All honest, taxpaying, voting, Web readers are asked to note “public corruption stirring in the sewage lagoon” (google). It is noteworthy that the Springerville, Arizona, US, Published Author, Allyson Newell, a expert on Corruption in Government, out of all the Web sites in this world devoted to Corruption in Government, chose this Web site for her Government Corruption Blog, and all Canadian Tax paying voters should take note of Ms. Newell’s published accounts on corruption which apply equally to the Canadian Governments.

As a Canadian example of Ms. Newell’s claim of absolute corruption in all Governments at all levels, Web readers are asked to note Globe & Mail article, “ontario’s sweet drug deals threatened by disclosure of rebate terms radwanski” (google) where the Drug Companies grant the Ontario Government so called rebates, bribes, to use their drugs, and if any taxpaying voter thinks the Ontario Officials are not part of that drug-bribe culture they are living in a dream world.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the honest Ontario voting taxpayers should also be intrigued by the corrupt relationship between Toronto, Ontario’s, most illustrious citizens, Roy McMurtry and his ilk, two or three Senators and other super elite citizens of the most sophisticated of North American Cities, Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the Rural Administrator’s of the most Afghan-like Canadian Province, Saskatchewan, note Web segments WHY IS CANADA SO CORRUPT?, SEA OF CORRUPTION, SASKATCHEWAN /AFGHANISTAN CORRUPTION and IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH.).

Until now the honest Ontario taxpaying voters would have never imagined that such a thing could possibly happen in the Province of Ontario, but it has happened and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Ontario is as corrupt as Afghan-like Saskatchewan and all Web readers are asked to note “ontario premier wanted caledonia uproar settled quietly, court hears humphreys” (google)

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Premier McGuinty would have wanted Caledonia to go away. Web readers should note that the reason the Ontario Premier was desperate to have OPP Commissioner Fantino destroy “dave brown dana chatwell” (google) and “gary mchale” (google), Dave and Dana’s personal Paladin, “paladin definition” (google) was not just jealousy, hatred and a personal desire to destroy Dave Brown, Dana Chatwell and Gary McHale, it was all about Premier Dalton Mcguinty’s desire to win the next election.

Premier McGuinty did not want a precedent of several million dollars paid out to Dave and Dana because a Class Action law suit has been approved “judge lets class-action suit proceed blatchford” (google), which involves four classes of claimants, 200 businesses, 400 property owners, a group of small contractors and a second group of 300 businesses owners, about 1000 (one thousand) claimants in total, “caledonia class action law suit” (google) and the Dave and Dana precedent sets up a precedent for a staggering three Billion dollars which will probably bring down the McGuinty Administration.

Dave Brown and Dana Chatwell were suing for over $7,000,000.00 (seven million dollars) but settled for a undisclosed amount, but even if they (Dave and Dana) settled for half of that, (three or four million dollars) that is a precedent to settle the 1000 (one thousand) approved litigants, at a mind boggling three to four Billion dollars which should bring down the McGuinty Administration.

This Web site may add to the general interest of the honest Ontario voting taxpayers and should cause them ( honest Ontario voters) to marvel at how the Political leaders of their very sophisticated Province could possibly be as Corrupt as the Political leaders of Afghan-like Saskatchewan but there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Ontario Officials are as corrupt as Saskatchewan’s; Government corruption is universal, note again, “public corruption stirring in the sewage lagoon” (google) and Web segment IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH.

Each one of us weaves the rope that hangs us high and like all cliches, it is true, and in both the most sophisticated Province in the Dominion of Canada, Ontario, with Toronto, well known to be the center of the universe, as its Capital, and Saskatchewan, where its Rural Administration is well known to have the most Afghan-like level of rural corruption in Canada, and in both Provinces, the rope that hangs the Administration high, is weaved from rural zoning corruption. This Web site is based on a “unalterable fact of life” (google) set out in the Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement for case 31940, that Len Taylor, a NDP Minister Responsible in Saskatchewan during Premier Lorne Calvert’s NDP Administration ruled that the only option a Developer had to obtain rural zoning development was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to the Government official who controlled rural development zoning and the Saskatchewan Queens and Appeal Bench Courts upheld that Ministerial edict.

This Web site setting out that Supreme Court of Canada “unalterable fact” (google) was established in July of 2007, four months before the Saskatchewan November 2007 General Election where the NDP lost ten seats by less than 300 (three hundred) votes each, a total of less than three thousand votes, and lost the November 2007 General election and many of Saskatchewan’s Blogging Community now believe that it was this Web site that caused the Calvert NDP to lose the November 2007 General Election, and some of Saskatchewan’s Blogging Community believe that Saskatchewan’s Access TV ads running three times a hour, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, promoting this Web site. may result in the destruction of the NDP, the natural Governing Party of Saskatchewan.

Many of Saskatchewan’s political watchers now believe that even given the leadership of the legendary Dwain Lingenfelter, (Link) and with another Saskatchewan political legend, Dale Schmeichel, running the Campaign for Link “reunion rejection affection and loss wood” (google) the NDP will win less than a dozen seats in the November 2011 General Election, and will be shut out of forming Government in Saskatchewan for decades because of this Web site setting out the NDP corruption in Development zoning in rural Saskatchewan.

Now I (Lee) ask all Web readers to note “caledonia class action” (google) a summary of how the Ontario McGuinty Liberals got the Ontario tax paying voters into the nightmare of the Caledonia horror, and reading between the lines of the summary, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Caledonia horror had to be as a result of corruption in rural development zoning in Ontario.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Ontario zoning officials did a deal with a Developer and gave him zoning approval to develop land the First Nations people already had a treaty claim too, and those Ontario zoning officials tried to get it done without sharing the “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) they are now required by law to have given the Developer, with the First Nations Leaders.

