Despite the fact that there was no mention in the Throne Speech of any change in the way Rural Zoning decisions are made in Saskatchewan rumour is rife that the Wall Administration is planning to have its mini-ministry “Enterprise Saskatchewan” remove Rural Zoning control from the RMAA (Rural Municipal Administrators Association)and give that control to the Senior Provincial Bureaucrats in Community Planning, (Manitoba did that years ago) and it would serve the Developers and ultimately the taxpayers, much better than the three hundred Rural Administrators maintaining dictatorial control over zoning in each Rural Municipality.

The RMAA members will scream bloody murder at losing their bribe money from the Developers but will calm down when it occurs to them that all they will have to do is up their bribe demands from the equipment suppliers, the culvert suppliers, the gopher poison suppliers, the contract ditch grass mowers, the Grid Road Engineers and the Grid Road Contractors to end up with the same level of bribe income.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Municipal Corruption situation in Rural Saskatchewan is akin to that of Montreal, “ police probes, mafia allegations in the palermo of canada peritz”, and any one who thinks that even the Mafia could get any of that stimulus money out of a City of Montreal bank account without a Municipal Bureaucrat signing a cheque is living in a dream world, yet the Province of Quebec refuses to act, just as here in Saskatchewan, both the Provincial Administration and Official Opposition refuse to address the Rural Zoning Corruption issue, note Web site segment dated June 18th 2009, TWEEDELDUM AND TWEEDLEDEE.

The aforegoing notwithstanding there may be hope for the Argues Development because there can be no doubt whatsoever but that if Premier Brad does move Rural Zoning control to the Community Planning Bureaucrats it can be assumed that should solve the Argues Zoning problem because the SMB (Saskatchewan Municipal Board) ruled on December 22nd 2004 that the Argue Development had received all Provincial Departmental approvals and it should be noted that under the Municipal Board Act Section 20 (9) SMB rulings have the same weight in law as a Public Inquiry “Saskatchewan municipal board act determining matters of fact or law 20 (9)” (google).

All Web readers are asked to note that one of the conditions that Strudwick and her Council had originally set for the Argues to obtain development zoning was that they (the Argues) had to hire Professionals to design their development and the plan approved by the various Provincial Departments was set out by Regina Architect Joe Pettick but Strudwick and her Council claimed to have never heard of Joe Pettick so it is gratifying to note that it is now a matter of public record that Joe Pettick has designed over 500 (five hundred) buildings in Saskatchewan and is the subject of a award winning short film “the man who built my childhood brian stockton” (google)

Many Web readers will assume that the the Argues would be granted development zoning by the Community Planning Bureaucrats BUT the problem with that assumption is that RM Administrator Donna Strudwick is a close personal friend of one of Premier Brad’s Cabinet “heavy hitters” (google), the Hon Jim Reiter, Minister of Highways and Infrastructure, and during the years 2006 and 2007 the Hon Jim was Executive Director of the RMAA with Strudwick as Director for Division 2 and the two became close friends “strudwick reiter” (google)

In 2005 the RMAA Executive Board dismissed the complaint that I (Lee) had lodged with the RMAA Executive Board under Section 19 (1) of their Act “rural municipal administrators act section 19 (1)” (google) regarding Strudwick’s refusal to grant the Argues development zoning until her bribes were paid and within a month of that Executive Board ruling Strudwick had sued me (Lee) for libel so Strudwick will now simply order the Hon Jim to use his Cabinet clout to instruct the Community Planning Bureaucrats to deny the Argues development zoning notwithstanding the Provincial departmental approvals.

All Web readers will have noted that the solution I (Lee), as the Argues Representative, have advocated is to simply wipe the RM’s, SARM and Strudwick’s Union, the RMAA, from the face of Saskatchewan and form Counties, as advocated by Meyer Brownstone over fifty years ago, thereby eliminating the RM of Edenwold and its Administrator Donna Strudwick, and solving the Argues zoning problem, BUT all Web readers will have also noted that then Minister Responsible, Jack Hillson, designed a balanced solution, Jack amended section 14 (1) of the Urban Act whereby, if he wished, a corrupt Developer could bribe Strudwick to be granted zoning, or if his (the Developers) soul could not stand the thought of bribing Strudwick, he (the Developer) could simply find a Village to annex his Development out of Strudwick’s Rural Municipality, note Website segment dated September 2nd 2009 FOLLOW THE MONEY and/or Website segment dated October 15th 2009 WHY IS CANADA SO CORRUPT?, but Strudwick is so greedy that she wants all the “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) available and has successfully fought the Hillson plan to this day.

