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November 27, 2009

Ernst & Young survey re corruption” sets out the massive cost of Corruption to the North American economy and it was John F. Kennedy who said “ when we got into office the thing that surprised me most was to find that things were just as bad as we’d been saying they were” (google). I (Lee) ask all Web readers to note that notwithstanding the fact that I was aware of both the Ernst & Young study and John Kennedy’s facetious remark I am still surprised at my accuracy in predicting the sea of corruption regarding the massive taxpayer subsidies of Ethanol Plants in Saskatchewan but even more surprised at the stature of the individuals involved in the corruption.

All Web readers are asked to note that what I (Lee) predicted in Web site segment dated September 2nd 2009, FOLLOW THE MONEY, and segment dated October 15th 2009, WHY IS CANADA SO CORRUPT?, has already come to be, to wit; I predicted that there will be endless and massive taxpayer money poured into all Ethanol plants to keep them operating and note that after only a year, the Terra Grain Fuels Ethanol plant at Belle Plaine, has already been given a Federal grant of $77,750,000.00 (seventy seven million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars) “ethanol plant gets government boost” (google), and “government of canada invests in biofuels in saskatchewan” (google). Please note that this Plant only cost $130,000,000.00 (one hundred and thirty million dollars) to build in the first place.

Lee Harding, the Saskatchewan director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is as outraged as all voting taxpayers should be and all Web readers are asked to note again “ethanol plant gets government boost” (google), and note that the sea of corruption is more widespread than even I (Lee) thought it was, because the individuals benefiting from that $77,750,000.00 (seventy seven million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars) of tax payer money are not the Saskatchewan hotshots ( Link and Drummond ) who I assumed would benefit but a small group of the eastern super elite.

All Web readers are asked to review again Web site segment dated September 2nd 2009 FOLLOW THE MONEY, taking special notice of my (Lee)s belief that the NDP Administration of Lorne Calvert bowed to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick and her RMAA ilk because of the need to keep control of Rural Zoning through Strudwick and the RMAA to ensure there was zoning for more Ethanol Plants so as to be able to demand more taxpayer subsidies and I (Lee) stand by that claim, but I (Lee) was wrong about it being Drummond et al. who was going to benefit from that massive corruption. (more…)


November 21, 2009

Despite the fact that there was no mention in the Throne Speech of any change in the way Rural Zoning decisions are made in Saskatchewan rumour is rife that the Wall Administration is planning to have its mini-ministry “Enterprise Saskatchewan” remove Rural Zoning control from the RMAA (Rural Municipal Administrators Association)and give that control to the Senior Provincial Bureaucrats in Community Planning, (Manitoba did that years ago) and it would serve the Developers and ultimately the taxpayers, much better than the three hundred Rural Administrators maintaining dictatorial control over zoning in each Rural Municipality.

The RMAA members will scream bloody murder at losing their bribe money from the Developers but will calm down when it occurs to them that all they will have to do is up their bribe demands from the equipment suppliers, the culvert suppliers, the gopher poison suppliers, the contract ditch grass mowers, the Grid Road Engineers and the Grid Road Contractors to end up with the same level of bribe income.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Municipal Corruption situation in Rural Saskatchewan is akin to that of Montreal, “ police probes, mafia allegations in the palermo of canada peritz”, and any one who thinks that even the Mafia could get any of that stimulus money out of a City of Montreal bank account without a Municipal Bureaucrat signing a cheque is living in a dream world, yet the Province of Quebec refuses to act, just as here in Saskatchewan, both the Provincial Administration and Official Opposition refuse to address the Rural Zoning Corruption issue, note Web site segment dated June 18th 2009, TWEEDELDUM AND TWEEDLEDEE.