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September 2, 2009

Follow the money” is a famous quote immortalized in the movie “ all the presidents men” (google) and was the real life advise to the reporters attempting to bring then United States President Nixon to account for corruption and the term has been used ever since as advice to reporters to use that axiom as a basis to uncover Government corruption, and it makes sense because Government corruption is always about money.

I (Lee) believe that a Web reader had that version of “ follow the money” advice in mind when he ( the Web reader) advised me (Lee) to go up into the Avord Tower building in downtown Regina and note that Wil Olives Law offices take up floors nine and ten of the Avord Tower and that the Points West/Gary Drummond suites of offices are grouped together above the Olive law office at the east end of the fifteenth floor.

The Rural Leaders believe that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada for thinking that I can get zoning for the Argues development without bribing RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick, nevertheless, stupid or not, I (Lee) instantly realized what the Web reader had taken note of and raised with me, this little band of Ethanol brothers consisting of Points West Consulting and Points West Management Consultants, President Gary Aldrich and Vice President Reg Gross, in Room 1560, Terra Grain Fuels-Drummond Group of Companies with Gary Drummond as Chairman of the Board in Room 1570 and a C-Green Aggregators operating out of Room 1560, the same office as Aldridge and Gross.

These people and their operations may be key word googled in the usual way, ie:
“ points west consulting”……. “c-green aggregators”…..and “terra grain fuels drummond group of companies” and their Websites provide insights as to what they do. Web readers are reminded that Gary Aldrich is the former Chief of Staff to Premier Roy Romanow and was the Campaign Chair for Lingenfelter (Link)’s successful run for the NDP leadership and Wil Olive is the same Wil Olive, Regina Lawyer and NDP “heavy hitter” (google), who organized the NDP attempt to address their Meadow Lake Membership fraud, which is now the subject of a RCMP Criminal investigation, and Gary Drummond of Channel Lake fame needs no introduction to the taxpayers but taxpaying voters new to Saskatchewan may wish to key word google “ gary drummond channell lake hansard” for the transcript of the Channel Lake inquiry into his (Drummond)’s activities.

Any taxpaying voter who wades through the hours of Hansard testimony at the Channel Lake hearing will reach the conclusion that Gary Drummond and a couple of Senior Provincial Government Officials were able to obtain an astonishing amount of Saskatchewan tax payers dollars, nearly a Billion dollars, when Drummond, through a company named Direct Energy, and working with the two Senior Saskatchewan Officials, was able to buy natural gas in Alberta at market prices and then immediately resell it through Sask Energy to the Saskatchewan taxpaying consumers at a vastly inflated mark up, everyones dream of “buy low sell high” (google), stock market stuff, but today would be insider trading, a contravention of the recently amended section 382.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada, “bill c-13 insider trading” (google) (more…)