As a result First Nations Thugs occupied the development land and Premier McGuinty had Julian Fantino, his Commissioner of the OPP, scrambling to try to keep the Caledonia Corruption covered up ever since but thanks to Gary McHale (and the Great Google) the McGuinty cover up failed, Dave and Dana have finally been treated fairly, “for caledonia couple occupation is finally over blatchford” (google) and notwithstanding the corruption of the Courts, given the publicity, the rest of the Caledonia taxpaying voters now have a chance at fair treatment “caledonia class action lawsuit” (google).

The first thing the McGuinty Liberal Administration did to cover up the Caledonia Corruption was to bribe the Developer to go away. The Developer was paid out $12,000,000.00 ( twelve million dollars) of Ontario taxpayer money and he left quietly but all that accomplished was to enrage the Caledonia citizens and it has now become a horror story even by today’s brutal, corrupt, Government standards in Ontario and Saskatchewan, Canada and Springerville, Arizona, US.

There can be not doubt whatsoever but that the Springerville Arizona author, Allyson Newell, has included this Web site in her Blog “public corruption stirring in the sewage lagoon” (google) because she knows that it will interest the US taxpaying voters because they, (the US voters), will be fascinated to find out that the Canadian Politicians and Officials, in both the ultimate in sophistication, to wit; Ontario, but also Afghan-like Saskatchewan, are even more brazenly, brutally, corrupt than the Springerville, Arizona US Government Officials.

US citizens can not vote in Canada so any interest expressed by the US voters in Canadian official corruption will understandably be ignored by the Members of Parliament (MP)s, but they (the MP)s may be concerned by the potential wrath of the honest tax paying voters in vote rich Ontario more than they (the MP)s are of voters in Afghan-like Saskatchewan where every voter in the Province has been aware of the rural zoning corruption for many decades.

As the “caledonia class action” (google) law suit wends its way through the Courts and since the McGuinty Administrations deal with “dave brown and donna chatwell” (google) will be used as a guide to the outcome of the class action law suit many of Ontario’s honest, taxpaying, voters may refer to Globe & Mail article by Christie Blatchford “for caledonia couple occupation is finally over blatchford” (google) and will naturally note the Rural Zoning in Saskatchewan Web site as part of the search results and as night follows day, that will lead the honest Ontario, taxpaying, voters to Web segment SEA OF CORRUPTION.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that there are other links provided by the Great Google that may lead Ontario Web readers to this site and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that any indication there are increasing visits to this Web site from the honest, Ontario, taxpaying, voters may cause our Members of Parliament (MP)s to begin to fear the proven corruption links between the Saskatchewan Rural Development zoning Officials and Toronto, Ontario’s, super elite citizens, Roy McMurtry and his ilk, note Web site SEA OF CORRUPTION, these are established corruption links that cost the Canadian tax payers many millions of dollars in Ethanol subsidies.

The conduct of Politics is always “the art of the possible” (google) and the Members of Parliament (the MP’s) with virtually all of Saskatchewan’s fourteen (MP)s being from the Governing Conservatives may come to realize that one solution to the rural zoning corruption problem is to ask their Political little brother, Premier Brad Wall, to defy Saskatchewan’s three hundred Rural Administrators and ensure fair treatment of the Argues in the same way that Ontario’s Liberal Premier McGuinty, with his back to the wall, finally treated Dave Brown and Dana Chatwell fairly, “for caledonia couple the occupation is finally over blatchford” (google), after McHale’s Web site received 14,000 (fourteen thousand) visits.

It is puzzling but it does appear that 14,000 (fourteen thousand) visits to a Web site causes a Administration to treat their citizens with honor and decency. According to Stats Canada the Canadian average is 2.6 (two point six) persons per household so 14, 000 (fourteen thousand) visits means 36,000 (thirty six thousand) taxpaying voters have taken the time to look at whatever corruption/looting that particular gang of Government thugs have been doing at that particular point in time, but it is surprising that a Administration would only start to worry at a fourteen thousand Web visit level.

I (Lee) ask Web readers to note “ottawa architect lester johnson” (google), and note that Lester (Johnson)s activities, along with a group of like minded Ottawa friends, concerning a proposed development in Ottawa’s historic Lansdowne Park received about 14,000 (fourteen thousand) Web visits when Lester and his group took action to stop a cozy crony development deal between the current Mayor of Ottawa, Larry O’Brien, and one of his Developer cronies, to rape and pillage the historic Lansdowne Park and the Ottawa taxpayers.

Lester (Johnson)s wonder full draft plans for a alternative to Mayor O”Brien and his developer cohort’s planned rape and pillage of the historic Lansdowne Park may be best seen at “ottawa architect lester johnson” (google) or may be found on the Web site of Ottawa Councilor Clive Doucet “clive doucet” (google)

All Web readers may be interested to know that it was Ottawa Architect Lester Johnson, a true genius, who altered and added to Dr. Carl Baar’s plan, note Web segment TURNING OVER ROCKS and designed my “stirring in the sewage lagoon” plan to deal with Government Corruption and drew the sketch that has intrigued many Web readers, including author Allyson Newell, from Springerville Arizona US, again note Ms. Newell’s Blog, “public corruption stirring in the sewage lagoon” (google).

