One lone First Nations person complains about fraud “rcmp investigate ndp meadow lake membership scandal” and the RCMP hop to it, crank up their computers and cruisers and hit the investigation trail instantly, but where is the fraud?, it was Link’s leadership campaign supporters money that went to pay for the First Nations memberships and at the end of the day the NDP head office kept the $10,000.00 (ten thousand dollars) so maybe Links campaign donors were defrauded by their own head office, but it cost the First Nations people nothing, so First Nations was not defrauded.

I (Lee) ask all Web readers to compare that RCMP instant response with a criminal investigation of the NDP Meadow Lake membership fraud to what I (Lee) am trying to deal with as the Argues Representative. The then NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled that the only option that I (Lee) had as the Argue Representative, to obtain zoning for the Argues 30 million dollar residential subdivision development, was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” ( a bribe) to RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, “ supreme court of canada summary statement case 31940” (google).

If I (Lee) had been stupid enough to act on Taylors statement that my only option to obtain zoning for the Argues was to carry flowers chocolates and perfume to Strudwick, I (Lee) would have been in contravention of Section 123 (1) of the Criminal Code of Canada “ criminal code of canada section 123 (1) part iv” (google) for bribing her (Strudwick), but Taylor put himself in contravention of the Criminal Code with his ruling because it is a contravention of Section 464 of the Criminal Code “section 464 counselling offence that is not committed” (google) which sets out it is a contravention of the Criminal Code to advise anyone to commit a criminal act.

In my (Lee)s complaint letter to then NDP Premier Calvert, ( the letter that Strudwick used as a base to sue me for libel) part of my complaint to Calvert was that his Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, had contravened Section 464 of the Criminal Code by advising me ( Lee) that my only option to obtain zoning for the Argues was to bribe Donna Strudwick “ supreme court of canada summary statement case 31940” ( google)

The Outlook Community Leaders filed a copy of my complaint letter to Calvert, (and all support material), with RCMP Staff Sergeant Brent Lewis, who, after receiving a phone call from Strudwicks Government lawyer, Glen Dowling, refused to undertake a criminal investigation and destroyed all material, note the section in this Website dated October 4th 2007, entitled “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan”.

“ you can’t fight city hall” (google) but taxpaying Web readers are urged to think about the fact that the RCMP investigate the NDP Meadow Lake membership fraud based on a complaint from one First Nations person, yet the RCMP refuse to investigate and destroy evidence relating to a fraud complaint costing members of the non First Nations community, the Argues and Edenwold ratepayers, millions of dollars. Polling shows that 66% of the Canadian people believe that the Politicians are corrupt and 39% believe that the Judges are corrupt “ the paradox that is canada atkinson” (google), and the pollsters have included RCMP corruption in with the Judges, so is the RCMP double standard as a result of corruption or racism?

If the explanation for Donna Strudwick’s success in blocking zoning for the Argues 30 million dollar residential subdivision development until her (Strudwicks) bribes were paid is that the Politicians, the RCMP and the Judges are all “on the take” (google), then where did the money come from to pay all the bribes? Strudwick never stops bragging about how wealthy she is is, but she would never use her own money to pay bribes to the Political, RCMP and Judicial Authorities and the only other place for her to get the money would be the RM of Edenwold coffers, so did taxpayers money pay the bribes?

It is true that four different Regina lawyers told the Argues that it was impossible to get by RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick to obtain zoning for their 30 million dollar residential subdivision and Dwain Lingenfelter, “link: don’t ever sell him short” (google) who will be coronated shortly after June 30 th 2009, as a Candidate to replace Harry Van Mulligan in the Constituency of Regina Douglas Park, told me (Lee), the Argue Representative, the same thing, it’s “ impossible to get by strudwick” (google).

Its also true that Political Scientist Michael Atkinson teaches a class in Political Corruption at the University of Saskatchewan “the paradox that is canada atkinson” ( google), and he (Professor Atkinson) must have done a excellent job of instructing on the mechanics of Political Corruption over the last two decades because I (Lee) know with certainty that Government Corruption has increased many fold over that time, nevertheless, I (Lee) soldiered on and tried to obtain zoning for the Argues development without paying bribes to RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick and the end result of my effort was that Strudwick used “ libel chill” (google) to successfully destroy me (Lee) by sueing for libel, leading to the “ supreme court summary statement case 31940” (google) which lead to the Access zap2it Ads and this Website.

