For three decades Dr. Michael Atkinson has been conducting classes at the University of Saskatchewan on Government Corruption in Canada and has now started holding public seminars on the subject, entitled, “Why is Canada so Corrupt?”, one seminar was held in Regina Wednesday September 16th 2009 at the JS Window Room, 2nd Floor, Gallery Building, University of Regina College Avenue Campus, a small crowd, thirty or so, mostly academics, attended but they (Dr. Atkinsons audience) were a knowledgeable, enthusiastic group.

Dr. Atkinson, who has been studying the government corruption issue for thirty years, sets out that Canada has two levels of corruption, what he (Dr.Atkinson) calls “petty” and “grand,….. “petty” being bribes to Government officials to provide services, such as “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to Strudwick to grant the Argues zoning, note Website segment dated July 26th 2007, ZONING PROBLEMS WITH A RURAL MUNICIPALITY? which Dr. Atkinson claims to realize is disturbing to the individuals, such as the Argues, who lost (failed to earn) ten million dollars because of their refusal to bribe Strudwick, but even the Edenwold ratepayers loss of millions in tax revenue due to Administrator Strudwick’s corruption Dr. Atkinson dismisses as having little or no public consequence relative to his University level public policy concerns but other Countries, even some third world Countries, adopt a different corruption standard.

Nepal, as example, in contrast to Saskatchewan, takes “petty” corruption so seriously that in a effort to stop the bribe demands of their officials they ( Nepal’s leaders ) have enacted rules that Nepal Airport officials must wear uniforms with no pockets. “nepal’s graft solution: no more pockets” (google) perhaps, here in Saskatchewan, Dr. Atkinson could start to advocate as a matter of public policy that if the Wall Administration carried Legislation stopping the Rural Administrators from having Cayman Island Bank accounts that would solve the Rural Zoning Corruption problem.

But Dr. Atkinson does set out that “grand” corruption involving the top level politicans, Prmie Ministers, Premiers and Cabinet Members, and hundreds of millions of dollars, such as Adscam, (Martin) HRDC (Jane Stewart), Airbus (Mulroney) and the Devine Gang here in Saskatchewan, are of enough significance that Dr. Atkinson agrees that level of public corruption are worthy of his University level public policy interest.

Dr. Atkinson does recognize that the vast majority of Canadian taxpaying voters disagree with his “petty” and “grand” assesment and that most taxpaying voters believe that like being a “little bit pregnant morialekafa” (google) corruption is corruption and that the Politicans, Officials RCMP Officers and Judges are all corrupt to their rotten cores but Dr. Atkinson did not answer his own question, Why is Canada so Corrupt?

But Dr. Atkinson did explain to his audience that it may be a perception problem where the Politicians and their Senior officials keep on setting new rules of behaviour for themselves and can claim that they are not corrupt until it is proven in Court that they broke those rules, to me (Lee) this is why a public inquiry is needed to provide a answer to the question; should the Argues be required to carry RM Administrator Strudwick ‘flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to be granted development zoning?

Dr. Atkinson sets out that to “ we the people” (google) it is a question of ethics, “public good” stuff, is it in the interest of the public that the Argues carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to Strudwick to provide zoning?, and the taxpaying voting public believe that is corruption but the Minister of the day, Len Taylor, and the Courts obviously want to see Strudwick receive her “ flowers, chocolates and perfume”, (bribes) to grant the Argues zoning so they (the Minister Responsible and Courts) simply ruled that the bribes must be paid to Strudwick but conversely the taxpaying voters still believe that is corruption, no matter that the rules were changed by Minister Decree and Court support to actually require, by Ministerial decree, and Saskatchewan law, that the Developer pay the bribes to the zoning officials to be granted zoning.

Dr. Atkinson sets out that there can be no doubt whatsoever but that a vast gulf exists, regarding the seriousness of the “petty” corruption between the Political Leaders and their white collar thugs, along with the business community, the RCMP and Courts, on one side, and the voting taxpayers on the other, and Dr. Atkinson has no answers except to advise that the politicans have their own problems just getting elected every four years, (and once in a while during a by-election) and we the people must just accept our democracy as it is and realize that the “petty” corruption is insignificant and if we do not like it here we should try living in Russia, Dr. Atkinsons position is utter nonsense.

If Dr. Atkinson has a genuine interest in his own question; Why is Canada so Corrupt?, he might think of the 1930’s American Bank Robber Willie Sutton’s response when asked why he robbed banks, Sutton responded simply with “that’s where the money is” (google). Well there is hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars sloshing around in Government and the Senior Government officials have absolute control over that massive slosh of taxpayer money as well as absolute control of both the RCMP and the Judiciary so a corrupt businessman, Politican and Official can launder a few hundred million dollars out of Government, usually without getting caught, and if they are caught they pay no legal penalty whatsoever because of their control of the RCMP and Courts,…… its that simple and about a hundred years ago a British Leader, Lord Acton, stated “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (google), perhaps those facts answer Dr.Atkinson’s question, why is Canada so corrupt?

But taxpaying voters should take heart, the Corruption driven financial meltdown has forced the Western Liberal Democracies right to the edge of the abyss and has created a situation where against all odds a Black man (Obama) was elected President of the United States simply by promising to clean up US corruption and the Harper Feds have promised to clean up Canadian Corruption “harper and white collar crime” (google).

Outlook Saskatchewan Community Leader Lloyd Smith tells me that, against all odds, Saskatchewan’s Rural Leaders have stopped phoning him (Smith) to laugh at this Web site and to tell him (Smith), that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada if I believe that I can get zoning for the Argues thirty million dollar residential subdivision without bribing RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick…..so what has happened?

It matters little why the Rural Leaders have gone quiet. It may be because the facts set out in this Website has finally, after over two years, beaten through the Rural Leaders arrogance into their brains, but something has caused it and while there can be no doubt whatsoever but that it may be a “false euphoria” (google), my friends and colleagues, who until Link nearly lost the Douglas-Park By-Election, had rated my (Lee)s chances at obtaining zoning for the Argues thirty million dollar residential subdivision development without bribing Donna Strudwick at zero, now rate my chances at getting zoning for the Argues without bribing Strudwick at fifty/fifty.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Links near defeat in Douglas-Park shows that my (Lee)s plan has worked to a certain extent; actually it was Dr. Carl Baar’s plan, (who is co-author of the Judicial Council of Canada report, Masters in Their Own House,) so all that I (Lee) did was what Dr. Baar told me to do and kept turning over rocks until I obtained the Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement for Case 31940, note segment of this Web site dated August 25th 2009 TURNING OVER ROCKS, and that Supreme Court Summary Statement was probably the turning point for the Argues now estimated fifty/fifty chance at obtaining development zoning for their thirty million dollar residential subdivision without bribing RM Administrator Strudwick.

