Start Cleaning Up Bribery At The Bottom


The Corruption of our Government officials is so well known that the United States Chamber of Commerce lobbied the US Congress until it signed into law as part of the NAFTA trade agreement US Senate Bill S.651, the so called “ Bribery Bill” allowing the US business community to pay bribes to our Canadian Government officials. This absolute corruption has brought both Countries to the edge of a financial abyss that will make the 1930’s depression appear to be a “technical recession“ in comparison.

In the countdown to the NAFTA trade agreement a full page Globe and Mail article by Brain Milner dated June 21st, 1986, entitled “Bribes or Grease: the way of the world” sets out the cute definitions that are used to denote bribery and corruption around the world. In Nigeria it’s called “dash”, in Yugoslavia, it’s “nitto”, in Turkey its “ rushvet”, in Brazil its “jetto” ( finding a way) in the Middle East including India it’s “baksheesh”, ( a tip) in Mexico it’s called “the bite” in Honduras it’s “a piece of the action” in France it’s called a “ jug of wine” in Italy it’s the “little envelope” in Japan it’s called “ Palm Oil”.

Here in podunk Saskatchewan a NDP Minister of the Crown, Len Taylor, ruled (and the Courts upheld), that the Developers must carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to the Rural Administrators such as RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick to obtain development zoning. That was and is economically a very dangerous Government ruling.

Canada is a trading nation, 80% of our GDP comes from trade and 80% of that is trade with the US. The US Democrats often use protectionist solutions to any economic problem; the US voters are in a fury over their own officials’ corruption, and the implications for Canada-US trade are profound if the US Senate “Bribery Bill” becomes a issue and NAFTA is axed when the US voters fury is extended to Canadian officials as a result of that Senate Bribery Bill allowing the payment of bribes to the Canadian Government officials and 64% ( 80% x 80%) of Canada’s GDP disappears overnight.

There is no doubt whatsoever but that the corruption of the Canadian Government officials must be addressed and a start would be to begin right at the bottom of our Governments official corruption chain, right here, right now, in podunk Rural Saskatchewan with RM Administrator Donna Strudwick and her Government lawyer Glen Dowling.

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