Please note ” afghan corruption a growing concern” for a TIMES ON LINE article dated March 31 2008 by Aryn Baker and based on that article, and this website, a blogger has tagged this website as a related post in a comparison of the corruption of our officials here in Saskatchewan to the officials in Afghanistan.

A Edmonton Journal article by Tim Naumetz dated May 15th 2007 ” edmonton journal coverup culture fills rcmp:officer” ( google) states the RCMP are trained to cover up white collar crime, also note ” rcmp involved in coverups” ( google) for more media on RCMP corruption and cover up. The RCMP slaughter citizens who annoy them ” ian bush robert dziekanski” and the RCMP destroyed evidence in the Argue/Strudwick zoning/bribery dispute so given that the RCMP has a culture of slaughter of innocents and covering up of corruption it should be no surprise that the Afghan police are corrupt with the RCMP training them.

The corruption comparison between Saskatchewan and Afghanistan is accurate. When my (Lee’s) Access zap2it ad and this website ran in the Rural areas for over a year the only response was phone calls from the Rural Municipal Leaders to Outlook Community Leader Lloyd Smith that I ( Lee) was the stupidest man in Canada if I believed that I could get zoning for the Argue development without bribing RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick. This arrogant and corrupt attitude on the part of Saskatchewan’s Rural Leaders proves a level of corruption that will only be matched by the Afghan officials after their RCMP training.

Saskatchewan is the only Province of a G-20 Country so openly corrupt that the Minister Responsible and the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges carry a public Ministerial and Court ruling that a Developers only option to obtain development zoning approval for his project is to carry flowers, chocolates and perfume, ( bribes) to Donna Strudwick, the Provincial government official responsible for approval of that zoning, ” supreme court of canada summary case 31940” ( google).

It is true that both the Argues and I (Lee), the Argues representative, were warned about Strudwick. Four different Regina Lawyers told the Argues that it was impossible to get by Strudwick, Dwain Lingenfelter, ( then Deputy Premier) told me ( Lee) that it was impossible to get by Strudwick to obtain zoning for the Argue development project and Jim Hipkin, Reeve of the RM of Lumsden, told me to be very, very careful of Strudwick because of her close personal relationship to Court of Appeal Judge, the Honourable J. Gary Lane.

I ( Lee) a slow learner, am starting to get the message that Saskatchewan’s Rural Leaders may be right, maybe I am the stupidest man in Canada for trying to get zoning for the Argues development without bribing Strudwick, nevertheless it is my intent to go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to solve the Argues zoning problem without paying bribes.

As this website gains publicity more people ask why I am doing it, a good question, and the answer is money. The only thing that ever really matters to anyone is money and the Argue/Strudwick zoning dispute is no different, Strudwick wants her bribes and the Argue family want to make the ten million dollars from the sale of the 160 lots on their residential development, 160 x $70,000.00 = $11,200,000.00 ( eleven million two hundred thousand dollars) less a million or so development costs, so as usual its all about money.

And as usual, the taxpayers are suffering because if Strudwick had provided zoning and the Argue development had gone ahead the Edenwold and area ratepayers would have benefited from the $400,000.00 ( four hundred thousand dollar) annual school and property tax revenue from the Argues development.

Beyond the property and school tax revenue the Argue development quarter has a spring that flows at 350 gallons per minute of very high quality water; Sharie Argue’s family have been in beer brewing business in England for the last couple of hundred years and based on the quantity and quality of the Argues spring water flow were prepared to establish a draft brewery operation which the Provincial Liquor and Gaming Authority estimated would gross about $5,000,000.00 ( five million dollars) annually and provide about 50 high paying jobs adding more tax revenue, all of which is lost because of Strudwick’s power to refuse zoning.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the only hope for the Argues’ development and the provision of the tax revenue is a public inquiry such as “adscam, milgaard, mulroney schriiber” (google), which I ( Lee), serving as the Argue representative, am certain would result in a solution, because, as example, there is plenty of official evidence contained in ” masters in their own house judicial council of canada” ( google) to establish for a inquiry the fact that the Provincial Administrations use their administrative control of the working lives of the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges to control Judicial rulings so it follows as night follows day that the Provincial Administration would use that control to destroy a developer who refused to bribe a Provincial official to provide development zoning approval after being told by the Minister Responsible that his only option was to bribe the official responsible for that zoning control.