I (Lee) then used that Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement as the basis for this Web site and will continue to run the Access zap2it Ads and this Web site making the point that all Economists preach that any Country that runs a “corruption economy” (google) such as Saskatchewan’s Rural Municipalities, is doomed and it is therefore logical to conclude that it is insanity to allow a gang of “white collar thugs” (google) such as the RMAA (Rural Municipal Administers Association), to have self regulating status http://www.rmaa.ca/ ( click onto Association Bylaws and Code of Ethics 04, 06 and 07) and require “flowers, chocolates and perfume” before providing zoning.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that I (Lee) am not the “stupidest man in canada” (google) as claimed by Saskatchewan’s Rural leaders, and that this Web site is not a joke as believed by the Rural Leaders and NDP Leader Link, but neither am I (Lee) the smartest, and to accomplish what has been accomplished so far is simply a matter of a good memory and endless patience coupled with the ability to focus and stay focused on the problem at hand, ie: obtaining zoning for the Argues thirty million dollar residential subdivision without bribing RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick.

My closest personal friends have long ago concluded that my (Lee)s actions, (as Freud set out in his philosophies), are that of a “paranoid obsessive compulsive freud” (google) but to the Argue family and I (Lee), serving as their (the Argues) Representative, it is simply a refusal to roll over and play dead for a bit of corrupt Government scum such as Donna Strudwick and since my only goal is to obtain zoning for the Argues thirty million dollar residential subdivision without bribing RM Administrator Strudwick then the forty percent drop in popular support and near defeat of NDP Leader Link (who had insisted that Saskatchewan’s Rural Administrators, such as Strudwick, had to remain in place with the power to demand bribes to provide development zoning), is a step in the right direction toward accomplishing that goal.

I (Lee), a experienced political watcher, believed that Link was in trouble when he had to struggle to win the NDP Leadership against contenders who were not a “nettie wiebe” (google) level candidate, and in addittion, I (Lee) drove Douglas-Park on Monday September 7th 2009, counting 157 (one hudred and fifty seven) signs for Link and 68 (sixty eight) for Kathleen and recalling when we (Links election team) used to have well over a thousand signs in every General election in Regina Elphinstone for Link and Harry Van Mulligan always had waves of signs on the Douglas-Park main routes, College, Winnipeg, Quinn Drive, Broadway, and the like. Beyond that Kathleen had Link outsigned in the high rent areas of Douglas-Park located south of Wascana Creek and east of Park and on the former NDP stronghold of Quinn Drive.

I believed that Link had a problem but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that it was as bad as it is. Link dropped forty percent in popular vote from what Harry Van Mulligan received in the 2007 General Election. Whether Links problems can be attributed to the well publicized NDP Meadow Lake Membership Fraud and the resulting RCMP Criminal Investigation or this Web site is a good question and I (Lee) am well aware there is no way for me to prove this Web site cost Link one vote in Douglas Park but there is no way for a Advertising Executive to prove that a picture ran on television for thirty seconds of a pretty redheaded girl in a pretty summer dress sitting on a pretty little bench in a pretty little park with a Irish Setter at her feet drinking a bottle of Coke sells one bottle of Coke but the Coke Brain Trust has those type of Ads churned out decade after decade after decade and kept on selling Coke.

When the new NDP Leader Link chose Regina Douglas-Park as the means to get back in the Legislature many people told me (Lee) that he (Link) would win in a landslide , ( sweep was actually the term used) but the fact is that a political neophyte, Sask Party Candidate Kathleen Peterson, nearly beat him. Web readers who are card carrying NDP members should note that in the 2007 General election Harry Van Mulligan received 5089 (five thousand and eighty nine) votes in Regina Douglas-Park and Link received 3083 (three thousand and eighty three) votes in the By-election, a drop of over 2000 (two thousand) votes or 40% from November of 2007 to today in 2009.

Card carrying NDP Web readers should also note that in the 2007 General Election Harry Van Mulligan had a majority of 2100 (twenty one hundred) votes over his Sask Party opponent, Scott Simpkins, and in the By-election Link had only a 500 (five hundred) majority over Sask Party political neophyte Kathleen Peterson who received 2585 (twenty five hundred and eight five) votes in the Douglas-Park By-election, so there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the NDP supporters stayed home in droves.

On the evening of September 22nd, the day after the By-election, NDP Leader Link was on the evening news setting out that he (Link) had no interest in numbers, only winning or losing, and pointing out that he (Link) had won both By-elections….Links public statement is utter nonsense,…… all Senior Politicians and their back room geniuses only interest is numbers and the “probability theory” (google).

Numbers is all any of them (Senior Political advisors) in any Political Party ever do all day every day and there is no doubt whsatsoever but that the NDP back room geniuses were sitting in Tommy Douglas House watching the By-election numbers come in on Monday night and getting sicker by the minute, because now it does not matter how many mistakes Premier Brad and his Brain Trust makes, as NDP plans and policy is now structered the NDP is doomed, the numbers prove it and the NDP backroom geniuses know it, given the numbers they can not win the November 2011 General election.

For a truly expert setting out of the By-election numbers and the implications for the NDP of those numbers, all Web readers, especially card carrying NDP members, are advised to read Political Columnist Murray Mandryk carefully, “ underwhelming byelection victories should concern lingenfelter mandryk” (google).

All card carrying NDP Web readers are advised that the only hope the NDP has to form Government in November of 2011, or even to remain relevant, is to look to my (Lee)s plan for then Premier Calvert to win the 2007 General Election and now implement that plan for the November 2011 General election, note Web site segment dated July 27th, 2009, FLOWERS, CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME, ie: campaign on a policy of removing the RMs from the face of Saskatchewan, giving the resulting saving of $75,000,0000.00 (seventy five million dollar) in RM Administration costs to the 450 (four hundred and fifty) Villages as infrastructure grants and turn Rural Zoning control over to those Villages, Rural Saskatchewan would then thrive.

Up until the By-election date this Web site received 5600 (fifty six hundred) household visits, ( fifteen thousand voters) in all of Regina, there are ten Regina Constituencies so assuming that 1500 (fifteen hundred) Douglas-Park voters read this Website by voting day that would account for three quarters of the forty percent drop in Links vote.

The Access zap2it ads go into 55,000 (fifty five thousand) Regina households and a projection more “probability theory” (google) stuff, actually educated guessing, shows that by General Election day, November 2011, virtually all of the 55,000 (fifty five thousand) Regina house holds, 120,000 ( one hundred and twenty thousand) voters will have seen the Access Website ad and the households with internet will have see this Website, and those that do not have internet could get a copy from a friend and if the forty percent drop in popular support Link suffered in the Douglas-Park By-election is applied to all Regina Ridings the NDP will lose five Regina seats.

