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July 27, 2009

One lone First Nations person complains about fraud “rcmp investigate ndp meadow lake membership scandal” and the RCMP hop to it, crank up their computers and cruisers and hit the investigation trail instantly, but where is the fraud?, it was Link’s leadership campaign supporters money that went to pay for the First Nations memberships and at the end of the day the NDP head office kept the $10,000.00 (ten thousand dollars) so maybe Links campaign donors were defrauded by their own head office, but it cost the First Nations people nothing, so First Nations was not defrauded.

I (Lee) ask all Web readers to compare that RCMP instant response with a criminal investigation of the NDP Meadow Lake membership fraud to what I (Lee) am trying to deal with as the Argues Representative. The then NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled that the only option that I (Lee) had as the Argue Representative, to obtain zoning for the Argues 30 million dollar residential subdivision development, was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” ( a bribe) to RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, “ supreme court of canada summary statement case 31940” (google).

If I (Lee) had been stupid enough to act on Taylors statement that my only option to obtain zoning for the Argues was to carry flowers chocolates and perfume to Strudwick, I (Lee) would have been in contravention of Section 123 (1) of the Criminal Code of Canada “ criminal code of canada section 123 (1) part iv” (google) for bribing her (Strudwick), but Taylor put himself in contravention of the Criminal Code with his ruling because it is a contravention of Section 464 of the Criminal Code “section 464 counselling offence that is not committed” (google) which sets out it is a contravention of the Criminal Code to advise anyone to commit a criminal act.