House, or because she (Lady Janet) was bribed by the Provincial Officials to ensure the continuation of the flow of bribe money from the Developers to the Provincial zoning officials such as Strudwick.

I (Lee) repeat and emphasize, the question is, did Lady Janet rule as she did regarding the need to pay bribes to Government zoning Officials because she was bribed as set out by the Canadian Bar Association spokesperson, Susan McGrath, google “ canadian judges take bribes susan mcgrath” or because the company her father, Ontario’s legal/political/judicial legend, Roy McMurtry and his Toronto Super elite ilk control, can now make many millions of taxpayer dollars from the Ethanol scam set up by the Harper Feds because they (Roy Mcmurtry and his elite cohorts) can legally bribe the Saskatchewan RM Administrators to provide Development zoning for Ethanol Plants, note Web segment IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH.

There must be a public inquiry to address the well documented evidence and answer the question, to wit; was the Queens Bench Judge, the Honorable Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, Blackmailed, Bullied, or Bribed into ruling that I (Lee) was guilty of libel of RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick when I (Lee) lodged a written complaint with NDP Premier Lorne Calvert that his Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, had ruled that the only option the Earle Argue family of Regina had to obtain development zoning was to bribe the Government Official responsible for zoning decisions, RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick.

I (Lee) ask all Web readers to remember the wise words of Edmund Burke, the British Statesman from the 1700s, who said, ‘the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” (google) and I remind all web readers that letters to their Members of Parliament (MP)s go postage free and I ask all web readers to write their MP’s demanding a public inquiry into rural zoning corruption in Saskatchewan be conducted by a honest judge from either Alberta or the United States with Saskatoon lawyer Jack Hillson serving as inquiry counsel.

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