It remains to be seen if reaching that magic number of fourteen thousand visits,(which was the number of Web visits where the Ontario Liberals and Ottawa Mayor O’Brien caved in), accomplishes the miracle of the MP’s either asking Premier Wall to ensure that the Argues are granted development zoning without having to pay bribes to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, or ordering a public inquiry into rural zoning corruption in Saskatchewan conducted by a Alberta or US Judge, with Saskatoon lawyer Jack Hillson, serving as inquiry Counsel, but it is my intent to go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to find out if that miracle for the Argues will ever happen and/or the horror of rural zoning corruption in Saskatchewan will ever be dealt with by our current crop of Political leaders.

I (Lee) also ask that all Web readers take particular note of a Toronto Star article by James Travers “travers: harpers dark democracy creates dangerous legacy” (google), take particular note of the Travers articles last two lines in the paragraph;

“Even if Conservatives are more comfortable than other Canadians with Harper’s dark democracy, they along with the rest of us should be very afraid of what will happen when, as it will, the political worm turns” (google)

I (Lee) find James words encouraging. He (Travers) is setting out his belief that abuse of Political power, ie; Harpers Federally, will result in the electorate turning on him, and I (Lee) believe that the brutal Political action of the Provincial Administrations, the McGunity Liberals in Ontario attempting to destroy Web Master Gary McHale for supporting Dave Brown/ Dana Chadwell, parallel to Saskatchewan’s NDP Premier Calvert and his Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, in denying the Argues development zoning and Calverts order to destroy me, serving as the Argue Representative, for my refusal to bribe RM Administrator Strudwick to provide development zoning for the Argues, should haunt these two massively corrupt Provincial Administrations as long as this Web site stays up.

I (Lee) am sending post cards to the MPS demanding a public inquiry into rural zoning corruption in Saskatchewan and the first one was very fitting. All Web readers are asked to note the first Post Card to the MPs, note Web segment STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON, the lime green card sent on November 27th, 2009, referring to Bill C-300, the Bill that would prevent the Mining companies from bribing foreign bureaucrats to allow the mining companies to operate their mines and I (Lee) used Bill C-300 as a basis for my request that the MP’s order a public inquiry into rural zoning corruption in Saskatchewan.

The proroguing of the House “harper to prorogue parliament crawford kilian” (google) did not cause Bill C-300 to “die on the order paper” (google). Only Government Bills die, private members bills remain “ harper suspends parliament to ‘recalibrate’ daniel leblanc” (google) and Bill C-300 is a private members bill sponsored by the Hon Bill Mckay, MP for Scarborough -Guildwood “ bill c-300 the hon bill mckay pc. mp.” (google). Bill C-300 will survive, whether Peter Munk likes it or not, “ peter munk and bill c-300” (google)

But the principal of Bill C-300 remains, if MPs are going to propose and/or carry legislation preventing the Canadian Mining companies from paying bribes to offshore bureaucrats to be allowed to operate their mines, the MPs must end their hypocritical ways and end the need for Developers to bribe Saskatchewan Rural Municipal Officials to obtain development zoning in Rural Saskatchewan.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that if the Saskatchewan Provincial Administration refuses to act the Senior Canadian Administration, the Canadian Parliament, and the Members of Parliament, (MP)s must deal with the absolute corruption of development zoning in Rural Saskatchewan and I (Lee) believe the only solution is a public inquiry conducted by a Alberta or United States Judge into zoning corruption in Rural Saskatchewan with Saskatoon lawyer Jack Hillson serving as inquiry Counsel.

I (Lee) ask all Web readers to note a change from my plan for the second MP Post Card as set out in Web segment dated January 17th, STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON, to incorporate the “stirring in the sewage lagoon” cartoon in the MP Post Cards but with the cartoon so prominent and well received in Web Segment STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON, I (Lee) have changed design of the MP Post Card to a design with the MP’s Hill address and short message on the address side and instead of the stirring in the sewage lagoon cartoon a longer message on the message side.

The second MP Post Card will be sent after this Web segment is in the site, after the Members of Parliament (MP)s are back in the House and settled down after the budget and Afghan detainee debates.

The Post Card will state on the address side:

MP’s must ensure;

Crown Ministers who contravene the Criminal Code are charged; House of Commons

Parliament Buildings, Only ethical lawyers are appointed Ottawa, Ontario, to the Queens and Appeal Courts; Canada, K1A 0A6 RCMP Staff Sergeants do not destroy evidence of the Criminal acts of Provincial zoning Officials.

The message side of the Post Card will state:

DEAR MP, google up “public corruption stirring in the sewage lagoon” and note that Allyson Newell, a American expert on Government corruption, sets out that publicity has no effect on the corruption which has brought the G-20 taxpayers to the edge of a financial abyss.

When a NDP Minister Responsible and Queens Bench Judge contravene S. 122 BREACH OF TRUST & 123 MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION of the Criminal Code the only recourse is a public inquiry. A senior NDP operative has also now been charged under the Criminal Code with forging one thousand memberships; Premier Wall, with no Opposition, refuses to annoy his rural base and will not act. You, as a MP, must order a inquiry into zoning corruption in rural Saskatchewan.

Post Cards are planned to be sent regularly to the Members of Parliament (MP)s and will contain messages relevant to this Web site or the media of the day or Saskatchewan Political events.

