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August 25, 2009

The Hon. John Crosbie, now Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland-Labrador, at the time one of Mulroney’s senior Ministers, gave me (Lee) a copy of the Judicial Council of Canada report “ Masters in Their Own House”,… “masters in their own house judicial council of canada dr carl baar”, (google), the report that establishes that the Provincial Administrations use their control of the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges working lives to control Judicial decisions and on Thursday February 5th 1987, I (Lee), visited the co-author of that report, Dr. Carl Baar, at his office in Osgoode Hall at York University.

At that long ago meeting Dr. Baar advised me (Lee) that the Senior Officials of the Canadian and Provincial Governments have no fear of either their Political Masters or the Judiciary but they (the Senior Officials) were afraid of public opinion because both the Politicians and Judges respond to public opinion and that the only method to deal with the Corruption of Government officials was to keep turning over the rocks so the Public can see those Government Officials slither away to get under another rock and just keep doing that until public reaction forces a end to that particular bit of corruption.

Web readers who believe that I (Lee) overplay the fact of Judicial Corruption protecting Government Official Corruption ( bribes and kickbacks) should note Globe and Mail article “ottawa judge wasn’t judging gender christie blatchford” ( google). (more…)