During the summer of 2006, while waiting for Queens Bench Justice, the Honorable Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, to write Summary Judgment regarding Strudwicks libel action against me (Lee), Regina Architect Joe Pettick warned me that Court of Appeal Judge, the Honorable J. Gary Lane, a close personal friend of RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick, had been shortlisted to replace Bayda as Chief Judge.

By August of 2006 it had taken Lady Justice Janet McMurtry nine months to write a Summary Judgment regarding Strudwicks libel action so when Joe (Pettick) warned about Lane being shortlisted to be Saskatchewan’s Chief Judge I (Lee) took action and prepared a 120 page booklet “ Flowers, Chocolates and Perfume”, dated August 28th, 2006 and delivered the booklet to then NDP Premier Calvert, his Cabinet and Caucus.

The “ Flowers, Chocolates and Perfume” booklet was prepared for two reasons…..first, Joe (Pettick)’s warning that Strudwicks long time personal friend, Lane (the Hon J. Gary) had been short listed to replace Bayda as the Provinces Chief Judge meant that if Lane was appointed Chief Judge the Argues 30 million dollar development was doomed, because Lane, as Chief Judge, would grant Strudwick the legal right to expropriate the Argues development quarter and 350 gallon per minute spring (gpm) for her own use.

To try to solve the Lane for Chief Judge problem, I (Lee) provided copies of the Flowers, Chocolates and Perfume booklet to not only the NDP MLA’s but also the Senior Legal Community as well as local members of the Liberal, Conservative and Sask Party, with the end result that Lane ( the Hon J. Gary) was unable to obtain local support for his candidacy to replace Bayda in the position of Saskatchewan’s Chief Judge and Lane ( the Hon J. Gary) withdrew his name from the shortlist, so the first part of the plan to solve the Argues zoning problem with Strudwick worked, at least I (Lee) saved the Argue development quarter from being expropriated by Strudwick.

The second purpose of the “ Flowers, Chocolates and Perfume” booklet did not work because of the corruption of the Calvert NDP. The Sask Party, then in Opposition, lead by Brad Wall, was boasting that they owned Rural Saskatchewan and I (Lee) believed that Wall owed his soul to SARM ( Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities) and I believed that the Argues would have no hope whatsoever of obtaining zoning for their development under a Wall Administration so notwithstanding the NDP corruption I hoped that the NDP, if elected, under threat of public exposure, might grant zoning.

I (Lee) knew that in the 2003 election Walls Sask Party had won 14 of their Rural Ridings by a average of 700 votes, so I (Lee) prepared a plan for the Calvert NDP to win the 2007 general election based on my study which showed that in those 14 Rural Ridings the Village vote was double that of the farm ( the RM) voting population, and it could be safely assumed that was the voting situation throughout Rural Saskatchewan.

There are 300 Rural Municipalities in Saskatchewan and the Administration budget for each RM averages about $250,000.00, per year. That is just administration cost, SARM’s annual levy, Administrator and Assistants wages, per diem for Reeves and Council, travel, SARMs twice yearly monster bash in Regina or Saskatoon, office costs, and the like, it does not include the guys who do the real work, maintain the roads, cut the ditch grass and so on, just administration, so multiply that administration cost of $250,000.00 per RM by 300 RMs and the product is $75,000,000.00 ( seventy five million dollars).

I ( Lee) set out in the “Flowers, Chocolates and Perfume” booklet, dated August 28th, 2006, and sent to the entire NDP Cabinet and Caucus, that the Calvert NDP, to win the 2007 election, should plan to eliminate the RMs from the face of Saskatchewan,( as had been recommended over 50 years ago by Meyer Brownstone), and form Counties as the Provinces basic Rural Administration unit and I (Lee) urged Calvert and his brain trust to campaign for the 2007 election on a platform of eliminating the RM’s from the face of Saskatchewan, paying County Administration cost out of the seventy five million dollars saved each year by eliminating the 300 RMs and give the remainder of the saving, estimated at fifty million dollars, as a grant to the small Towns and Villages.

There are about 450 small Towns and Villages so each would receive a annual grant of over $100,000,00 ( one hundred thousand dollars), plenty of money for each small Town or Village to build infrastructure and give the Mayor and Council of the small Urban Municipalities rural zoning control so as to allow developments to make use of the infrastructure, and I (Lee) believe the Calvert NDP would have won the 2007 election.

The NDP back room geniuses liked my plan but Calvert’s brain trust overruled them, the Calvert brain trust in fact ruled that the NDP back room people could no longer even talk to me and that the Argue family had no option but to pay bribes to Strudwick to be granted zoning, so I (Lee) started running Ads and this Website in July of 2007 and the Calvert NDP lost ten ridings of the November 2007 election by less than 300 votes each.