So at the end of the day it will come down to Premier Brad. Just like Calvert before him Premier Brad is going to have to decide whether or not to run the political risk of annoying Strudwick and the RMAA by granting the Argues development zoning in the face of the Argues continuing refusal to pay RM Administrator Donna Strudwick bribes.

In some ways Premier Brad has a easier political choice than Calvert because he, Premier Brad, owes his soul to only SARM ( Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities), basically the Reeves and Councillors, whereas Calvert owed his soul to the RMAA (Rural Municipal Administrators Association), basically another Union which controls the NDP, and the Wall Administration could solve some economic development problems in Rural Saskatchewan by eliminating the RMAA which is a self regulating agency and above the law, (click onto Association Bylaws and Code of Ethics 04, 06 and 07) and re-creating the position of Secretary who reports to each individual Rural Council rather than the Premier and Minister Responsible “strudwick reports to premier” (google).

The odd problem would remain, such as in the RM of Edenwold, where Strudwicks son sits on the RM of Edenwold Council, but those situations would be rare, and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that eliminating the all powerful, self regulating, RMAA from development zoning control in Rural Saskatchewan would be a very good start.

AND I (Lee) remind Premier Brad’s Brain Trust that there can be no doubt whatsoever but that political events are demonstrating that it may be a political mistake for the Saaskatchewan Premiers to keep bowing to the corrupt Provincial Official scum, such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, even if she does report to the Premier “ strudwick reports to premier” (google)

I (Lee) remind all Web readers, especially Premier Brad’s Brain Trust, to note that after this Web site was set up in July of 2007 the Rural Leaders began phoning Outlook Community Leader Lloyd Smith to laugh at this Web site and to tell him (Smith) that I was the stupidest man in Canada if I believed that I could get zoning for the Argue development without bribing the RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick.

I (Lee) always took great exception to the Rural Leaders claim of my great stupidity because I am not, in fact, the stupidest man in Canada, Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach has that distinction “stupidest man in canada” (google) and a few of my (Lee)s Alberta friends do believe that Premier Ed is in fact so stupid as to deserve that distinction.

I (Lee) do not believe that any Premier is stupid, or even a bit slow, but Premier Ed is obviously a good man who is simply unbelievably naive because it appears that he ( Premier Ed) must really think that if he gives his Senior Bureaucrats enough taxpayer money in legal salaries and bonuses that they will forgo demanding bribes from the Business Community, but he (the Premier) is living in a dream world if he thinks that to be true and I (Lee) ask all Web readers, especially Premier Brad’s Brain Trust, to note “bureaucrat bonuses outrage Alberta taxpayers” (google).

Note there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the political outrage over Alberta Premier Stelmach bowing to his Senior Bureaucrats and granting them those idiotic bonuses right in the middle of Alberta’s financial meltdown “Alberta eight billion dollar deficit” (google) was the reason that Premier Ed lost the Calgary By-Election to the Wildrose Alliance, “wildrose alliance wins calgary glenmore” (google)

I (Lee) believe that the Alberta voter outrage over those Bureaucrat Bonuses Premier Ed paid to his top people can be equated with the situation here in Saskatchewan where a Developer is told by the NDP Minister Responsible that his only option to have a chance to obtain Development Zoning from RM Administrator Strudwick, who reports to the Premier, “strudwick reports to premier” (google) is to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to the woman to even have a chance at being granted development zoning, when there can be no doubt whatsoever but that NDP order was unacceptable.

I (Lee) believe that NDP Leader Link suffering a near loss in the Douglas-Park By-
election can be politically compared to Alberta Premier Ed losing the Calgary-Glenmore By-election to the Wildrose Alliance and in addition, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that NDP Leader Links forty percent drop in popularity in the strongest NDP riding in Saskatchewan and near loss to a political neophyte, Kathleen Peterson, is a indication of a voter revolt here in Saskatchewan akin to Premier Ed’s loss of Calgary-Glenmore or torch and pitchfork marches on the Legislature in both Provinces.

There is no doubt whatsoever but that the Saskatchewan voters will put up with a lot more arrogant corruption from their Bureaucrats than the Alberta voters will and even if they (the Saskatchewan voters) did want to do something about Rural Administrative Corruption there is no Wildrose Alliance to vote for here in Saskatchewan and there is nothing to choose between the current Wall Administration and Link’s Official Opposition, note Web site segment dated June 18th, 2009, TWEEDLEDUM AND TWEEDLEDEE, so the Saskatchewan Political Leaders, Premier Brad and Opposition Leader Link, may believe there is nothing the Saskatchewan voters can do about the absolute corruption, but that may be a political mistake because there may be a limit as to what the taxpaying voters will put up with even here in Saskatchewan.