The War Generals for both the United States and Canada in Afghanistan have been telling their Political leaders in both our Countries, the US and Canada, since day one of the Afghan war that the problem is not the Taliban, they can easily defeat the Taliban, the problem in Afghanistan is the Corruption of that Countries Political leaders, “ afghan corruption a bigger problem than the taliban” (google), and I (Lee) fail to understand why, given the firepower available to the United States Armed Forces, the Americans do not simply use one “block buster” (google) bomb to leave a smoking hole where Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s Royal Palace stands and hope that the next Afghan President gets the message and I (Lee) remind all Web readers that a Saskatchewan Blogger has compared the Administrative Corruption in Afghanistan, including the Corruption of the Judiciary, to the Administrative Corruption in Rural Saskatchewan, including the Corruption of the Judiciary, note Web segment SASKATCHEWAN/ AFGHANISTAN CORRUPTION.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the only language that arrogant thugs such as Afghan President Hamid Karzai or RM Administrator Donna Strudwick understands, is if someone with the power to do so takes them out, which is what Premier McGuinty should have done with his rural zoning officials after the Caledonia zoning corruption, and the Federal Members of Parliament (MP)s must do now to address Saskatchewan’s Rural zoning Corruption.

If Premier(s) McGuinty/Wall or the MPs refuse to do what should be done, just pick out a spot and ask the American Air Force to come in and practice use of a “block buster bomb” (google) to leave a city block size smoking hole in the ground so that the rest of the corrupt bastards get the message, then at least do it the Canadian way, to wit: call the upteenth public inquiry into public corruption in Canada.

A decade ago four different senior Regina Lawyers advised the Argues that notwithstanding the fact they (the Argues) had already spent $175,000.00 (one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars) of their capital to obtain all Provincial Departmental approvals for their development it was still impossible to get by Strudwick and obtain zoning for their thirty million dollar residential subdivision.

No less then the Great Link, now the NDP Leader, but then NDP Premier Roy Romanow’s Minister of Everything, assured me (Lee) repeatedly, that it was impossible to obtain development zoning for the Argues from RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick and the Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement for Case 31940 stated the “unalterable fact” (google) that a NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled that my only option to obtain development zoning for the Argues was to carry RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick “flowers, chocolates and perfume”.

All Web readers are asked to note a recent Regina Leader Post article by Joe Couture “ the making of an official plan couture” (google), a excellent article that depicts the arrogant, greedy, attitude adopted by all Saskatchewan’s Rural Municipal Leaders and note also a Editorial dated February 20th, 2007 by the Regina Leader Post Editorial Board had some advise for then NDP Premier Calvert, just do a repeat of the Saskatoon area, replace the RMs around Regina with a Corman Park type Rural Administrative area.

I (Lee) repeat, no less than The Leader Post Editorial Board advised the elimination of the RMs of Sherwood and Edenwold and the formation of a Corman Park type of Rural Administrative area around the City of Regina similar to what was done around Saskatoon. I (Lee) set this out in detail at the end of Web segment FLOWERS CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME, which Leader Post Editorial Board advise was ignored by then NDP Premier Lorne Calvert, and now by Sask Party Premier Brad Wall.

I (Lee) ask all Web readers to note again “public corruption stirring in the sewage lagoon” (google), and note that Allyson Newell, published Author and Blogger from Springerville, Arizona, US, has made a point of warning through her Blog that no matter how much publicity is generated and how wide spread public knowledge of corruption in Government is, nothing will change, Government Officials will just keep right on demanding bribes from the business community to provide services and stealing all Government (taxpayer) property that is not nailed down.

BUT I (Lee) submit to all Web readers who are honest, tax paying, voting, Canadians, that there can be no doubt whatsoever but that notwithstanding the well intended, well publicized, work of Allyson Newell, Springerville Arizona, US author and our own collection of senior suits, four Regina lawyers, Link and Len Taylor, a NDP Minister Responsible here in Saskatchewan, who solemnly assured both the Argues and I, that it was impossible to get zoning for their (the Argues) thirty million dollar residential subdivision, without bribing RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, rural zoning corruption has got to be addressed if Saskatchewan is to continue to function as a viable administrative unit

It is a “unalterable fact” (google) that Senior Economist’s are famous for never agreeing on anything BUT they do agree on one point, that a “corruption economy” (google) is doomed to fail so a United States published author and our own legal and political Leaders better be wrong, it better be possible, if Canada is to survive as a functioning democracy, for a Developer to be able to obtain development zoning in Rural Saskatchewan without bribing the Rural Administrators who control development zoning in Rural Saskatchewan.

I (Lee) am very proud of what has been accomplished in the last decade, but the arrogant thugs ruling Rural Saskatchewan as their personal fiefdom, the Leaders of SARM and the RMAA, will never stop laughing at me (Lee), continuing to call me the stupidest man in Canada because I have been working for ten years to get the Argues zoning, when it could have been done over night by taking RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick a briefcase of cash.

Before I (Lee) forget, it should be noted that a couple of Web readers have brought to my attention that Donna Strudwick is no longer the RM of Edenold Administrator and hence has no power to control anything, but that is utter nonsense and I am reminded of a famous statement by Premier Rodney Macdonald, a Eastern Politician “ don’t eat that elmer that’s horseshit” (google).

Strudwicks son is still on the RM of Edenwold Council and Strudwick herself is instructing the house inspectors who are sent out by the RM of Edenwold Council to certify a development house to be sold to the public, note “donna strudwick rm of edenwold housing inspections” (google), and note that the third or fourth search result item, just after the references to this Web site, is noted “Instructors-SARM”, and note Strudwick is instructing the RM’s housing inspectors on how to do their job.

Donna Strudwick knows less about building a house than I do, so she, Strudwick, must be instructing the RM housing inspectors on the one subject she is a expert on, ie; flowers, chocolates and perfume from the Developers in exchange for Government officials doing their jobs, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that, she, Strudwick, supported by SARM and the RMAA, can not be circumvented.

