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October 15, 2009

For three decades Dr. Michael Atkinson has been conducting classes at the University of Saskatchewan on Government Corruption in Canada and has now started holding public seminars on the subject, entitled, “Why is Canada so Corrupt?”, one seminar was held in Regina Wednesday September 16th 2009 at the JS Window Room, 2nd Floor, Gallery Building, University of Regina College Avenue Campus, a small crowd, thirty or so, mostly academics, attended but they (Dr. Atkinsons audience) were a knowledgeable, enthusiastic group.

Dr. Atkinson, who has been studying the government corruption issue for thirty years, sets out that Canada has two levels of corruption, what he (Dr.Atkinson) calls “petty” and “grand,….. “petty” being bribes to Government officials to provide services, such as “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to Strudwick to grant the Argues zoning, note Website segment dated July 26th 2007, ZONING PROBLEMS WITH A RURAL MUNICIPALITY? which Dr. Atkinson claims to realize is disturbing to the individuals, such as the Argues, who lost (failed to earn) ten million dollars because of their refusal to bribe Strudwick, but even the Edenwold ratepayers loss of millions in tax revenue due to Administrator Strudwick’s corruption Dr. Atkinson dismisses as having little or no public consequence relative to his University level public policy concerns but other Countries, even some third world Countries, adopt a different corruption standard.

Nepal, as example, in contrast to Saskatchewan, takes “petty” corruption so seriously that in a effort to stop the bribe demands of their officials they ( Nepal’s leaders ) have enacted rules that Nepal Airport officials must wear uniforms with no pockets. “nepal’s graft solution: no more pockets” (google) perhaps, here in Saskatchewan, Dr. Atkinson could start to advocate as a matter of public policy that if the Wall Administration carried Legislation stopping the Rural Administrators from having Cayman Island Bank accounts that would solve the Rural Zoning Corruption problem. (more…)