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April 2, 2010

All honest, taxpaying, voting, Web readers are asked to note “public corruption stirring in the sewage lagoon” (google). It is noteworthy that the Springerville, Arizona, US, Published Author, Allyson Newell, a expert on Corruption in Government, out of all the Web sites in this world devoted to Corruption in Government, chose this Web site for her Government Corruption Blog, and all Canadian Tax paying voters should take note of Ms. Newell’s published accounts on corruption which apply equally to the Canadian Governments.

As a Canadian example of Ms. Newell’s claim of absolute corruption in all Governments at all levels, Web readers are asked to note Globe & Mail article, “ontario’s sweet drug deals threatened by disclosure of rebate terms radwanski” (google) where the Drug Companies grant the Ontario Government so called rebates, bribes, to use their drugs, and if any taxpaying voter thinks the Ontario Officials are not part of that drug-bribe culture they are living in a dream world.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the honest Ontario voting taxpayers should also be intrigued by the corrupt relationship between Toronto, Ontario’s, most illustrious citizens, Roy McMurtry and his ilk, two or three Senators and other super elite citizens of the most sophisticated of North American Cities, Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the Rural Administrator’s of the most Afghan-like Canadian Province, Saskatchewan, note Web segments WHY IS CANADA SO CORRUPT?, SEA OF CORRUPTION, SASKATCHEWAN /AFGHANISTAN CORRUPTION and IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH.). (more…)