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February 16, 2010

“In the Valley of Elah” is the title of a movie starring Tommy Lee Jones, it is also the setting for the biblical story of David and Goliath, and it is used as the title for this Web segment setting out four recent Canadian political real life, brutal and corrupt situations, where all three of Canada’s Political Parties, Conservatives, Liberals, and NDP, use their Goliath power to destroy David like Canadian citizens that annoy them, and the facts set out here should be of concern to all honest, voting, taxpaying, Canadians.

—- the Conservative Harper Fed’s used the Goliath power of the PMO to destroy “canadian diplomat richard colvin” (google) because he (Colvin) refused to parrot the PMO line during a internal inquiry regarding the torture of the Afghan detainees.

—-the Ontario Liberal Administration of Dalton McGuinty is using their Goliath, Julian Fantino, the Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) “activist a nagging thorn in opp commissioners side blatchford” (google) to obtain revenge-destruction against a real life David, a Ontario activist, Gary McHale, who took action to stop the McGuinty Liberal Administration from their planned, organized, destruction of two Ontario citizens “for caledonia couple the occupation is finally over blatchford ” (google).

—-the Saskatchewan NDP Administrations of Lorne Calvert used the Goliath power of the Provincial Administration to destroy the owners of LDPC, the “lake diefenbaker potato corporation” (google) and many of LDPC sub contract suppliers during the SPUDCO debacle in revenge for the Saskatchewan Provincial Rosetown- Biggar Constituency voters replacing NDP MLA and Cabinet Minister Bernie Wiens with Sask Party Leader Elwin Hermanson.

—-the Saskatchewan NDP Administration of Lorne Calvert used the Goliath power of his Provincial Administration over the RCMP and Courts to use “ libel chill” (google) and a libel action, to destroy the representative of a Developer who refused to carry flowers chocolates and perfume (bribes) “ supreme court of canada summary statement case 31940” (google) to the Saskatchewan Government official who controls Saskatchewan rural development zoning and reports to the Saskatchewan Premier “strudwick reports to premier” (google). (more…)