I (Lee) ask all Web readers to look again at “public corruption, stirring in the sewage lagoon” (google) and note again published author, Allyson Newell’s Blog masthead, corruption in government is absolute, consequently, I (Lee) had to find another way to obtain development zoning for the Argues (other than pay Strudwick bribes), and that way is to do as advised by Ottawa Architect Lester Johnson; keep stirring in the sewage lagoon of Saskatchewan’s Rural Administration process and fishing the bits of slime and scum out of the lagoon and making a pile on the top of the bank of the lagoon in the belief/hope that when the pile gets big enough and smells bad enough that the voting public, and the MP’s, may take action to eliminate the smell.

I (Lee) remind all Web readers for the upteenth time there is conclusive evidence to present to a public inquiry that NDP Premier Lorne Calvert ordered Lady Janet to find me guilty of libel, to wit; the Judicial Council of Canada report “Masters In Their Own House” which sets out that the Government of the day, in this case the NDP Administration of Lorne Calvert, ordered Queens Bench Judge, the Honorable Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, to find me guilty of libel of Strudwick, because of my complaint to then NDP Premier Calvert that his Minister Responsible Len Taylor, had instructed that my only option to obtain development zoning for the Argues from RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick was to carry her “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) an “unalterable fact“ (google), note Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement Case 31940.

It is always possible that Strudwick was sharing her bribes with then NDP Premier Calvert, but I believe that then Premier Calvert’s motive to order my destruction for my refusal to bribe Strudwick was his terror at the prospect of annoying SARM (Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities) and the RMAA (Rural Municipal Administrators Association).

Web readers should note Globe & Mail article by Lysiane Gagnon “the mohawk affair is an affront to all gagnon” (google), note Lysiane’s last paragraph, all politicians are terrified of annoying the First Nation thugs; they may burn down a historic wooden bridge or block a concrete bridge, highway or railway or terrorize the residents of a small City or large Town and occupy a development, or steal every penny out of a University operating budget.

That theft of First Nation University money occurred here in Saskatchewan, where it is well documented that the First Nation thugs serving as Saskatchewan’s First Nation Leaders, have stolen hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars straight out of the Native University budget for professor/staff salary’s, and even looted the scholarship fund “justice to review spending decisions wood” (google).

Notwithstanding the well documented facts regarding the First Nations theft of University funds the Wall Provincial Administration is determined to keep pouring money down that First Nations rat hole, “federal minister chuck strahl under fire over fnuiv funding sask minister rob norris optimistic fitzpatrick kruchak” (google). WHY?

The First Nations Community makes up less than 1 % (one percent) of Canada’s population and even here in Afghan-like Saskatchewan the First Nations population makes up only 10% (ten percent) of the population, yet our political leaders obviously live in terror of the first Nations thugs and the same situation, ie: the same political terror exists for/of the Saskatchewan farm Community who make up only 15% (fifteen percent) of the Saskatchewan voting Population, WHY?

It is my (Lee)s belief that NDP Premier Lorne Calvert and now Sask Party Premier Brad Wall, are bowing to the thugs Administering Rural Saskatchewan, the Leaders of SARM and the RMAA, on the question of the Developers being required to pay bribes to the Rural Administrators to obtain development zoning, because the Rural leaders demand to maintain control of rural development zoning because of their (the Rural Leaders) belief that because Saskatchewan has nearly half of the arable land in Canada they will make hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars out of tax payer subsidized ethanol production and they (the Rural Leaders) do not even bother to pretend will ever benefit the honest, Urban, Canadian, taxpaying voter.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Ethanol Plants, if at the end of the day ever benefit anyone, will be of benefit to only a small group of Rural Administrators who are paid bribes to provide zoning for the Plants construction, a hand full of Saskatchewan’s largest farm families and seven of Toronto’s elite families, who now serve as board members of the Company that owns the Ethanol Plant(s) and receive the massive (seventy seven million dollar) taxpayer subsidies, note Web site segment SEA OF CORRUPTION.

Just as in the other third world countries, all other Canadian taxpayers will starve to death to make this small group very, very wealthy. It is true that the honest taxpaying, voting, public are increasingly edgy about their economic future “why the pessimists are worth listening to mckenna” (google), but the political leaders do not give a “rats ass” (google) their only interest is the next General election and their officials only interest is the size of their off shore bank accounts.

I (Lee) ask all Web readers to review Globe & Mail article “as tensions mount china unloads $34 billion of US government debt mckenna” (google). It is true that for the moment other Asian Countries are buying that US debt from China, but there can be no doubt whatsoever but that China, albeit slowly, is calling its US bank loans, forcing a collapse of the US economy, a insurmountable problem, not only for the US taxpayers, but Saskatchewan as well.

Any Saskatchewan voting taxpayer is living in a dream world if he/she believes that Premier Brad Walls amiable attitude (or any attitude) can cope with a economic problem where 80% of the Provincial GDP comes from exports, 50% to the US, and that Premier Brad, or anyone else, can protect them from the approaching economic horror.

All honest, taxpaying, voting, Web readers should read a recent Globe & Mail article where economics Professor and former Saskatchewan NDP Finance Minister, Janice MacKinnon, sets out the harsh facts “canada cannot afford to ignore storm clouds gathering on horizon ibbitson” (google).

As this Web segment is being written the horror of riots in the streets has already started in Greece, “ greece reels amid debt crisis saunders” (google), and to add to the insane corruption and horror, the senior US financial Community is selling the so called “piigs” (google), short, and then using their massive economic control to force the “piigs” into bankruptcy to benefit from that short selling, “role of banks eyed in greek debt crisis mckenna slater” (google).