All card carrying NDP Web readers should note that this Web site was set up in July of 2007, four months before the 2007 General election, with only spotty localized targeted ads and many of Saskatchewan’s one thousand Bloggers believe that over that four month period this Website caused Calvert to lose the ten ridings he lost by less than three hundred votes each in the November 2007 General election but the Rural Leaders ignored this Website until Access began the one year contract for zap2it ads in January of 2008 in Yorkton and North Battleford, with the only result then being the Rural Leaders phoning Outlook Community Leader Lloyd Smith, telling him (Smith) that this Website is a joke and I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada if I think that I can get zoning for the Argues without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick.

I (Lee) remind any NDP Web readers ,who are outraged by my (Lee)s actions to try to obtain development zoning for the Argues without bribing Donna Strudwick, that the Argues were long time CCF/NDP supporters, Shari Argues is of Scottish descent and her Grandfathers were colleagues and confidants of Tommy Douglas, active in the formation of the Wheat Pool and CO-Ops and therefore under Saskatchewan law, should have been granted zoning without bribing Strudwick, simply because the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, ruled in Harker v. Regina (City), [1995] 4 W.W. R. 276 (Sask. C.A.) that all zoning issues are political and the Courts must act only where the process has descended to farce.

But instead of granting the Argues zoning following that Saskatchewan High Court ruling that all zoning issues are political and the Courts must not interfere, NDP Premier Calvert’s Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled that the Argues only option to have a chance to obtain zoning approval for their thirty million dollar residential subdivision development was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (pay bribes) to Donna Strudwick, a Senior official, who Queens Bench Judge, the Honorable Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, ruled reports to the Premier, “strudwick reports to premier” (google).

Then when I (Lee) complained to then Premier Calvert about the need to pay bribes to Strudwick to obtain development zoning, she (Strudwick) sued me for libel and the Courts ignored their earlier ruling and did interfere, finding me (Lee) guilty of libel, “supreme court of canada summary statement case 31940”(google), and to me (Lee) these uncontradicted facts, in a Western Liberal Democracy, are “sickening unto death” (google).

I (Lee) ask all Web readers who are NDP members, to think about these facts as established by the Supreme Court of Canada. I (Lee) ask that all outraged NDP Web readers, before taking up a collection to have me (Lee) shot, to think about it, the Argue family simply will not pay bribes, as ruled by their NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, as being their only option at having a chance to obtain development zoning, and the Argues, or I (Lee), are not the kind of people to give up and go away, so what did Premier Calvert’s Brain Trust think was going to happen next?

All Web readers who are card carrying NDP should take a deep breath, think about the fact they (the CCF/NDP) have ruled Saskatchewan over the last seventy years, and the “white collar thugs” (google) serving as their officials since Blakney and his Queens clones came to power in the 1971 have collected millions of dollars in bribes from the business community since that time and assuming that Dr. Atkinsons studies are accurate 66% (sixty six percent) of the Saskatchewan taxpaying voters now believe Politicans are corrupt “the paradox that is canada atkinson” (google). Well, the fact is these “chickens are coming home to roost” (google), Links near loss in Regina Douglas-Park proves it.

I (Lee) also ask all Web readers who are card carrying NDP’s to think about the fact that Saskatchewan Opposition Parties usually do well in by-elections and Political Columnist Murray Mandryk believed the NDP should have done well “on past performances by election comfortably in ndp’s pocket regina leader post murray mandryk” (google) but Link nearly lost the By-election and the NDP vote count dropped by forty percent from their (the NDP) vote count in the November 2007 General Election results, and this does not bode well for the NDP at the November 2011 General Election and for that matter it does not bode well for the Saskatchewan taxpayers.

Taxpaying voters are reminded that following 1982, and the collapse of the NDP under Blakeney, the Devine Gang “disappeared” Ten Billion dollars of Saskatchewan tax payer dollars over a ten year period and specifically, Lane (the Hon J. Gary), just prior to Mulroney appointing him (Lane) to the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, he (Lane), serving one year as the Devine Gang Minister of Finance “disappeared” 1.2 (one point two) Billion dollars in a one year period “ gov’t made devine error mandryk” (google) out of a Provincial budget of five Billion dollars.

All taxpaying voters should just picture in their minds that arrogant corruption of Lane (the Hon J.Gary), now a Court of Appeal Judge, he (Lane) caused 25% , twenty five percent, a full quarter, of the taxpayers money that he (Lane) had access to over a one year period to “disappear” into thin air, this must never be allowed to happen again and only the NDP Caucus and Membership can prevent it from happening again.

The first thing the NDP Membership must do is get through to Link that both he (Link) and Drummond already have enough money stockpiled now. Their great, grand kids could not possible squander the millions of dollars that Link has acquired through his Nexen stock options after the Saskatchewan Oil Crown, Wascana, was sold to Can-oxy (Nexen) and moved to Calgary and Link went along with it (Wascana) to Calgary. Nor should taxpaying voters forget the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars “profit” that Drummond “acquired” through his Channel Lake natural gas buy low/sell high scheme, note Website segment dated Septermber 2nd 2009 FOLLOW THE MONEY.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that there is no need for Link (and Drummond) to plan a scheme to acquire more Saskatchewan tax payer dollars through taxpayer subsidized Ethanol plants, note Website segment dated September 2nd 2009, entitled FOLLOW THE MONEY, even if Calvert, as Premier, ignored the fact that Saskatchewan had plenty of energy options, “ saskatchewan clean coal technology” (google), and “saskatchewan oil sands” (google) and “saskatchewan nuclear option” (google) and “saskatchewan premier unveils world’s first prototype hydrogen/diesel pickup truck” (google) and “saskatchewan wind power’ (google) and he (Calvert) set up the worst possible, the worst imaginable, energy option for Saskatchewan in the first place, “calvert supports saskatchewan ethanol production” (google).

If the Calvert Brain Trust was so determined to pour more Saskatchewan taxpayer dollars into subsidization of something regarding energy development, why not, instead of subsidizing the ongoing Ethanol idiocy, as promoted by people like Gary Drummond, why did the Calvert Brain Trust not subsidize a couple of brave Alberta farm families near Vegreville, “prarie agri-preneurs battle megafarm waste morgan” (google).