As example, Web readers have asked me (Lee) how a guy as shyster smart and “cunning as a cartload of monkeys” (google), as Regina lawyer, NDP Vice President and “heavy hitter” (google), Wil Olive, believed that he (Olive) was going to get away with obtaining a option to buy the Old Fort San Lake front property from the SPMC Bureaucrats and use the Hillson amendment to Section 14 (1) of the Urban Act to have the Town of Fort Qu’Appelle annex the Old Fort San 200 acre property out of the Village of Fort San and then make several million dollars by selling the property as Lake front lots, without anyone noticing it, note Web site segment dated Septermber 2nd, 2009, FOLLOW THE MONEY, but I (Lee) believe that Wil Olive is so arrogant that he simply did not care if he was caught.

The Web readers specifically ask why Wil Olive, even if he is a NDP hotshot lawyer, believed that he could pull this off while at the same time his NDP Premier and Minister Responsible were denying the Argue family the right to do exactly the same thing because of their (the Argues) refusal to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick and the obvious question is repeatedly asked of me (Lee), ie: how many acre feet of flowers, tons of chocolates and gallons of perfume did Wil Olive carry to the SPMC (Saskatchewan Property Management) Bureaucrats to obtain those options to buy the Old Fort San 200 acres?

But there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Web readers that have raised the Olive/Old Fort San stuff are concerned, in the main, with, did Wil Olive and his NDP Cohorts, Premier Calvert and his Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, really believe they were going to get away with the blatant corruption, favourtisim and nepotism?

The obvious answer is “ Yes Virginia, Olive and his cohorts really did think they could get away with it, remember that this Wil Olive is the same Wil Olive, the same NDP heavy hitter, who is arrogant enough to believe that he could place 1,000 (one thousand) fraudulent NDP Memberships into Link’s leadership campaign and get away with it”

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that he (Olive) is so arrogant that he believed that he could make a very large sum of money using the brilliant plan that then Liberal Minister Responsible Jack Hillson designed to solve the Argue family zoning problem with Strudwick and at the same time denying the Argues the right to do the same thing because of their (Argues) refusal to bribe RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, this is sick even by the corrupt standard of the Saskatchewan legal and Judicial community.

MORE SICKNESS: as example, I (Lee) have been told that many NDP big shots believe that their Meadow Lake Membership Fraud was a NDP insider matter and none of the public’s business, so it is probable that Wil Olive, a NDP Vice President and heavy hitter, believed that the only downside to getting caught with a thousand forged Memberships, that would have made sure of a Link victory on the first ballot, would be a NDP internal squabble which he (Olive) would win because he is a real NDP “heavy hitter” (google).

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that many of Saskatchewan’s economic problems are rooted in the fact that the NDP, Saskatchewan’s natural governing party, is under the control of “heavy hitters” such as Wil Olive, who are obviously simply two-bit shysters who somehow end up convincing the voting public that they are “one of the ten most influential men in saskatchewan olive” (google).

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that what is truly sickening is that Wil Olive, (as are all lawyers) is a officer of the Court, “lawyers are officers of the court farlex” (google). Swimming in the same sea of Saskatchewan political, legal and Judicial corruption is Wil Olive’s NDP colleague, Government lawyer Glen Dowling, acting for RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick, in blocking zoning for the Argues thirty million dollar residential development until the Argues carried her (Strudwick) the “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) and who had the power to instruct RCMP Staff Sergeant Brent Lewis to destroy the evidence of Strudwick’s possibly criminal activity and the Law Society of Saskatchewan covered up Dowlings actions in ordering Staff Lewis to destroy that evidence, note Web site segment dated October 4th, 2007, “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan”.

I (Lee), serving as the Argues Representative, can just repeat the point that the only possible explanation for people such as Wil Olive, Glen Dowling and Donna Strudwick, believing that they can get away with the absolute corruption is to repeat what British Political Leader Lord Acton said many decades ago, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (google).

But I (Lee) ask all Web readers to note that around the world these “chickens are coming home to roost” (google), as example, note the arrogant corruption of the Prime Minister of Italy has come to a end “ Berlusconi’s winning streak runs out as Italy rules its pm is no longer above the law” (google), enough is enough and the Italian Prime Ministers own wife blew the whistle on him when he started screwing a thirteen year old underwear model.