There is no doubt whatsoever but that nothing more is needed to prove that Strudwick is a “white collar thug” ( google) than the fact that her Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled that the only option to have her ( Strudwick) provide development zoning was to carry her flowers, chocolates and perfume, ” supreme court of canada summary case 31940″ ( google)

A thug is a thug and a bribe is a bribe whether that thug is US Senator Chris Dodd, Chairman of the US Senate Banking Committee, receiving a hundred thousand dollar bribe from AIG to draft a loophole in the US stimulus package to allow a one hundred and sixty five million dollar bonus package to be paid to the AIG executives out of the US stimulus money, or the brother of Hamid Karzai (the Afghan President), receiving millions of dollars in bribes to protect the activity of the Afghan drug lords or Donna Strudwick, a two bit Rural Administrator here in po-dunk Saskatchewan being carried flowers, chocolates and perfume to grant the Argues develpoment zoning.

Before Strudwick sued me, ( Lee) for libel a NDP activist tried to make the bribery/zoning issue go away quietly. I ( Lee) can prove to a public inquiry that before Strudwick commenced her libel action a NDP activist came to me ( Lee) with a suggestion that I have a lawyer sue the Province on behalf of the Argue family for $1,000.000.00 ( one million dollars) for ” breach of implied contract” based on the fact that the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, had overturned two Liberal Ministers ( Hillson and Osika) orders to bypass Strudwick by finding a Village to annex the Argue subdivision out of the RM of Edenwold.

The legal theory is that the Argues had ” cause of action” ( google) against the Province for “breach of implied contract” ( google) and the breach occurred when the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, refused to honor the solution ordered by two earlier Liberal Ministers during Saskatchewan’s 1999-2003 NDP/Liberal coalition administration, to wit: bypass Strudwick and the need to pay her bribes by having the Village of Wood Mountain annex the Argue subdivision out of the RM of Edewnold, but Taylor refused to agree to those Liberal Ministerial orders and instead ruled that the Argues’ only option was to carry flowers chocolates and perfume to Strudwick ” supreme court of canada summary case 31940″ ( google).

The Argues, because of the well established and well publicized corruption of the Provincially controlled Queens and Appeal Bench Courts refused to accept the NDP activists’ advice, so the NDP activist stated that the matter would never get into Court and the one million dollars of tax payer money would be paid out to the Argues as a out of Court settlement for the ” breach of implied contract” ( google) but the Argues would have to agree to not try to establish their dream development again, ever.

At that point, I ( Lee), as the Argues representative, made a serious mistake, I ( Lee) “underestimated the enemy” ( google) and advised the Argues that if the Calvert Administration was so worried about the potential for negative publicity from Taylor’s instructions to bribe Strudwick to provide development zoning that they were prepared to pay out a one million dollar bribe of taxpayer money for the Argues to go away, than, if challenged, the Calvert Administration would cave in and grant the Argues development zoning, but I ( Lee) was wrong, very wrong, the Calvert Administration stood firm, Strudwick’s bribes had to be paid to obtain zoning.

To their everlasting credit, the Argues refused to accept that one million dollar bribe of taxpayer money to go away and asked me ( Lee) to carry on trying to obtain zoning so Strudwick tried to use ” libel chill” to end the problem and sued me ( Lee), the Argues’ representative, for libel for my written complaint to Premier Calvert about her corruption, but I ( Lee) fought the libel action through to the Supreme Court of Canada, resulting in the Supreme Court Summary Statement, the Access TV zap2it ads, this website, the refusal of the Wall Administration to deal with the corruption and the request for a public inquiry.

Taxpayers are reminded that all economic development depends on zoning and on the Provincial Government official who controls that zoning and if the current Provincial Ministerial and Court rulings regarding zoning are allowed to stand only corrupt Developers bribing corrupt officials such as Strudwick will function in Rural Saskatchewan; the only answer is a public inquiry such as ” adscam, milgaard, mulroney schreiber” ( google).

The taxpayers are also reminded that there is no “free lunch”. The bribes the corrupt Developers must pay to the corrupt Municipal Administrators, such as Strudwick, to be granted development zoning, must be passed on to the taxpayers in higher lot prices which result in higher assessments and higher taxes, and all economists agree that corruption in Government is harmful to the economy, please study these expert opinions at ” corruption economy“.

The taxpayers should know that the US Chamber of Commerce has no illusions about the corruption of the Canadian officials and in the countdown to NAFTA the US Chamber of Commerce lobbied the US Senate to carry the ” nafta bribery bill s. 651” a US Senate bill that allows US business owners to bribe the Canadian Government officials, please go on to the next segment of this website.

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