I (Lee) ask all Web readers, as casual interest, to note that truly, there is nothing new under the Sun. I (Lee) recall a man I came to know many years ago, a pig farmer just south of Yorkton and when I read the Morgan article as set out in the preceding pargraph regarding the work by the farm Families near Vegreville, I recall the Yorkton pig farmer telling me he was very impressed, when on a tour of the South West United States, he came upon a Plantation dating back a couple hundred years where they ( the original Plantation) had a system where all the manure was put in a large covered pit and the resulting methane gas was piped to the Barns and the Plantation House, and used as both gas lights and for cooking.,”methane gas from pig manure used for lights and cooking crellin’s hill” (google)……the Southern Plantation that Yorkton pig farmer saw was being used as a museum and exhibit and was functioning exactly as it had over two hundred years before, and he, as a the pig farmer, was very interested and impressed.

As more casual interest stuff regarding today’s use of taxpayer subsidized Ethanol and Bio-Diesel, it should be noted that Rudolph Diesel’s first diesel motor, designed in 1900, ran on peanut oil (Bio-Diesel) “rudolph diesel 1900 diesel motor ran on peanut oil” (google) and Henry Ford’s famous Model A would run on moonshine whiskey,

“ fords model a ran on moonshine “ (google) which Kentucky Hills in the US and our own Canora-Gorlitz area backwood stills, (distillerys) are nothing more or less than Calverts, Links and Drummonds Ethanol Plants.

As furthur example, the Weyburn Distillery has been converted into a Ethanol plant, “weyburn distillery changed to ethanol plant” (google) however Rudolph Diesel and Henry Ford did not have massive conflicts of interest as Provincial Premiers running Political Partys and controlling Cabinets supporting the use of massive taxpayer subsidies to produce peanut oil and moonshine whiskey to power the cars and trucks they (Ford and Diesel) built and sold to the taxpaying public.

To add more idiocy to insult to taxpayer injury, the Calvert Brain Trust ignored a growing realization in the scientific community that the Worlds crude oil supply is virtually unlimited because hydrocarbons are being produced, as this is written, below the earths crust, (which is twenty five miles below the surface), at about the fifty mile level in the mantle of the earth, (more highschool physics) and these hydro carbons, once produced, migrate toward the surface to mix with the existing pools of crude oil located in the earths crust, pools that were formed by the Glaciers squashing forests and dead dinosaurs, “do dead dinosaurs fuel our cars solomon” (google).

These facts regarding the availability of crude oil have been studied since the late 1800’s and are now a reality, yet the Calvert Brain Trust insisted on going ahead with the idiocy of taxpayer subsidized Gary Drummond Ethanol Production and (I (Lee) suggest that the NDP Caucus and Membership advise Link to forget about using the corruption and self governing status of the RMAA (Rural Municipal Administrators Association) to control Rural Zoning and zoning approval for even more Ethanol Plants and get down to business and plan to try to win the November 2011 General election and plan to run a Provincial Administration that will serve all Saskatchewan taxpaying voters, Urban and Rural alike, it would be easy enough to do.

I (Lee) remind all NDP Website readers that Grant Devine sought a seat in the 1978 General Election under Dick Collvers Progressive Conservative Leadership but was defeated and following his victory as the Progressive Conservative Leader was again defeated in the 1979 Estevan by-election but then used the three years between 1979 and 1982 to tour the Province and won a landslide against the NDP’s Blakeney in 1982.

I (Lee) remind all NDP Web readers that after the 1982 disaster for the NDP under Blakeney that it was Link as NDP Party President who saved the NDP from oblivion by spending the next years traveling the Province visiting every NDP Riding Executive until they (the NDP) nearly won the 1986 General Election.

In the countdown to the next General Election it would be even easier for Link than it was for Devine between 1979 and 1982 and Link himself between 1982 and 1986. Link has just finished touring the Province schmoozing the NDP riding Executives during his Leadership campaign and he (Link) could just start over again, touring the Province schmoozing the NDP Riding Executives as well as the Village Mayors and Councils in each Constituency, setting out for them the plan that I (Lee) set out for Calvert to win the 2007 General election, note this Website segment dated July 27th 2009, FLOWERS CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME.

It would be one of the easiest campaigns that was ever ran in Saskatchewan or in any Western Liberal Democracy. Link has spent a decade travelling the world running errands for Nexen’s President Charlie Fischer, schmoozing the Dictator and his thugs of every oil rich, hot climate, banana belt country, in the world, so travelling Saskatchewan talking to Village Mayors for a couple of years would be a walk in the Park for him.

In addittion, every Village has a Internet address, which SUMA (Saskatchewan Urban Municipal Association) will probably provide the NDP Party free of charge, so parallel to Link touring the Province for the next two years schmoozing the Mayor and Council of the 450 (four hundred and fifty) Villages and small Towns the NDP back room geniuses could use the Internet to send a stream of information to the Village and small Town Officials pointing out the advantages of having the RM’s removed from the face of Saskatchewan and use the $75,000,000.00 ( seventy five million dollars) annual saving in RM Administration cost to give each Village and small Town a annual infrastructure grant of $100 000.00 (one hundred thousand dollars) and Rural Zoning control so as to allow the Developers to use that new Village infrastructure to complete the developments that the RM’s now deny until their Rural Administrators bribes are paid.

Despite Cabinet secrecy a bemused Web reader has brought to my (Lee)’s attention that in 2001 the Romanow Officials prepared legislation to remove the RM’s from the face of Saskatchewan and replace them with Counties, which plan the Romanow Cabinet of the day approved, only to be overruled by Premier Romanow himself. Roy Romanow was, and is, a very great man, he literally saved Saskatchewan from bankruptcy following the Devine Gangs”disappearance” of the Saskatchewan taxpayers Ten Billion dollars, despite this fact Premier Romanow overruled his own Cabinet and also ordered legislation making the RMAA (Rural Municipal Administrators Association) a self-regulating agency http://www.rmaa.ca and click onto Association bylaws and Code of Ethics 04, 06 and 07. Granting this gang of “white collar thugs” (google) self regulating status similar to lawyers, accountants et al, was as insane a act as it would have been to allow the bootleggers of the 1920’s self regulating status.

The Calvert Cabinet was basically the same as Premier Roys, so when RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick refused to grant the Argues zoning until she (Strudwick) was carried “flowers, chocolates and perfume”, and when Strudwick used

“ libel chill” (google) to destroy me (Lee) for refusing to back off from my efforts to obtain zoning for the Argues without carrying her (Strudwick) the “flowers, chocolates and perfume,” that their Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled must be carried to Strudwick to have a chance to obtain zoning, the Calvert Cabinet “ knew or ought to have known” (google) all about the horror and corruption of the Saskatchewan’s Rural Municipal Zoning policies and practices so why did then Premier Calvert refuse to overrule RM Administrator Strudwick and instead threw the Argues and I (Lee), the Argues Representative, to her (Strudwick)’s corrupt RCMP and Judicial wolves?