I (Lee) ask all Web readers to note that if the Italian Prime Minister is not allowed to place himself above the law, then here in Saskatchewan, Donna Strudwick, her two bit shyster of a Government lawyer, Glen Dowling and Wil Olive must not be allowed to place themselves above the law and all Web readers are asked to start a letter, fax, e-mail or phone campaign asking the Wall Administration to order a public inquiry conducted by a Alberta Judge into corruption in development zoning in Rural Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Legislature opened its 2009 fall sitting on October 21st and with Link back in the House the expected three ring circus ensued during Question Period, sort of, but Opposition Leader Links insistence on trying to score some brownie points against Premier Brad outside of the Legislature by catering to the hard left of the NDP by promoting the notion of low-cost housing is almost redundant because the fact is that Link may not be able to gain any ground with the hard left of the NDP under any circumstance because the hard left liked Calvert and it seems that Premier Brad is going to able to prove that in 2003 Link had advised him (Wall) on how to defeat Calvert, “wall puts philosophical stamp on Saskatchewan party policy Mandryk” (google)

All that Premier Brad has to do now is to have his Attorney General, the Hon. Don (Morgan) lay criminal charges of fraud against Link in the “NDP Meadow Lake membership fraud” (google) and the NDP are going to have to hold another Leadership Convention sooner rather than later.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Links attacks on Premier Brad on behalf of the hard left dooms the NDP to failure in the November 2011 General Election under any circumstance because even if Link is somehow able to ingratiate himself with Dr. Ryan Meili’s people (the hard left) that amounts to only about 20% (twenty percent) of the Saskatchewan voters and means that Link has turned his back on his one time personal constituency, the group that supported his rise as Deputy Premier and Minister of CIC in the Romanow Administration, the section of the voters that drives the Saskatchewan economy, the business community.

All Web readers are asked to note that former Premier Grant Devine, who was recently granted the Saskatchewan Order of Merit “devine right to order of merit mandryk” (google), but was the Premier who had presided over the disappearance of Ten Billion dollars of Saskatchewan tax payers money and the making of Commonwealth history for the incarceration of a dozen of his Cabinet Ministers, note “rcmp probe operation fiddle” (google) believes that Link is in the wrong party “link may be in wrong party devine james wood” (google) and it appears that the NDP Voters, at least the Regina Douglas-Park NDP voters, for once in their life, agree with Devine.

Low cost housing is just not Link. During the more than a decade that Link was MLA for Regina Elphinstone there was not one low cost house built, let alone a development of them, in Elphinstone, which Constituency was, and still is, the poorest and most crime ridden Constituency in Regina, with the worst housing it is possible to imagine and in fact long time City Councillor for Ward 7, Joe Mckeown, a well known NDP supporter and on Links executive was a slum landlord in Regina Elphinstone.

Endless complaining from the slum landlords, such as Councillor Joe Mckeown, that the welfare recipients living in their slum houses were wrecking the houses resulted in my (Lee) suggesting a solution. I (Lee) knew “hugh vassos concrete houses” (google) very well and knew that the Vassos houses were Saskatchewan made at the Vassos plant in Melville, were energy efficient with insulation built in to the concrete walls, were literally indestructible ( unless a welfare recipient happened to own a jackhammer)and cost about a third less than a equivalent size wood house, so I (Lee) suggested that a housing development be built in Elphinstone Constituency using the Vassos Concrete House design…but I (Lee) was told to mind my own business.

Link himself lives in a $600,000.00 (six hundred thousand dollar) house in Gryphons Walk and has about as much real interest in low cost housing as Lane (the Hon. J. Gary),
who also lived in Gryphons Walk, when he (Lane) was the Devine Gang Minister of Finance and disappeared that one and a quarter Billion dollars of Saskatchewan tax payers money, “gov’t made devine error murray mandryk” (google)

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Link has gone to ground and is trying to shore up his hard left base of the NDP, but to what purpose?, because he (Link)s only goal is to be Premier and he (Link) can not become Premier supported by the hard left of the NDP (about 20% of the voters) alone and given his (Link)s 40% (forty percent) drop in popular support in the Douglas-Park By-election the plan of simply waiting for Premier Brad to make a mistake is a waste of his (Link)s time as Opposition Leader. Link must develop and put forward some policies and no less than “W” Bush’s great Karl Rove, some say the best spin doctor in the world, has stated that “corruption is the most important issue among voters”….. “renaissance for a texan machiavelli craig offman” (google), so corruption in Rural Development zoning is a good place to start.

“what’s done can not be undone lady macbeth” (google) so said Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s immortal play, Macbeth, consequently Link would accomplish as much trying to invent a time machine to send his House Leader, Len Taylor, back in time to April 29th, 2004, with instructions to grant the Argues development zoning, rather than rule, as Minister Responsible, that their only option to have a chance to be granted Development zoning was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick.

Another point that Link keeps trying to score against Premier Brad that is beyond belief is the Saskatchewan Government Bureaucrats never ending schemes to launder Saskatchewan taxpayers money through Sask Energy with their never ending natural gas price manipulations, ie: buy low in the Alberta market and sell high to the Saskatchewan consumer.