All honest, taxpaying, Web readers should think about it; at the same time that the US Financial leaders, ie: these psychotically corrupt, irresponsible, banking bastards, who believe they are the smartest kids on the block, are using their economic clout to make more corrupt Billions, first by short selling the “piigs” (google), and then using their massive economic clout to drive the “piigs” into bankruptcy, note again, “role of banks eyed in greek debt crises” mckenna slater (google) and “the search is on for villains slater” (google)

These US Bank bastards are doing this while the economy of their own Country, the US, is going into a tailspin “u.s. slump in sale of new homes threatens recovery ladurantaye” (google) and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the brutally corrupt US financial geniuses are nearly as arrogant, greedy and corrupt as the Rural Leaders (SARM and RMAA) here in Afghan-like Saskatchewan.

All Web readers should note a article by Don Peck in the March 2010, THE ATLANTIC “how a new jobless era will transform america” (google). The horror awaiting the American people as set out by Don (Peck) is the best they can hope for, the worst case scenario is fictional stuff “ escape from new york” (google) stuff, but even the reality is a horror story for the Americans and here in Canada.

The broader reality is that to survive the US will be forced to withdraw into fortress America; a nuclear armed Fort, with the horror of Saskatchewan losing half of its GDP through the loss of US exports. The Saskatchewan tax payers are in bad enough economic shape now note Regina Leader Post Editorial dated Thursday February 18th, 2010, “household finances ugly after ‘a decade of debt’ leader post staff” (google), but the horror has only just begun.

I (Lee) raised this concern in a earlier Web segment, note segment dated January 22nd 2009, “Start Cleaning up Bribery at the bottom”, it is even more true today than it was a year ago but Web readers remind me that eliminating the RMs from the face of Saskatchewan would save only $75,000,000.00 (seventy five million dollars) annually, which is a only 15% (fifteen percent), of Saskatchewan’s economic problems rooted in Administrative corruption.

I (Lee) am well aware that $75,000,000.00 (seventy five million dollars) in annual savings in RM Administration cost is only fifteen percent of the $500,000,000.00 (five hundred million dollar) annual interest that the Saskatchewan tax payers pay on the ten Billion dollars of tax payer money the Devine Gang stole, and a saving of $75,000,000.00 (seventy five million dollars) annually may seem meaningless but it is a start and removal of the RM Administrators may also give economic development a chance without the developers having to bribe the Rural Administrators to grant development zoning.

A fact based elaboration of the economic numbers set out in the preceding paragraph is the 2010 budget. Note a recent column by Regina Leader Post Political columnist, “ mandryk; budget isn’t actually balanced” (google) where Murray makes the point that there is a actual shortfall of $175,000,000.00 (one hundred and seventy five million dollars) and to pretend that that the budget was balanced the Wall Administration moved $194,000,000.00 (one hundred and ninety four million dollars) from the rainy day fund to general revenue.

Now note that the Argues $30,000,000,00 (thirty million dollar) residential subdivision development would pay about $400,000.00 (four hundred thousand dollars) each year in School/ Property taxes. If each of the 300 (three hundred) RMs are blocking a Argue size development until the Administrators bribes were paid that is a total of $120,000,000.00 (one hundred and twenty million dollar) of revenue.

Assuming the RM’s were removed from the face of Saskatchewan, as advocated by Meyer Brownstone over fifty years ago, and Counties formed overlaying the existing health and school districts for rural administration then add to that the saving of $75,000,000.00 (seventy five million dollar) cost of administering the 300 (three hundred) postage stamp RMs for a total of $200,000,000.00 (two hundred million dollars), what the Wall administration had to loot from the rainy day fund to be able to claim a “balanced budget” for 2010-2011.

It is true that some Saskatchewan taxpaying voters are still viewing the looming economic horror they face as a joke, I (Lee) keep getting long lists of these jokes, just two of the better recent examples:

“times are so tough the Mafia has laid off a dozen Judges” and;

“I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, war, jobs, my savings, social security, retirement funds, etc, I called the Suicide Lifeline. I got a call center in Pakistan, and when I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck”.

A few Saskatchewan Web reading voters obviously believe that all of this stuff is funny but I (Lee) guarantee that the thought of suicide never enters the minds of Donna Strudwick and/or Lady Janet, and/or Roy McMurtry, and/or his six Toronto super elite cohorts and/or Len Taylor, and/or Lorne Calvert, these people all got theirs, and they do not face the loss of homes, cars and pension plans, but unless the economic problems of the ordinary taxpaying voting public are addressed suicide will remain a fact of life here in Saskatchewan.

Both the Wall Administration and the NDP official opposition have refused, for Political reasons, to go ahead with Nuclear Power Development which might have staved off economic disaster for a while by selling power to Alberta to be used in the mining of the Tar Sands which Tar Sands are now being shipped to China for refinery, “tar sands to be shipped to china for refining” (google) but for political reasons a nuclear reactor power plant will not be built.

The Urban’s are doing all they can, projects like the Casino/domed stadium the Florida Seminole Indian’s are advancing “casino key to stadium plan hall” (google) will help as long as Saskatchewan citizens have disposable income to buy football/ concert tickets and gamble but Saskatchewan can not survive economically on that type of “taking in each others laundry” (google); real development is needed. Any honest Saskatchewan taxpaying voter is living in a dream world if he/she believes that Ethanol Production to full fill the Harper Feds 5% mandated Ethanol use will ever happen. Harper is a senior Economist and well aware that Ethanol use is utter idiocy, note Web segment STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON and SEA OF CORRUPTION and with Saskatchewan’s last and best hope, Nuclear development dead, there has to be many small real development projects, such as the Argues residential subdivision, so Premier Brad Wall must deal with zoning Corruption in Rural Saskatchewan.