Another bemused Web reader, after reading the September 2nd Website segment FOLLOW THE MONEY reminded me (Lee) that to be fair to Link (and Drummond), it was Calvert, as Premier, who first started the “drop dead economic idiocy”(google) notion of Saskatchewan taxpayer subsidized Ethanol Plants “ calvert supports saskatchewan ethanol production” (google) and that the Federal Liberals picked up on the idea and then the Harper Feds carved it in stone “federal government mandates 5% etanol use by 2010” (google) and because of that Ethanol support Strudwick, and her ilk ( the RMAA) would have had control of Calvert because if he (Calvert) wanted zoning for Ethanol plants he would have to bow to Strudwick and the RMAA demands for bribes from the Developers (such as the Argues) to provide development zoning.

The Calvert Cabinet, notwithstanding their original decision with Romanow as Premier, to remove the RMs from the face of Saskatchewan, refused to follow through on their original Cabinet plan to carry legislation removing the RM’s from the face of Saskatchewan, which would have solved the Argue zoning problem with Donna Strudwick and gone a long way to solve economic problems in Rural Saskatchewan, which the Urban (City) taxpayer subsidization of Ethanol plants is not going to do, why was that done?, a public inquiry with subpoena power would answer that question.

The NDP Caucus and Membership could draw to the attention of their new Leader, Link, that he may as well get down to business and use his high intelligence, great ability, energy and experience to form a Government that will serve all Saskatchewan taxpayers, Urban and Rural alike, because in the future it is going to be a lot harder to “acquire” hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, note the Harper Feds are committed to cleaning up white collar crime “harper and white collar crime” (google) and even if Link and Drummond do “aquire” those taxpayer dollars it is going to be a lot harder to hide the money “taxman takes on swiss bank to reveal its canadian fortunes greg mcarthur” (google) and “unearth the dirty money diane francis” (google).

The NDP Caucus and Membership could draw to the attention of their new leader, Link, that whether because of the effort by United States President Obama to clean up corruption in the US, or because of the fact that Government corruption has forced the Worlds economy right to the edge of the abyss, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that there is obvious change to the past policy practice of the Western Liberal Democracy voters accepting the corruption of their Leaders and Senior officials.

Saskatchewan is about as corrupt as it is possible to be in a Western Liberal Democray so Saskatchewan is a administrative area where NDP Leader Link can set a example by using his great ability to try to create a economic climate where a honest taxpayer can make a honest dollar because the way it stands now here in Saskatchewan the only possible way for any citizen to accomplish any economic goal is to have the kind of soul that can force its self to pay bribes to Government official scum such as RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick.

Earle and Sharie Argue are perfect examples of honest Saskatchewan citizens who failed because their souls will not allow them to pay bribes to Government Official scum such as RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick. The Argues are among the most honest, able and hardworking people that I (Lee) have had the privilege to know and they (the Argues), through hard work and diligence were able to save two million dollars toward financing their dream development on their quarter of land east of Regina which has a spring flowing at 350 gallons per minute of high quality water, land they had owned for the last thirty years and had originally bought and used to grow hay for their race horses.

When the Government of Saskatchewan’ Municipal Planning Department set aside a area of the RM of Edenwold as being designated for Residential development that area included the Argues quarter, so the Argues, believing that their chance to go ahead with their dream development had come, applied to the RM of Edenwold Council for development zoning and as the paper trail filed in Court shows, at a RM Council meeting on Wednesday October 1st 1997 they (the Argues) were granted conditional permission to go ahead with a 160 lot development to be completed in four forty lot stages, and one day later, on October the 2nd, 10097, the RM Planning Director, Brad Armstrong, M.C.I. P. wrote the Argues, on RM letterhead, stating that the RM shall grant zoning for the Development, note Website segment dated July 26th 2007, ZONING PROBLEM WITH A RURAL MUNICIPALITY.

All Web readers are asked to note that in law the word SHALL designates that it must be done “shall blacks law dictionary” (google) so based on legal advice from Regina lawyer and NDP Activist, Ron Gates, the Argues spent $175,000.00 (one hundred and seventy five thousand dollar) of their capital completing conditions to the point that they had received all Provincial Departmental approvals, which fact was confirmed by the SMB (Saskatchewan Municipal Board) in their ruling of December 22nd, 2004.

But the fact also is that, at the time, notwithstanding the legal definition of the word SHALL, and Ron Gates assurances, after the Argues had spent the money, $175,000.00 (one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars) and meet all Provincial Department conditions, as imposed by the RM of Edenwold Council, and proven to the Council through Engineering reports, the RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, acting for the Premier of Saskatchewan, overruled her Council and with out giving a reason, refused to grant the Argues zoning for their residential subdivision development and advised the Argues, in writing, of her refusal as Administrator and ruled that the Argues had no right of Appeal.

All Web readers are asked to note that Strudwick, as RM of Edenwold Administrator, reports to the Premier and Minister Responsible,“ strudwick reports to premier” (google) and her (Strudwick)s decision, acting on behalf of Premier Calvert and the Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, to overrule her Council and deny the Argues zoning for their dream development was taken in conjunction with her (Strudwick’s) Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruling that the Argues only option at having a chance to obtain zoning was to carry her ( Strudwick) “ flowers, chocolates and perfume ” (bribes)…… “supreme court of canada summary statement case 31940”(google)

Strudwick, acting for her Premier (Calvert) and Minister Responsible, (Taylor) has cost the RM of Edenwold Ratepayers about $400,000.00 (four hundred thousand dollars) annually in lost property and school tax revenue, over four million dollars to date, and cost the Argues ten million dollars in pretax profit on their Development project and this loss to the Saskatchewan taxpayers due to Strudwicks refusal to grant development zoning does not begin to try to calculate the loss due to Strudwicks refusal to allow zoning for the Argues planned beer brewing plant and its fifty high paying jobs.

I (Lee) repeat; there can be no doubt whatsoever but that while pursuing economic development here in Saskatchewan all the virtues known to man ( and woman), intelligence, honesty, thrift, ability, hard work, do not matter one iota, the only thing that matters here in Saskatchewan is to have the kind of soul that can force themselves to pay bribes to Official Government scum, such as Donna Strudwick, BUT the truly terrifying problem is the corruption of the RCMP and Judiciary protecting the official corruption of Strudwick and her ilk, the RMAA (Rural Municipal Administrators Association).