What makes that particular attack on Premier Brad laughable is the fact that when he (Link) was Deputy Premier to Roy Romanow and Minister Responsible for CIC (Crown Investments Corporation) under Links watch, Gary Drummond and a couple of Sask Energy Bureaucrats pulled off the mother of all such schemes, a Madoff level Natural Gas buy low-sell high scheme and gave Drummond a Billion Dollar “profit” note Web site segment dated Septermber 2nd 2009, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Every individual who wades through the Hansard transcript of the Gary Drummond Channel Lake inquiry ends up astonished that a RCMP Criminal investigation had not been ordered and Criminal charges for fraud were not laid against Drummond and the two Sask Energy Bureaucrats after the inquiry was completed, but Link was the Minister Responsible, and nothing was done.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Media is pretending that this Web site does not exist, but that fact notwithstanding two Saskatchewan media experts have two different takes on the never ending Sask Energy Natural gas price manipulations. Regina Leader Post Political reporter, Murray Mandryk believes that the Sask Energy natural gas price shenanigans are working just fine “gas utility still spins in political hot air mandryk” (google) but at the end of a recent column Regina Leader Post economics reporter, Bruce Johnstone, did hint at the Channel Lake debacle “link’s flawed proposal johnstone” (google).

NDP Leader Links problem is that he just missed living under the last honest Premier that Saskatchewan has ever had, Ross Thatcher, so he Link has never known anything but corrupt Saskatchewan Governments. During Thatcher’s reign as Premier, as long as the Highway Contractors donated 2% (two percent) of the value of their contracts to the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan a corrupt Highway Engineer could be removed from administering their contracts with one phone call to Premier Thatchers office, so having to bribe Highway Engineers was never a problem for the Contractors, but Link came to adulthood at the end of the Thatcher era, under the Administration of Allan Blakeny so Link has never known anything but corrupt Saskatchewan Administrations.

As well, Link spent nearly a decade running errands for Nexen President Charlie Fischer schmoozing the Dictators and their thugs in the oil rich, hot climate, banana belt Countries of the World: all Web readers are asked to note “bribes and grease: the way of the world” (google) for a run down on the challenges Link would have faced in obtaining permission for Nexen to drill for oil in those hot climate Dictatorships.

BUT Link has got to face reality, he has got to accept the fact that times have changed and he is back here in Saskatchewan facing the fact of a world wide financial meltdown caused by corrupt Government officials, the fact that a Black Man was elected President of the United States simply by promising to clean up US Government corruption, the fact that a whole bunch of G-20 Leaders are promising to clean up their Government corruption and the fact that the Canadian Federal Government is promising to clean up corruption “ harper and white collar crime” (google)

Since this Web site was first established in July of 2007 the Rural Leaders have been phoning Outlook Community Leader Lloyd Smith laughing at this Web site and telling Lloyd (Smith) that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada if I think that I can get zoning for the Argues thirty million dollar residential subdivision development without bribing RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, but the Rural Leaders claims notwithstanding, and stupid or not, my (Lee)s plan actually worked to a certain extent with NDP Leader Links near defeat in the Regina Douglas-Park By-Election, note Web site segment dated October 15th 2009, WHY IS CANADA SO CORRUPT?

It is true that I (Lee) may be overplaying the effect of this Website on the Douglas-Park By-election, it is impossible to see into the minds of the Douglas-Park voters and know for sure if the Web site had anything to do with Links 40% (forty percent) drop in popular support and near defeat to a neophyte in Regina Douglas- Park but now rumors are rife that the Wall Administration’s mini-ministery “enterprise saskatchewan” (google) will move Rural Saskatchewan zoning control from the RMAA to the Provincial Bureaucrats in Community Planning so maybe Premier Brad’s Brain Trust did take note of this Website and Links near defeat in the Douglas-Park By-Election.

Assuming the Wall Administration does move Rural Zoning control to Community Planning and assuming the Argues are granted subdivision zoning by the Community Planning Bureaucrats that fact alone does not solve the Argues development problems.

The original Argue plan was to keep costs down by serving as their own housing contractor which means that to obtain CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) approval to guarantee the mortgages at the Banks and Mortgage lenders for people wishing to obtain mortgage money for homes in the Argue Development it would be necessary to obtain plumbing and electrical approval from the Provincial Bureaucrats, which means that bribes must be paid to those Provincial Bureaucrats.

To make the Bureaucrat bribery situation worse for the Argues, each Rural Municipality has its own housing inspector, which means bribes to the RM Housing inspector before a Developer can sell a home in any housing development in any Rural Municipality and since the Argue family remain adamant on their refusal to pay bribes to Bureaucrats development zoning alone is not going to solve the Argue problem.