I (Lee) have been pushing hard in this Website that all Judicial problems result from the fact of “masters in their own house judicial council of canada dr carl baar” ( google), which states that the Provincial Administrations are using their control of the working lives of the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges to control Judicial decisions, but it has been brought to my attention by Web readers that I (Lee) might be wrong, and that since the Judges are nothing more than Government officials the problem with them (the Judges) might be the usual problem of bribery of Government officials.

It is possible to deal with Politicians (elected officials) every four years at a election but it is self-evident that the only way to deal with non-elected Government Officials is to bribe them, blackmail them or go public turning over rocks and I have managed the Argue zoning problem assuming that the Calvert NDP Administration blackmailed the Saskatchewan Judiciary into finding me guilty of libel but 39 % (thirty nine percent) of Canadians believe that the Judges take bribes “ the paradox that is canada atkinson” (google) and there is good reason to believe that our Judges are “on the take” (google).

Web readers are asked to use key words “ canadian judges take bribes susan mcgrath” (google) and note that the Canadian Bar Association Lobby President, a woman named Susan McGrath, threatened the Federal Government that unless the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges are given the 18% raise they demand from the taxpaying voters that they
( the Judges) will demand bribes from taxpaying litigants to make up the difference.

Web readers are asked to note this astonishing fact. All lawyers are officers of the Court
“ lawyers officer of the court” ( google) and the Judges have the Canadian Bar Association, the peak of the anthill of lawyers in Canada, “shill” (google) for them (the Judges), by having the Bar Association lobby President, Susan Mcgrath, threaten the Federal Politicians that unless the Judges get the 18% raise in wages they demand from the taxpayers that they, the Judges, will start demanding bribes from the taxpaying litigants until their income is at the level the Judges are demanding.

This is sickening even by Canadian Justice standards, (which is the most sickening in the G-20 Nations), because if the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges received the wages they demand their salary would be higher than a US Supreme Court Judges, and the Harper Federal Administration has refused the Judges demands for a 18% ( eighteen percent) wage hike, “canadian judges salaries higher than us supreme court judges” (google), so the theory is that Donna Strudwick, who by her own boasts is a wealthy woman, bribed the Saskatchewan Judges to win her libel action against me (Lee).

The theory that Strudwick bribed the Honorable Lady Justice Janet McMurtry fits perfectly the uncontradicted affidavit that Outlook Community Leader Lloyd Smith provided the Court ( the evidence that RCMP Staff Sergeant Brent Lewis destroyed), which provided information from RM of Edenwold ratepayers that RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick was blocking zoning for the Argues development because she ( Strudwick) wanted to obtain the Argues development quarter and its 350 gallon per minute ( gpm) spring water flow for her own use to grow hay to feed her dairy herd, which uncontradicted Smith affidavit was ignored by all levels of Court.

There is no doubt whatsoever but that Strudwick and her two bit shyster of a Government lawyer, Glen Dowling, have been using “ libel chill” (google) to have their own way in the RM of Edenwold for over two decades but this time, based on the number of visits to this website, they (Strudwick and Dowling) may have gone over a line and Strudwicks “ libel chill” (google) action against me (Lee) may have backfired because this Website is getting over 200 20 visits a day, and while all that has to be done is to key word “rural zoning corruption” (google) and this Website may be accessed along with many others through out North America, but the tracking shows most of this sites visits are local and there may be a “ hundredth monkey effect” ( google) regarding Strudwicks Corruption which might solve the Argues zoning problem with Strudwick.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that my (Lee)s efforts on behalf of the Argues have established that zoning corruption in Rural Saskatchewan is absolute and costing the Urban taxpayers a great deal of money and whether the Judiciary are blackmailed, bullied or bribed into submission is immaterial, the Courts are useless to solve the zoning corruption problem so the only solution is Political.

Harry Van-Mulligan resigning his Regina Douglas-Park riding to give the new NDP Leader, Link, a seat in the Legislature, means the 2011 General Election Campaign is effectively under way, which will give any concerned Urban voting taxpayers a avenue to ask for a public inquiry into rural zoning corruption, a inquiry that I (Lee) have been asking for in this Website for over two years, OR simply demand that the RMs be removed from the face of Saskatchewan as recommended by Meyer Brownstone over fifty years ago, OR do what the Regina Leader Post Editorial Board advised in a Editorial dated February 20th, 2007, eliminate the RM of Edenwold and create one large RM surrounding Regina similar to the RM of Corman Park surrounding Saskatoon.