As this Website gains public attention I (Lee) am occasionally asked; is it as bad as is set out in your Website and can it get any worse?, and the answer is; “Yes Virgina, it is that bad and it can get a lot worse”. I (Lee) suggest that Web readers look at a L.A. Times article “ russia battling legal nihilism megan k.stack los angeles times” (google) for a vivid description of how corrupt a Countries’s Political, Bureaucratic, Police and Judiciary can get if official corruption is not addressed, and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Saskatchewan is on the same path, headed in the same direction, as Russia.

“color of law” (google) is new legal phrase, coined in the United States and enshrined in law in the US as a Criminal Code offense and while it is not yet in Canada’s Criminal Code, it is defined in Black’s Legal Dictionary, as Police and Judicial Authorities using the law enforcement agencies to achieve corrupt ends for themselves, their colleagues, family and friends “color of law black’s law dictionary 6th edition”(google)

The “color of law” stuff set out in the preceding paragraph shows that the situation here in Saskatchewan is the same as it is in Russia, where here in Saskatchewan RCMP Staff Sergeant Brent Lewis, when told to do so by Strudwick’s two-bit shyster of a Government lawyer, Glen Dowling, Staff Lewis used his Police power as a RCMP Staff Sergeant to destroy the evidence of Strudwicks corruption that the Outlook Community Leaders had given him ( Staff Lewis), note segment of this Website dated October 4th, 2007 “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan”.

All Website readers are reminded that Strudwick is a Senior government official who reports to the Premier “ strudwick reports to premier” (google) and the Saskatchewan Courts are so massively corrupt that the Queens Bench Judge, the Honorable Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, who was assigned to hear Strudwick’s libel action against me (Lee), the Argues Representative, had been married to Premier Calverts NDP Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Chris Axworthy, note the first Website segment dated July 26th, 2007, “ ZONING PROBLEMS WITH A RURAL MUNICIPALITY’”.

The Outlook Community Leaders, in particular Lloyd Smith, have gone right to the wall to try to see the Argues obtain zoning for their development without bribing RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick. An example of the Outlook Community Leaders exemplary work; before I (Lee) filed my letter to then Premier Calvert complaining about his (Calvert)s Minister Responsible, Len Taylor’s, ruling that my only option to obtain zoning for the Argues development was to bribe Strudwick, the Outlook Leaders obtained a “legal opinion” (google) from four different Lawyers who all advised that my (Lee)s complaint letter to Calvert set out the exact truth and therefore was not libel and notwithstanding Lady Janet’s Judgment upholding Strudwicks’s claim of libel the Outlook Community legal advisors have maintained that same position to this day.

The Outlook Community Leaders positions have always been sound and they have maintained the opinion that the only possible way that RM Administrator Donna Strudwick could have blocked zoning for the Argues development until she (Strudwick) was carried her “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes), is to have blackmailed the Calvert Administration into submission, which I (Lee) believe that Strudwick could have done over zoning for Ethanol Plants but that is not the “smoking gun” (google) stuff the Outlook Community believes to be the facts of the situation..

There is, in fact, actually a “smoking gun” (google) because I (Lee) can prove to a public inquiry that during the second Devine Administration, Lane (the Hon J. Gary) held a series of high school girl/cocaine parties at the Squire Motor Hotel in Fort Qu’ Appelle for sitting Saskatchewan Federal (Queens and Appeal Bench) Judges and Senior Progressive Conservative lawyers in line to be appointed Federal Judges by Mulroney but that “smoking gun” evidence would apply only to the Devine Gang Conservative’s and not the NDP Politicians Senior Officials and lawyers.

The problem with the Outlook Community Leaders blackmail belief is that notwithstanding a diligent digging effort by both the Outlook Community Leaders and I (Lee) nothing has surfaced, except for Calverts desperate need for Ethanol plant zoning, (which Strudwick could have used to blackmail the Calvert Brain Trust), whereas my (Lee)s claim regarding Lanes (the Hon J. Gary) high school girl/cocaine parties is a easy enough claim to prove because virtually all of the then Devine Gang back bench MLA’s are now back in their ridings running their farms and businesses and a few of these guys (Devine Gang backbench) were instructed to provide a chauffeur service taking van loads of high school girls out to Fort Qu’Appelle to those parties, just like taking a high school girls volley ball team to the next Town, and I am certain that some of them ( the Devine Gang backbench MLA’s) would talk.

I (Lee) also know that it can be proven to a public inquiry that Strudwick worked closely with Lane ( the Hon J. Gary) through Lanes entire political and Judicial career and it is probable/possible that a inquiry Commission and Counsel would accept my claim that Strudwick would have known about Lanes high school girl/cocaine/Squire Motor Hotel parties and could/would have used that information for blackmail purposes, BUT the fact is that none of it applies to the Calvert Brain trust and while the timing is bang on to fit Lady Janet, none of it could have possibly had anything to do with her ( the Honorable Lady Justice Janet McMurtry), who is rock solid NDP and always has been.

Lady Janet graduated from Delhousie University in 1985, was admitted to the Saskatchewan Bar in 1986, was a Partner in the NDP law firm of Woloshyn and Company (the original Taylor/CCF Law firm), and she (Lady Janet ) married the NDP MP, MLA and Provincial Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Chris Axworthy, and Lady Janet was then appointed a Provincial Court Judge by the NDP in 1994.

The only Saskatchewan Queens Bench Judge involved that fits the criteria to be blackmailed regarding Lanes high school girl/cocaine/Squire Motor Hotel parties is the Hon Ron Barclay, who was a Progressive Conservative Lawyer at the time, and was appointed to the Queens Bench by Mulroney and Lane in the late 1980’s and it was Judge Barclay that heard the original case when the Argues went to Court in 1999 over Strudwicks refusal to provide zoning, Argue (E.C.) Holdings, Ltd. Et al. v. Edenwold No. 158 (Rural Municipality) 1999, 179 Sask. R. 142 (Q.B.) aff’d (2002), 189 Sask. R. 130 (C.A.) and it was Judge Barclay who threw out the Argue request for zoning equity in his 1999 ruling that all zoning issues are political and the Courts must not interfere.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that, assuming the Outlook Community Leaders are right that Strudwick uses blackmail to achieve Court rulings that to have a better chance to obtain zoning the Developers must carry her (Strudwick) “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribe her), the fact is that assuming Strudwick had blackmailed Judge Barclay into submission in 1999 using the threat of going public about Lane (the Hon J. Gary) high school girl/cocaine/Squire Motor Hotel parties as a lever, Strudwick could now use that fact as a threat, ie: Strudwick could threaten to go public over her original blackmail of Judge Barclay in the original 1999 Argue request for zoning equity.