The Argues could do what every other Developer does and contract the house construction out to a housing contractor, there are literally dozens of them, and let him deal with the “bribes to bureaucrat” (google) problem to get a house approved for sale, but since the Argues still do not have zoning approval it is a bit previous for me (Lee), as the Argues Representative, to be fussing about the next Saskatchewan bribery problem.

BUT this is exactly the reason why the then Liberal Minister Responsible Jack Hillson’s brilliant plan to amend Section 14.1 of the Urban Act so as to allow Wood Mountain Village to annex the Argue thirty million dollar residential subdivision Development out of the RM of Edenwold , note Web site segment dated September 2nd 2009, FOLLOW THE MONEY, was so crucial to the success of the Argues Development plan, because no Saskatchewan Village Mayor and Council demands bribes to allow a Developer to build a Development in their Village. In fact Wood Mountain Village Mayor and Council were overjoyed at the prospect of receiving property tax revenue from the Argue Development and the Argue’s designed their development to create a situation where bribes to Provincial Government Bureaucrats to grant approval for electrical and plumbing work to gain CMHC mortgage insurance approval would not be a issue.

The Argue’s planned a high level, completely controlled, walled, gated development, with sanely sized and priced modular (rtm) homes (no monster homes), complete yard and outside maintenance with continuous on site security, for boomers at or nearing retirement age, fifty five plus, no kids, dogs no taller than 14 (fourteen) inches, such a development would have been of interest to home owners who could afford to either pay cash for their retirement home or at minimum at least a 20% (twenty percent) down payment which means that mortgages can be obtained without CMHC guarantee, “cmhc’s growth fuels worries over new risks erman perkins” (google)

The Argue plan was to be able to be able to decrease house costs by not having to pay the amount of the bribe normally paid to Provincial bureaucrats ( two or three thousand dollars) for each house built to obtain electrical and plumbing approval from the Provincial Inspectors so as to qualify for CMHC mortgage guarantee, but Strudwick blocked zoning because of the Argues refusal to pay her bribes so this is immaterial.

I (Lee) had promised the Argues my best shot at obtaining development zoning for them without bribing RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick and after the Calvert NDP Administration refused to honor the plan designed by the then Minister Responsible Jack Hillson to amend Section 14 (1) of the Urban Act so as to circumvent Strudwick demands for bribes to provide development zoning by having a Village annex the Argue Development out of the RM of Edenwold, I (Lee) went on to do what I could to accomplish the impossible for the Argues.

What I (Lee) did was simple enough, do what Dr. Carl Baar told me to do, just keep turning the rocks over until eventually I (Lee) got the Supreme Court Summary Statement for case 31940 and then using the Access zap2it TV Ads and this Website referring to the Supreme Court Summary Statement, just keep on turning the rocks over so the public can watch Strudwick and her cohorts crawl away to get under another rock and to just keep doing that until the corrupt scum run out of rocks to crawl under.

As set out above, implementing Dr. Carl Baar’s plan, ie: using the Access TV Ads and this Web site to keep turning the rocks over to expose the corruption in Rural Zoning has in my (Lee)s opinion, accomplished two things; it caused the NDP Vote to stay home in droves in the Regina Douglas Park By- Election causing the NDP Leader Link to drop 40% (forty percent) in popular support and to nearly lose the By-Election to a political neophyte, and this Web site is probably the reason the Wall Administration is even considering taking Rural Zoning control away from the Rural Administrators and giving it to the Senior Bureaucrats in Community Planning.

While there can be no doubt whatsoever but that some progress has been made toward obtaining zoning for the Argue thirty million dollar residential subdivision Development without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, I (Lee) am “sickened unto death“ (google) at the level of corruption the Saskatchewan Government has descended to, but unlike Dave Batters who was so sickened at what he saw once he was elected a MP (Member of Parliament) that he had the courage to suicide “Dave batters suicide” (google) I (Lee), simply do not have that level of courage, but there can be no doubt whatsoever but that a public inquiry conducted by a Alberta Judge with power of subpoena would provide answers to Rural Zoning Corruption in Saskatchewan.

I (Lee) do not have the courage to suicide, nevertheless, while “sickened unto death” (google), at trying to function in a Country and a Province, as massively corrupt as Canada, and Saskatchewan, it is still my (Lee)s intent to go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to deal with this group of Government officials who are simply “white collar thugs” (google) and who are so massively corrupt that a NDP Minister of the Crown rules, and the Courts up hold that ruling, that the only option a Developer has to obtain zoning is to pay bribes to those “white collar thugs” (google) to do their jobs.