As set out endlessly in this Website it is my, (Lee)s, belief that the best solution is to remove all the RMs from the face of Saskatchewan,( as advised by Meyer Brownstone over fifty years ago), establish Counties as overall Rural Administration units and place Rural zoning control in the hands of the people most affected, the elected officials administering the Villages, but who am I (Lee) to argue with the Editorial Board of one of the Provinces largest daily newspapers that the best and simplest solution is to just remove the RM of Edenwold and form a new RM surrounding Regina City.

The Leader Post Editorial Board believe that Corman Park RM is working well as a Rural Administrative unit, and Outlook Community Leader Lloyd Smith advises that since the small holding (acreage) people have taken control of the RM of Corman Park Council away from the farmers it (the Council) is working very well and since removing the RM of Edenwold from existence would solve the Argue zoning problem with RM Administrator Strudwick, maybe that is the best that I (Lee) can do for the Argues.

Web readers are asked to google up “’ and click onto the division map, note that it is a huge RM, big as a County, and to replicate it (Corman Park) around Regina City would require that not only the RMs of Sherwood and Edenwold would have to be eliminated but also the RMs of Lumsden and Pense to the Northwest, West and South West of Regina and those four RMs would fight the plan to the death but I (Lee) ask all Web readers to note that as a example of general RM “thuggery” (google) the RM of Swift Current is so astonishingly greedy that it (the RM) is demanding $15,000,000.00 ( fifteen million dollars) from the City of Swift Current to allow the City to expand its borders “ municipalities disagree over growth of swift current” (google).

A $15,000,000.00 ( fifteen million dollar) hit on the City of Swift Current taxpayers would amount to about $3000.00 ( three thousand dollars) extra on every residential taxed property. The RM of Swift Current demand is insane and some feel that a answer is for the Provincial Leaders to carry legislation creating a large municipal area around each of the ten Cities allowing a “sane economic development” area around each of the Cities leaving the rest of the Rural areas to the RMs to loot but that solution would leave the tiny Rural Urbans at the mercy of the corruption of the Rural Municipalities.

But whatever is done to solve the absolute power of the Rural Officials and the resulting Rural Zoning Corruption problem there can be no doubt whatsoever but that it is in the economic interest of the taxpayers in the Urban centers to end zoning Corruption in Rural Saskatchewan and I (Lee) have always believed that if it is not possible to solve a Corruption problem one way then another way must be found and the OECD ( Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) is demanding that Canada live up to its agreement to address its Bribery and Corruption problem “ canada cited for lax anti-bribery measures canwest news service” (google).

Web readers are asked to note that I (Lee), set out in the segment of this Website dated January 22nd 2009, “Start Cleaning Up Bribery At The Bottom” the fact that Bribery and Corruption of our Canadian officials must be dealt with and that the place to start is right here, in po-dunk Saskatchewan, right at the bottom of the corruption chain, with RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, and please note that no less than the OECD is now reminding Canada that it agreed in writing to eliminate Bribery and Corruption.

Web readers are reminded that the Argue’s refusal to pay Strudwick bribes to obtain zoning for their 30 million dollar residential subdivision development is a example of blocked economic development and the Courts support of the NDP Minister, Len Taylor’s, ruling that the Argues only option to obtain residential development zoning is to carry flowers, chocolates and perfume (bribes) to Strudwick, “ supreme court of canada summary case 31940” (google), must be viewed as unacceptable

I (Lee) took on the task of solving the Argues zoning problem with Strudwick and while the Court destroyed the tape of the Court proceedings, it is true (and I can prove through witnesses ) that on December 15th, 2005, Strudwicks two bit shyster of Government lawyer, Glen Dowling, argued in Queens Bench Court before Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, that I am not a lawyer (true) and do not understand the issues (not true).

I (Lee) am certain the OECD is run by lawyers (everything else is, why not the OECD?) who know the same thing that I (Lee) knew during the Court hearing on December 5th 2005, the issue is ending corruption and the OECD is now demanding that Canada live up to its written agreement to end bribery and corruption and the taxpaying voters should demand that their MLA’s do their jobs and end Rural Zoning Corruption here in po-dunk Saskatchewan by removing the RM’s from the face of Saskatchewan.

A good place to start with those demands is on the doorsteps during the by-elections to fill the MLA vacancies in Regina-Douglas Park, where NDP MLA Harry Van Mulligan stepped down for the new NDP Leader, Link, and Saskatoon Riversdale where former NDP Leader Calvert resigned to become Principal of St. Andrews College.

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