The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal had originally ruled in the Casino Case, Harker v Regina (City), that all zoning issues are political and the Courts must not interfere and the Hon Ron Barclay had used that precedent to dismiss the Argues 1999 request for zoning equity. The Honorable Justice Lady Janet McMurtry is the Daughter of the legendary Roy McMurtry of Ontario Political and Judicial fame so Lady Janet would have had the fact of the endless Ontario Political/Judicial Corruption machinations and manipulations imbedded in her brain as a little girl sitting on her fathers knee and on top of that Lady Janet ended up marrying another legal/political legend, NDP Provincial Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Chris Axworthy, so Lady Janet either “knew or ought to have known” (google) exactly what was going on when Strudwick used

“ libel chill” to sue me (the Argues Representative) for libel.

For decades Senior Government official scum, such as Donna Strudwick, have been using “libel chill” (google) and their two bit shyster Government lawyers paid by the taxpayers to stop dissenter opposition to their (Government Official)s endless corrupt schemes but that questionable use of the Justice system to serve corrupt ends has reached a point where virtually all deep thinkers are arguing that “libel chill” (google) must be taken off the list of tools that corrupt Government officials have at their disposal to destroy infrequent dissenters.

Lady Janet, “ knew, or ought to have known” (google) all about “libel chill” (google) and its use by Senior Government officials, such as Strudwick, to serve corrupt ends and the fact that the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal had ruled that all zoning issues are political and the Courts must not interfere, ( not only general knowledge but because I (Lee) had told her so in Court documents filed on December 15th 2005) yet Lady Janet still found me ((Lee) the Argues Representative guilty of libel of Strudwick, WHY?

I (Lee) have managed this effort to obtain zoning for the Argues without carrying “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to Strudwick based on the assumption that Strudwick had control of the Calvert Administration and demanded that Calvert order the Courts to destroy me (Lee), the Argues Representative, so as to ensue that I (Lee) did not come up with a plan to see the Argues granted zoning, but I (Lee) might be wrong and Outlook right, perhaps Strudwick did use blackmail; but it was the original use of Lanes (the Hon. J. Gary) high school girl/cocaine parties to blackmail Judge Barclay into submission in 1999 when the Argues asked for a equity zoning solution, and now used that original fact of blackmail as a tool to now blackmail the Courts today into finding me (Lee) guilty of libel of her (Strudwick).

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Courts would cave in to her (Strudwick) blackmail demands because the Saskatchewan Courts constantly go to the end of the earth to cover up judicial error and only cave in when the media and public take a interest, such as in Milgaard and Martinsville, but in a situation where Strudwick was threatening to blow the whistle on Judicial corruption, such as a Queens Bench Judge bowing to blackmail threats, the Courts would move heaven and earth to cover that up, and the only possible means to pry the lid off is a public inquiry with subpoena power.

All Web readers are asked to note in a Murray Mandryk column dated September 4th, 2009 “ colin thatcher: a guilty man finds only crumbs of comfort murray mandryk” (google) the Regina Leader Post political columnist emphasised that the National Media Reporters, in particular Kevin Libin of the National Post, gives Colin Thatchers Book “final appeal colin thatcher” (google) considerable credence simply because of the notoriously corrupt Saskatchewan Justice system “ kevin libin: maybe colin thatcher picked the wrong province to be tried for murder” (google)

I (Lee) ask all Web readers to note that Kevin Libin of the National Post has compared the Administration of Justice in Saskatchewan to China and Iran and a Saskatchewan Blogger has compared the Argue/Strudwick zoning problem and the Saskatchewan Courts support of the fact that the Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled that the Argues, to have a better chance to obtain zoning, must carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (pay bribes) to Governemnt official, Donna Strudwick, to Afghanistan, note Website segment dated April 26th, 2009 SASKATCHEWAN/AFGHANISTAN CORRUPTION.

All Web readers are asked to note that Andrew Coyne, writing in the January 14 th 2008 Maclean’s, takes the media to task for refusing to take on Government corruption “hear no evil see no evil macleans andrew coyne” (google), but except for the fact that the Saskatoon Star Phoenix and Access TV went to the wall for me (Lee) and ran my Website ads the Saskatchewan news media refuse to touch the well documented Rural Zoning corruption, but maybe the National Media’s attention to Colins great book, “FINAL APPEAL”, has started to pry the lid off Saskatchewan’s Judicial corruption.

Notwithstanding the preceding well documented facts, its still impossible to obtain zoning approval for the Argues. Premier Brad owes his soul to SARM and the NDP Leader of the Official Opposition, Link, carrying on with Calvert’s day dream of Ethanol Plants “calvert promotes saskatchewan ethanol production” (google) has his own day dream of being able to use the corrupt power of the Rural Administrators and their ( the Rural Administrators) self regulating status and control of Rural Zoning to make a few hundred million dollars through more taxpayer subsidized Ethanol Plants.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Premier Brad Wall, NDP Official Opposition Leader Link and the Rural Leaders, until Links By-election near defeat, have viewed this Web site to be a joke and a few of my close personal friends who have been following the Argue/Strudwick zoning situation since day one believe that while this Web site is well documented and effective and makes the point repeatedly of the absolute corruption of our Political leaders and their Senior officials as well as the RCMP and the Judiciary, my friends, nevertheless fear that all that I (Lee) have accomplished is to provide a ton of hard evidence to prove what all Saskatchewan Citizens already know, our Political Leaders, their Senior officials, the RCMP and Judiciary are massively corrupt.

I (Lee) repeat and emphasise, not all, but a few of my friends believe that I (Lee) am “carrying coal to newcastle” (google) because all that I have done is to reinforce what the voting public already know, our Political Leaders and Officials, their Judges and the RCMP, are all massivly corrupt and to make their point my friends use the same poll that I (Lee) have used in this Web site “ the paradox that is canada atkinson” (google) to prove that polling shows that 66% of Canadians believe that the Politicians and 39% believe that the Judiciary are affected by corruption.

It is self evident that my “glass half full’ (google) friends are right, our leaders and their officials are in fact massively corrupt and obviously the voting taxpayers are well aware of that fact, but a miracle occurred in the United States when a Black Man was elected US President simply by promising to clean up US Government corruption, a miracle occurred when Link nearly lost the Regina Douglas-Park By-election and dropped forty percent from the 2007 vote, and a third miracle could occur here in Saskatchewan, and the Argues be granted zoning without carrying “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to Strudwick and I (Lee) do not give a “tinkers dam” (google) if the odds of that happening are as little as one in a million or one in ten million, it is my (Lee)s, intent to go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to try to make that Barack Obama level miracle happen here in Saskatchewan for the Argues.