I (Lee) remind all Web readers that there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Saskatchewan Government is so massively, sickeningly, corrupt that in order to make certain of my personal destruction when I (Lee) refused to pay bribes to a bit of Official Government scum (Strudwick) who reports to the Premier “strudwick reports to premier” (google), the Courts assigned Strudwicks libel action against me to be heard by the Honorable Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, who is and always has been a NDP activist, and was married to Chris Axworthy, who had served as NDP Premier Calvert’s Attorney General, note Web site segment dated July 26th, 2007 ZONING PROBLEM WITH A RURAL MUNICIPALITY.

I (Lee) remind all Web readers that there can be no doubt whatsoever but that I (Lee) have done my “political” job perfectly on behalf of the Argues family as ruled by the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal must be done, to wit: all zoning issues are political, so I (Lee) simply used this Web site to turn the rocks over and keep turning the rocks over to keep hammering home to the voting public the well documented facts of the corruption of the Rural Administrators, such as Donna Strudwick, and it appears that after a near decade of effort I (Lee) may have a chance of obtaining development zoning for the Argues without bribing RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick BUT nothing has been accomplished so far regarding the corruption in Government Administration of Rural Saskatchewan so a public inquiry by a Alberta Judge is needed,

A few Web readers have asked if all Rural Administrators are corrupt, probably not, but the problem is that the corrupt Rural Administrators do not have a large red “C” stamped on their forehead. Does any Web reader seriously believe that if the Argue family had been aware that it was Strudwick’s plan, as the RM of Edenwold Administrator, to trick them (the Argues) into spending $175,000.00, (one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars) plus another $30,000.00 (thirty thousand dollars) in legal costs to Regina lawyers and NDP activists, Ron Gates and Barry Nychuk, completing the conditions that Strudwick required to be completed as part of the RM original zoning approval and then to deny zoning once the Argues money had been spent and the conditions fulfilled, that they (the Argues) would have gone within a country mile of Donna Strudwick?

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that, if they (the Argues) had been aware that once they had completed the conditions set by Strudwick and received all Provincial Departmental approvals, that Strudwick, acting for the Premier “strudwick reports to premier” (google) had the power to then block development zoning until she (Strudwick) was carried her “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) that they (the Argues) would have even tried to realize their dream development, the Argues are not stupid people, but they were not experienced developers.

The Hill family (Harvard) or Dundee, would have known that the bribes had to be paid to RM Administrator Strudwick to obtain development zoning, just as I (Lee) assumed, but since the Argues did not ask me (Lee) to become involved until after the damage was done all that can be done now is to try to bulldoze the situation by using the Access zap2it TV Ads and this Web site, but others advising the Argues, on the ground, at the time, such as Regina lawyer and NDP activist, Ron Gates, “knew or ought to have known” (google) about the need to pay Strudwick bribes to obtain development zoning.

Senior Regina lawyer and NDP activist Ron Gates was the lawyer advising the Argues during the process of Strudwick’s original conditional zoning approval and then after the Argues had spent $175,000.00 (one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars) plus $30,000.00 (thirty thousand dollars) of their capital in legal fees, then denying the Argues development zoning.

All Web readers are asked to note that in April of 2004, the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled that the only option the Argues had to obtain development zoning from Strudwick was to carry her ( Strudwick) ‘flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) so there can be no doubt whatsoever but that only four years earlier, Regina lawyer and NDP activist, Ron Gates, would have known the same thing, ie: Strudwick’s bribes had to be paid to be granted zoning, yet Gates said nothing to the Argues.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Ron Gates, acting as the Argues legal
Counsel, had an ethical duty to advise the Argues that Strudwick’s bribes had to be paid to obtain development zoning because after the fact, four other Regina lawyers took it upon themselves to advise the Argues that it was impossible to get by Donna Strudwick, implying the need for bribes, but Gates said nothing to the Argues at the time.

I (Lee) believe that the Gates/Argue , lawyer/client relationship, is even worse than Gates ethical failure to the Argues to advise them properly. There is considerable evidence that could be provided to a public inquiry that Ron Gates acted with Strudwick’s Government lawyer, Glen Dowling, to assist Donna Strudwick in her attempt to bankrupt the Argues, (as Strudwick boasted she would do), Gates worked with Dowling to lead the Argues down the garden path into spending that $200,000.00 (two hundred thousand dollars) completing the conditions Strudwick had set before granting development zoning.

It’s not as if Regina lawyer and NDP activist Ron Gates was a political/legal neophyte. Gates was Link’s brother in law, (they had originally married sisters), and Gates bought a small strip mall named Avonhurst Plaza on the 3100 block of Avonhurst Drive in north Regina. He (Gates) put his law office at one end of the Mall and rented out a small space at the other end of his Mall to three NDP MLA’s, Lindy Kasperski, Kim Trew, and Dwain Lingenfelter, for their Constiuency offices. The rest of the Mall, the middle, was filled with the usual collection of Chinese cafes and convenience stores.

