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June 18, 2009

Tweedledum and Tweedledee” are two fictional characters from the Lewis Carrol novel, Through the Looking-Glass. The two fictional characters are famous for being indistinguishable and the relevancy to Saskatchewan politics is that the June 6th, 2009 election of Dwain Lingenfelter (Link) as the NDP Leader is the start of the 2011 election campaign with the voters facing a “lose-lose” (google) situation because unlike the Scandinavian Countries where the Political Parties seem to be equally honest “equality corruption and social trust” ( google), here in Saskatchewan, the Sask Party and NDP have identical policy positions allowing Rural zoning Corruption.

Premier Brad Wall is a amiable enough man but his Sask Party is the direct descendant of Grant Devine’s Progressive Conservative Party that “ disappeared” ten Billion dollars of tax payer money “saskatchewan tories in fraud scandal” ( google). Grant Devine set a Commonwealth Corruption precedent by having a dozen Cabinet Ministers incarcerated for fraud “ rcmp probe operation fiddle” (google), and Devine’s descendant, Premier Brad Wall, refuses to end the Rural Zoning Corruption policy established by the NDP.