The Wall Administration is playing the same creative accounting shell game with the Saskatchewan debt and deficit that the NDP Administrations before it did for over a decade, “auditor offers a blunt account mandryk” (google) and Saskatchewan is actually in debt double what is being admitted to, sixteen Billion dollars rather than eight Billion dollars, and the Wall Administration is actually running a annual deficit, and it will only get worse, “now we’re paying the potash companies mandryk” (google).

The Regina Leader Post Political columnist Murray Mandryk has started to lecture Premier Wall on the need to count pennies, “wall caucus must learn to count pennies mandryk” (google) and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that saving $75,000,000.00 (seventy five million dollars) annually in Rural Administration costs by eliminating the three hundred Rural Municipalities and replacing them with thirteen Counties would be counting the pennies Murray demands.

All Web readers are asked to note that rumors have been rife that the Wall Administration would move Rural zoning control from the RMAA to the Officials in Community Planning, note Web segment STRUDWICK AND THE HON. JIM REITER, but there has never been any rumors regarding the amalgamation of the RM’s since Premier Wall came to power, so I (Lee) ask all Web readers to note that at the semi annual SARM convention (drunken brawl), in March 2010, in Regina, the first item the SARM convention delegates voted on was the subject of amalgamation and the delegates voted to refuse amalgamation to save costs, note Regina Leader Post article, “health care tops agenda at sarm convention couture wood” (google)

All honest, taxpaying, voting, Web readers are asked to think about that SARM delegate vote. The SARM delegates, at their semi annual drunken brawl, while demanding more tax transfers to hire more doctors in rural areas the SARM delegates were so brazen as to vote against cutting costs by amalgamation, in effect, eliminating the RMs and forming Counties, while at the same time, the tax payers living in the large Urbans, the tax payers who are footing the bill for the SARM delegates semi annual drunken brawls, now face the largest property tax increase in recent history “regina residents facing biggest tax hikes since mayor pat fiacco took office couture” (google)

All Web readers are asked to note that the SARM Leaders appear to be so concerned about the ramifications of this Web site advocating elimination of the RM’s being advertised on Access TV three times a hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so they (SARM) sent Premier Wall a message that they (SARM) will not, under any circumstance agree to RM amalgamation, ie: forming Counties.

All Web readers are asked to note that a Romanow Administration Cabinet in the early 2000s concluded that Saskatchewan’s RM system had to be changed, the RM’s eliminated and Counties formed, what the SARM Leaders now term amalgamation.

After the Cabinet of the day reached that conclusion, the SARM Leaders convinced then Premier Roy Romanow that they ( SARM) agreed in principal to the idea of amalgamation but that they wanted to do it themselves rather than see the Provincial officials draw the boundaries, as a result then Premier Roy Romanow made the only mistake that he made as Premier, he believed what the SARM Leaders told him and gave then four years to prepare a plan.

SARM and the RMAA flat lied to then Premier Roy Romanow, they had no intention of preparing a amalgamation plan to wit: eliminating the RMs and forming Counties. The rest is history, Roy Romanow resigned as Premier, Calvert lost the 2007 election and the RM amalgamation idea has never even been considered by the Wall Sask Party Administration so why are these drunken, corrupt, clowns, the SARM delegates, warning Premier Wall about doing it?

If they (SARM) are so worried about this Web site that they warn the Premier against amalgamation why do they not simply solve the problem by offering the Argues development zoning without having to bribe RM Administrator Donna Strudwick?….the answer to that is very simple, for decades it has been a “unalterable fact” (google) that the bribes have got to be paid to the Rural Administrators before development zoning is ever granted.

SARM and RMAA Leaders could accept the notion of losing control of Rural Development zoning to Community Planning without feeling a need to warn Premier Brad not to put that policy in place, again note Web segment, STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, and yet they (SARM) do start issuing warnings to the Premier against doing something that has not even yet been run up as a trial balloon by the Wall Administration, to wit: amalgamation. WHY IS THAT?

It may be coincidence but there is now a rumor circulating that after a decade of delay in granting the Argues zoning because the Argues refused to pay Strudwick her bribes to grant development zoning as ordered by NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, the RM of Edenwold Council intends to grant the Argues development zoning, which will set a Saskatchewan precedent, to wit; zoning being granted without the bribes being paid to the Administrator, WHY IS THAT?

The only possible explanation is that this Web site, ie; the stirring in the sewage lagoon of rural development zoning corruption for the last three years, has been effective in causing the SARM Leaders and RMAA officials to think about their situation.

The SARM and RMAA leaders could live with losing control of Rural development zoning because while they would lose the right to demand bribes from the Developers to provide development zoning, they (SARM and RMAA) could regain that lost bribe income from the Developers by increasing the bribe demands from the equipment suppliers, the fuel suppliers, the culvert suppliers, the gopher poison suppliers, the contract ditch grass mowers, the grid road contractors, and the consulting engineers along with the Administrators cut of the bribes demanded by the RM housing inspectors…..but the elimination of the RMs and formation of Counties controlled by the Provincial Administration, similar to the School and Health Districts, would mean the end of all their bribe income.