The NDP Government allowance for renting Constinuency office space was $1000.00 (one thousand dollars) a month, that is $3000.00 (three thousand dollars) per month, thirty six thousand dollars a year for four years is about $150,000.00 (one hundred and fifty thousand dollars), about a third of what Gates paid for his Mall.

Not a Bernie Madoff level scam but all Web readers are asked to look yet again at “bribes and grease: the way of the world” (google), and it does establish that Regina lawyer and NDP activist, Ron Gates, knew all about NDP nepotism and Corruption when he was advising the Argues during their zoning battle with Strudwick and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the NDP believes in nepotism and makes use of it to launder taxpayer money into their and their Senior officials, such as Gates and Strudwicks pockets, this fact notwithstanding Ron Gates said nothing to the Argues.

I (Lee) remind all Web readers for the umpteenth time, that when the NDP wanted to make certain of my (Lee)s personal destruction for my complaint to NDP Premier Calvert about his NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor’s, ruling that the only option that I (Lee) had to obtain zoning for the Argues Development was to bribe RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, they (the NDP) used their Administrative power over the Judiciary to make certain that the Queens Bench Judge that the Courts assigned to hear Strudwick’s “strudwick reports to premier” (google) libel action against me (Lee) was the Honorable Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, a long time NDP activist who was married to NDP Premier Calverts Attorney General Chris Axworthy, note Web site segment dated July 26th, 2007 ZONING PROBLEM WITH A RURAL MUNICIPALITY.

This is taking obvious nepotism right to the edge of reason and they (the NDP) were bound to be caught because this was a real life conspiracy to keep the bribe money flowing to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick (and her ilk) and two facts about conspiracies, by their nature they always work, but they are always uncovered, “conspiracies always work and are always uncovered” (google).

I (Lee) remind all Web readers that Dr. Carl Baar, co-author of the Judicial Council of Canada report Masters in Their Own House, which report set out that the Provincial Administrations use their Administrative Control of the Queens and Appeal Bench Judge’s working lives to dictate Judicial decisions, note Website segment dated July 26th, 2007 ZONING PROBLEMS WITH A RURAL MUNICIPALITY, told me (Lee) that Canada is famous for having the most corrupt administration of Justice in both the United States and the British Commonnwealth and that Saskatchewan is known to have the most corrupt administration of Justice in Canada

But the fact is that even given that Saskatchewan is well known for having a corrupt legal and Justice system the evidence amassed in this Web site establishing a corrupt pattern and relationship between several NDP lawyers and other NDP “heavy hitters” (google) within the NDP hierarchy, such as Glen Dowling, Ron Gates, Will Olive and the Honourable Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, must have gone over a line even by Saskatchewan corrupt legal standards because, as this Website receives a increasing number of visits and more publicity, a increasing number of lawyers are stopping me (Lee) on the street to express both concern and tacit (google) support.

I (Lee) have been advised that the evidence amassed in this Web site establishes beyond question the fact of corruption in the Administration of Rural Zoning in Saskatchewan and computer programming experts advise that the level of visits this Web site is receiving establishes the fact of major public interest in the problem of Corruption in Rural Zoning Administration and therefore a need for the Wall Provincial Administration to address the problem and ask a Alberta judge to conduct a public inquiry.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that a solution would be a public inquiry, conducted by a Alberta Judge, which might give the Argue family both zoning for their thirty million dollar residential subdivision development and compensation for the decade long denial of zoning for their development because of the Argues refusal to pay bribes to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, and, may allow me (Lee), the Argues Representative, to clear my name of Lady Janet’s idiotic ruling that I libeled Strudwick when I complained to then NDP Premier Calvert about her ( Strudwick’s) corruption.

Such inquiry, conducted by a Alberta Judge, may form a basis for the Provincial Administration to eventually do what Meyer Brownstone advised over fifty years ago; remove the RM’s, SARM and the RMAA from the face of Saskatchewan and form Counties to administer Rural Saskatchewan thereby saving the Provincial taxpayers seventy five million dollars a year in Administering the Provinces three hundred Rural Municipalities, less the estimated twenty five million dollars a year to administer the thirteen counties, an actual saving of Administration costs of about fifty million dollars annually.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that it is in the best interest of all Urban taxpayers to see the RMs removed as Saskatchewan’s Rural Administration units, and the only way to accomplish that is through recognizing that the Argues zoning battle with RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick is a perfect example of corruption in Rural Development zoning in Saskatchewan and that solution in that problem may lead to a general solution to Rural Zoning corruption, and so begin a public campaign by letter, e-mail, phone or fax to the Wall Administration MLA’s asking that a public inquiry, by a Alberta Judge, be made into the decade long zoning battle between the Argue family of Regina and RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick.

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