BUT I (Lee) and my principals the Argues, have no illusions, we face the brutal fact that the media will not touch Rural Zoning corruption, (or any other Government, Police or Judicial corruption) with a ten foot pole and it is very difficult for anyone to deal with the problem where there is hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars at stake in corrupt profits for businessmen and through that massive corrupt profit massive amounts of cash available for bribes to Government Officials such as Donna Strudwick.

Another brutal fact is that while the NDP Caucus and Membership, following Links Regina Douglas-Park By-election near defeat and the NDP Meadow Lake Membership fraud and Criminal investigation fiasco, could try to force their new Leader Link to get down to business and try to form a Government that would clean up Rural Zoning corruption, Link is their duly elected Leader and has dictator level power until he is no longer Leader and will stand firm and keep day dreaming about using control of Rural Zoning corruption to personally make a few hundred million dollars out of taxpayer subsidized Ethanol Plants and will not budge on the issue of Rural zoning corruption no matter what his Membership demands.

CONSIDER THIS: Queens Bench Judge, the Honorable Justice Lady Janet McMurtry has ruled that the Rural Administrators report to the Premier, “ strudwick reports to the premier” (google), the Rural Administrators are the only segment of Saskatchewan Officials to have been given self regulating status http://www.rmaa.ca./ (and click onto Association By-laws and Code of Ethics 04,06 and 07) AND it is now carved in stone in Canadian Common Law that the Developers, to have a better chance to at the Rural Administrators granting Development zoning, must carry them flowers, chocolates and perfume, ( bribes) “supreme court of canada summary statement case 31940” (google), Link is not going to give up the absolute personal power, as Premier, over Rural Zoning.

The Premier of Saskatchewan, as ruled by the Honorable Lady Justice Janet McMurtry as fact, through the three hundred Rural Administrators, has direct personal, zoning control of all of Rural Saskatchewan and since Link now owns about forty sections of Saskatchewan farm land and has direct personal ties to the owners of the Provinces Ethanol Plants he (Link) is not going to give up the personal control that he, as Premier, has of the three hundred Rural Administrators, which Rural Administrators, under Canadian Common Law, Link may now legally pay bribes to provide development zoning, “supreme court of canada summary statement case 31940” (google).

Link is not going to run a campaign for the 2011 General Election based on the elimination of the RMs and turning zoning control over to the Villages which, (if successful), would result in his (Link) not making a few hundred million dollars selling Saskatchewan taxpayer subsidized Ethanol throughout Canada after the Federal Government mandates it’s use “federal mandate of 5% ethanol use after 2010” (google),

All Web readers are asked to note that a Federally mandated 5% Ethanol use (added to all gas sold at the pumps) would require two billion liters of Canadian Ethanol production annually “ federal mandate of 5% ethanol use after 2010” (google) and since Saskatchewan has about half of Canada’s farm land Saskatchewan could logically be expected to produce half of that Federal requirment, or about a Billion liters annually.

In 2004 the United States produced 3.4 Billion Gallons of Ethanol with 81 plants, about forty million gallons ( about one hundred and seventy million liters) annually with each plant and it is probable that Drummond’s Plant at Belle Plaine Saskatchewan would produce about the same each year as each plant in the United States produces, ie: about one hundred and seventy million liters, so if Saskatchewan needs to produce a Billion liters of Ethanol a year to full fill the Federal mandate that 5% Ethanol be added to our car gas and diesel fuel that means that six more Drummond size Ethanol plants would be needed here in Saskatchewan to meet that Federal mandate.

That means that Link and Drummond would need rural zoning control for two reasons, first so that the Rural Administrators could provide their (Link and Drummond)s six more Ethanol Plants with zoning approval, and secondly so as to prevent any competition to their (Link and Drummond)s Ethanol Plants, they need to have the Rural Administrators in place to use the Rural Administrators control of development zoning to block anyone else from producing Ethanol.

That is why control of Rural zoning is as crucial to Link as it was to Calvert, it is all about taxpayer subsidized Ethanol production, which is a endlessly losing undertaking except for the handfull of Saskatchewan families who own the plants and the farm land growing the plant product needed for Ethanol production, and the thugs who oversee their operations for them,CONVERSLY there can be no doubt whatsoever but that it is in the economic interests of the taxpaying voters in the Big Urbans (Citys) that Rural Zoning corruption is addressed, ie; to end taxpayer subsidized Ethanol production.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that it is common practice in all G-20 Countries that the business community must pay bribes to Senior Government officials to accomplish any economic development whatsoever “bribes or grease: the way of the world” (google), and it is also a fact that Canada is so corrupt that for years Revenue Canada allowed bribes to Government officials to be deducted as a cost of doing business, note Website segment dated August 25th, 2009, TURNING OVER ROCKS.but it is also a fact that all of this is coming to a end for the lying corrupt Government scum, at least here in Canada, note “harper and white collar crime” (google).

I (Lee) am certain that notwithstanding University Professor Dr. Michael Atkinsons stated belief that what he (Dr. Atkinson) calls “petty” corruption, ie: bribes to Government Officials, such as RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, to provide a service ie: zoning approval once all required conditions are met, is of no public policy concern no matter how widespread it is “ the paradox that is canada atkinson” (google) but I (Lee) believe that I am on safe ground to state repeatedly that virtually all Saskatchewan voting taxpaying citizens disagree with Dr. Atkinson and agree that a public inquiry is needed to determine whether or not Saskatchewan’s policy of insisting that the Developers only option to have a chance at obtaining Development zoning is to carry “ flowers, chocolates and perfume”( pay bribes) to the Rural Administrators.

I (Lee) believe this in part because notwithstanding Dr. Atkinsons University Public Policy lectures and seminars that “petty” corruption, bribes to government officials to provide a service to the taxpayer has no public policy meaning, every senior economist in the world believes and sets out as part of his/her lectures, that Countries that practice a “corruption economy” (google) are doomed.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Government corruption can be addressed if taxpaying voters decide to deal with it, note the message that United States President Bill Clinton brought to Regina on Tuesay September 8th, 2009, “ clinton communitarian message of hope regina” (google) and if the Wall Administration does agree to a public inquiry, then the taxpaying voters must also demand that upon the completion of the inquiry, it be used as a guide to correct the neverending Government official zoning corruption in Rural Saskatchewan.

The voting taxpayers must also demand that the Government of the day, whoever is in power, after the 2011 General election, note the June 18th 2009 segment of this website, TWEEDLEDUM AND TWEEDLEDEE, ie: the Sask Party and Premier Brad Wall or the NDP Opposition Leader Link, do not simply shelve the inquiry results and put the taxpaying voters back to square one as regards the Corruption of the Rural Administrators, such as Donna Strudwick.

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