The costs of the drunken brawls the brazen corrupt bastards (SARM delegates) attend twice yearly, are paid by the taxpayers, in the main Urban tax payers. This is truly “fiddling while rome burns” (google) and is truly “sickening unto death” (google), and has been sickening for many decades, since Saskatchewan became a Province, note “saskatchewan’s curse solomon” (google) and Web readers should note that the first attempts to eliminate the squandering of millions of taxpayer dollars administering Saskatchewan’s three hundred postage stamp RMs occurred during the depression era 1930’s, and Web readers should read “rumours of glory eisler” for a full account of the failed attempts to bring sanity to Saskatchewan’s corrupt Rural Administration, and should note two facts regarding earlier attempts to clean up corruption in Saskatchewan’s Rural Administration;

1) the earlier attempts to end RM corruption were not undertaken by the stupidest men in Canada, such as I (Lee), but still failed and,

2) the men conducting the first attempts to end RM corruption did not have three quarters of Saskatchewan wired with the internet and we will see if I (Lee), with the help of Great Google, am able to get the Rural Municipalities eliminated from the face of Saskatchewan.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Saskatchewan’s cost problems must be addressed. Web readers should note “a grand plan for health–or painful cuts mandryk” (google). Premier Brad has started the health care penny count and in the same way that Lorne Calverts NDP Administrations used former NDP Health Minister, Louise Simard, as head of SAHO, to control health care costs “ muddled politics of health-care contracts mandryk” (google) Premier Brad is using his political control of SAHO to try to control costs.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Wall penny counting will occur in all areas except rural administration, note “seeking ways to curb spending wood” (google) but Premier Brad will never count pennies in Rural Administration costs until his back is forced right to the wall with the coming Saskatchewan economic meltdown.

All Web readers are asked to note my prediction regarding the fact that no honest, Saskatchewan, voting, taxpayers, or for that matter any Saskatchewan citizen, except for the Rural Administrators who are paid bribes to provide development zoning for construction of the Ethanol Plants, will ever receive any economic benefit from Ethanol production, note Web segment SEA OF CORRUPTION.

All Web readers are asked to note that in Web segment, SEA OF CORRUPTION, it is noted that after the posting of Web segment FOLLOW THE MONEY which shone a bright light on the Federally mandated, taxpayer subsidized, 5% Ethanol Production scam, “rural zoning 5% federally mandated ethanol scam” (google), Gary Drummond, truly one of the smartest men in Canada, seeing the writing on the wall regarding the difficulty of looting taxpayer dollars out of the federally mandated Ethanol Production program, sold his Ethanol plant to a Eastern company controlled by Ontario’s political /legal/judicial legend Roy McMurtry and his ilk, a hand full of Canadian Senators, and Drummond headed for the hills.

The “heading to the hills” reference is not quite accurate because after selling his Ethanol Plant Drummond did not “head to the hills”, but he did buy a mansion on a warm climate, tax haven, island. Now please note SEA OF CORRUPTION, where I (Lee) state that Roy McMurtry eats Provincial Premiers for lunch, thereby setting out that Link, even if elected Premier, was not going to be able to use his forty sections of farm land in the Shaunavon area to make several hundred million of dollars producing taxpayer subsidized Ethanol in Drummonds Belle Plain Ethanol Plant, so Link has packed in his farming operation.

All honest, voting, taxpaying Web readers are asked to note that notwithstanding the fact that the Rural Leaders, SARM and RMAA Leaders are insisting that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada, for my refusal to bribe Strudwick to have her grant the Argues development zoning, it does appear that the Great Link himself agrees with my assessment regarding Ethanol Production as set out in Web segment SEA OF CORRUPTION, to wit; any hundreds of million of taxpayer Ethanol subsidy dollars that are looted out of Ethanol Production will be looted by the Eastern heavy hitters such as Roy McMurtry and his ilk and not Link, so he (Link) is preparing to head to either the hills of Columbia or a warm climate island after the next election because Link is holding a sell out farm Auction in Shaunavon on April 5th, 2010, “kramer auction services dwain lingenfelter” (google).

For the last few Web segments I Lee) have wondered if my assessment of the economic situation facing the honest, Saskatchewan, tax paying, voters has been too negative, but there can be no doubt whatsoever but that it is impossible to be too negative. I ask all Web readers to note “sobering weekend for federal liberals martin”, (google) Don Martins political column regarding the Liberal Montreal think tank held the end of March 2010.

All Web readers are asked to note that the Liberals had no MPS at their Montreal thinkers meeting, only Economists. Remember that all Economists agree that “corruption economies” (google) are doomed and note that after a few hours of listening to the Economists, former New Brunswick Premier, Frank McKenna whispers to Paul Martin, “ We’re *&^%$ed” and former Prime Minister, Paul Martin whispers back, “The whole world is *&^%$ed”.

Well all honest taxpaying Web readers should note, that is not I (Lee) who is making that claim in this Web site, that claim is being made by two of Canada’s most prominent citizens, Frank McKenna, former Liberal Maritime Premier and Ambassador to the United States and Paul Martin, former Federal Liberal Finance Minister and Prime Minister.

All honest, taxpaying, voting Web readers are asked why should the taxpayers be putting out $75,000,000.00 (seventy five million dollars) a year for the Corrupt zoning Administration of the 300 (three hundred) postage stamp size RMs when there is such desperate need for economic development in Rural Saskatchewan which is not going happen effectively until Rural Administrative corruption is ended. Premier Wall can not act so the only way to end the rural development zoning corruption is with a Judicial inquiry by a Alberta or US Judge, and Saskatoon lawyer Jack Hillson serving as inquiry Counsel.

All Web readers are reminded that letters go postage free to their Member of Parliament (MP), so please write your MP asking for a public inquiry into corruption in rural zoning in Saskatchewan.

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